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Monday, March 23, 2009

Carly's Dad - AIR FORCE!

So, it seems I made a mistake in a recent post. I said that Carly's dad was "Colonel Shay" and that he was in the Navy. I made a mistake. Colonel Shay is in the AIR FORCE, not the Navy.

Also, his good friend, Colonel Morgan, who helped Carly get back at Nevel in iRue The Day, is also a Colonel in the Air Force.

Now, some people may point out one small conflict. In episode #105 -- iWanna Stay With Spencer -- Carly refers to her dad as being in the Navy, on a submarine. Well, Colonel Shay WAS actually on a Navy submarine when Carly said that. (There's nothing unusual about an Air Force Colonel being on a Navy submarine -- that could happen for many reasons.)

But, admittedly, Cary's words in iWanna Stay With Spencer do make it seem like Carly thinks her dad is in the Navy. The explanation for that is simple: Carly misspoke. She should have said that her father was on a Navy submarine.

Carly, of course, knows her dad is in the Air Force.

Hope this clears that up.