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Friday, May 15, 2009

Carly's Feelings About "Bad Boy" Griffin

By Dan Schneider
Creator/Executive Producer of iCarly


A number of fans have emailed me and Tweeted to me (in long-form Tweets) saying they were surprised that Carly "dumped" Griffin just because of his love for Pee Wee Babies.

So, I've decided to speak to this issue...

When I came up with this story, I ran it by many females (age 15 to 48). Almost every woman I talked to agreed that it made complete sense for Carly to be freaked out (negatively) by Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession. There are two main reasons...


Carly is only (as she clearly states in this episode) "almost fifteen" years old. Translation: The girl is fourteen. She's not a grown woman with a fully developed brain – especially when it comes to assessing males.

Carly is a young teenager, y'all. Teenage girls don't always make deep, rational, sound decisions when it comes to evaluating the qualities in potential boyfriends.

Carly doesn't have a ton of experience dating boys. She's never even had a steady boyfriend. Then, along comes Griffin...

Carly, to her own surprise, finds herself attracted to Griffin. Why? Because he's a cute BAD BOY.

Believe me, I did not invent the idea that teenage girls ("good" and "bad") are often attracted to bad boys. It's quite common. To a teen girl, the idea of a boy who is tough, gets into some trouble here and there, and seems rebel-ish... can be appealing. I'm not saying that's a great thing – I'm saying it happens.

And certainly, it happened with Carly. In the episode, when she's telling Sam why she likes Griffin, she makes it crystal clear that his appeal to her is his bad boyness.

Check out this dialogue from the episode:

CARLY: There's just something kind of exciting and cool about a bad boy.
SAM: Uh, trust me, I get it.
CARLY: Guess what he has?
SAM: What?
CARLY: Scars.
SAM: Ooo, scars are hot.
CARLY: I know! Some are from motorcycle crashes, some are from fights he's been in -- I just love it!

And Carly makes at least a half-dozen more comments about liking Griffin for his bad boyness. That's pretty much the only quality she mentions, in terms of why she's into him.

Carly doesn't really know this guy yet. She hasn't developed real, deep feelings for Griffin. She's only into him because of his image as a bad boy (who also happens to be very good looking).

And then it happens: Pee Wee Babies. When Carly learns that Griffin's beloved hobby is collecting itty bitty cute stuffed animals, his image as a bad boy is shattered and Carly's attraction to him falls apart.

This makes complete sense because Griffin's bad boyness was the only real basis for her attraction.


Griffin doesn't just like Pee Wee Babies – he's obsessed with them.

Quite a few people have written to me with comments like, "I don't see what's so bad about liking stuffed animals. That was no reason for Carly to dump him."

Come on.

• A dozen lighted shelves of Pee Wee Babies in his room?

• Over 200 more Pee Wee Babies in his closet?

• In protective bins?

• He wouldn't let Carly even touch them without first using sanitary wipes on her hands.

• And he goes to Pee Wee Baby conventions.

• And he talks to his Pee Wee Babies.

• And he talks for them.

This type of obsession is generally not considered sexy, cool behavior from a guy – at least not by almost all the women I talked to. And I talked to a bunch.

Sure, if Griffin had a few Pee Wee Babies – say 5... 6... or 17... sitting on a shelf in his room – no big deal. I'm sure Carly wouldn't have cared. But that wasn't the case with Griffin. He was fairly obsessed with them.

And let's clarify a few other things...

Carly, when talking with Sam, was going out of her way to try to convince herself that Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession was, somehow, okay. Check out this dialogue:

CARLY: Well... one of 'em's a tiger. Tigers are tough, right?
CARLY: Oh c'mon. Maybe... maybe this is normal guy behavior.
CARLY: I don't wanna be a terrible person. Should I just keep dating him?

As this dialogue shows, Carly was trying hard to not not be bothered by Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession. I think that's rather evolved for a 14-year-old girl.

Also, let's not forget: GRIFFIN DUMPED CARLY. Once he learned she didn't think his Pee Wee Baby obsession was "cool," he said: "Y'know what? Forget it. We're over." – and Griffin walked out, ending the relationship.

Finally, I'm sure there are many girls/woman out there who, if they had found themselves in Carly's situation, would have gladly accepted Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession and not even been bothered by it.

That's great.

But Carly was bothered by it.

Some people like chocolate – others like vanilla. People have different tastes. If you prefer chocolate and Carly prefers vanilla, that doesn't mean Carly is wrong, does it?

Personally, I feel that Carly's actions and reactions toward Griffin were perfectly justified.

--iDan :)

P.S. Tomorrow (Saturday) night there will be a BRAND NEW EPISODE of iCarly. It's called iReunite With Missy. It's a great story about Missy, an old friend of Carly's who shows up, and Sam thinks Missy is trying to replace her as Carly's best friend. It's a really fun episode! On Nickelodeon at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM central).