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Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Please Be Nice. Read this...

TO ALL FANS OF iCARLY: Please be nice to each other.  That's really important to me, the cast, and everyone who works on the show.

Seeing our fans fight online really breaks our hearts.  Disagreeing and debating is cool, but there's no need to be mean.  Remember, we're all on team iCarly, so please, let's all respect each others' feelings.  Deal? :)

I've learned over the years, there's no episode I will ever write and produce that every fan will love.  That's just not possible.  And even if I could write a show that way, it would be boring.

Now, don't take what I just said as some "major clue" as to what happens in iOMG, because you don't know what's going to happen (unless you're hiding in my closet – and if you are, then please don't eat my pistachio nuts).

All you really know for sure is that Sam could be in love, as the promos indicate.

Also, even when you do learn what happens in iOMG, you still won't know what's happening in the next episode, or the ones after that.

I don't say that to "mess with your minds" or to be a tease.  I say it to remind you that iCarly (like most scripted TV shows) is a growing, evolving story.  And, as any good writer knows, you never want to be predictable.  Twists and turns are what keeps shows exciting, right?  Right?!  Say right.  Thank you. :)

I truly believe that iOMG is going to please lots of fans.  It's an amazingly entertaining, fun, and exciting episode to watch.  But if iOMG doesn't tickle your peach... please be patient!  Maybe you'll be happier with the next iCarly episode, or the one after that.

So please be nice!

--Dan :)