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Saturday, May 16, 2009

iCarly: Fun Facts about "iReunite With Missy"

by Dan Schneider
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator


Here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about iReunite With Missy. I always love the episodes that are about the relationships/friendships between the main characters. This one, I feel, really delivers on that theme...

Also, I think the fans who are into the Sam/Freddie relationship will like this episode a lot! ;)

And now, here's a bunch of scene-by-scene information about the episode. As I always say, if you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably dig reading this stuff. If you're a casual fan, maybe not. But most importantly...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :) Remember: You can wait and read this stuff after you watch the episode.

Well well. I see you're still reading. Okay then. HERE COMES THE INFO...


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*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins with Carly, Sam, and Freddie walking into Carly's apartment.

• In this scene, we learn that Socko's grandmother has some kind of power or knowledge that can protect campers from bears. I have no explanation. :)

• Sam has a line in this scene that was scripted as "If that's Freddie's mother don't open it." But on set during filming, I changed the line to, "If that's Freddie's mom, tell her I moved to Guada La Hara."

• We meet "Missy" in this scene. She's Carly's best friend from early childhood. For the role of Missy, I cast an actress named Haley Ramm. Haley happens to be a very close friend of Miranda's, in real life.

• Big cheers and applause to the Schneider's Bakery post production team for the super-cool visual effect of Spencer's flare firing across the room!

*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with the teacher, Mr. Howard, talking to kids through a bullhorn.

• Mr. Howard is telling the kids about "School At Sea" – a program where high school kids can spend part of their school year learning on a cruise. There really are programs like this, available to kids.

• As Carly and Missy come down the stairs, watch the kid with the bushy red hair ("Kevin") holding the brown paper bag. If you watch the paper bag closely, you can see it MOVE. Another little touch added by our wonderful post production team.

• We never reveal the mystery of Kevin's onion ring. Can you guess what it is?

• We learn that Seattle has its very own meat festival. Who knew? And of course Sam has tickets. Of course!

• I enjoy the girls' three-way disgusted shiver at the end of this scene.

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins with Spencer coming down the stairs into the basement (storage area) of Bushwell.

• Spencer's stunt double COULD NOT be better! When the shelving unit falls on Spencer, that's not really Jerry. It's Dorian, Jerry's stunt double. You know how you can tell he's the perfect stunt double for Jerry? As the shelving unit falls, he turns his face out... and you can clearly see Dorian's face... yet you still can't tell it's not Jerry. That's pretty amazing. (A big thanks to our makeup and hair departments for helping create that perfect match.)

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Missy coming off the elevator.

• How groovy is Carly's afro vest? Way to go, Kris (our head costumer).

• Another mention of Wahoo Punch, a new beverage added to the world of Schneider's Bakery. Wahoo Punch first started on iCarly. (Drake & Josh had Mocha Cola and Doctor Fizz. Zoey 101 had Blix.)

• We had to do about fifteen takes before we got Sam's phone to land in the Wahoo Punch pitcher. Finally, we got it.

• Missy mentions her Aunt Gloria. That's the name of my aunt – my mom's sister who lives in Boston. :)

• I love that my post production department added Socko on the screen of the cell phone.

*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins with Sam eating chocolate.

• Look behind Sam. One of these days I need to ask the guy who does our set dressing why their are two pump bottles of LOTION on top of the microwave. What the heck? LOTION? Whyyyy?

*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins with a boy named Chuck walking downstairs into the basement.

• Do you remember Chuck? He first appeared in iHurt Lewbert. He was the kid playing racquetball in the lobby, and then he attacked Spencer. We all love this character - the kid (Ryan Ochoa) is soooo good. And, for some reason, it's always fun to see Spencer go head-to-head with an obnoxious kid.

• Ryan Ochoa (who plays Chuck) has a little brother who appeared in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

• When Chuck calls Spencer a "monkey" and hits the door with his racquet, it's just hilarious.

*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins with Freddie setting up his camcorder on a tripod.

• Jennette was awesome in this scene. She played "sick" very well.

• Sam says, "I feel like butt!" We at iCarly have a feeling that this phrase is going to catch on, sweeping America! ;)

• I challenge any human being to not laugh when Sam grabs Freddie by the shirt and yells "Look at the facts!"

• For those who don't know yet, the unseen voice that says "Rrrraaaandom Dancing!" – that's ME. :)

• At the end of this scene, it's hard NOT to go "Awww" for Sam, isn't it?

*** Scene 8 ***
Scene begins with Carly bringing Sam a nice bowl of chicken soup.

• We mention "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" in this scene. This is rare. I almost never use real pop culture references in my shows. This one just seemed pretty funny.

• Sam describes what she originally thought Lewbert's wart might have been. We (the writers/producers) are all wondering how the closed captioning people will spell the adjective Sam uses. ;)

*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins with Spencer trapped in his storage unit while Chuck plays a video game.

• One of my favorite comedy lines of this year: "You wish it was water." Kills me.

• So, what do YOU think is in Chuck's squirt gun? Hmmm?

*** Scene 10 ***
Scene begins with the three girls: Carly, Sam, and Missy sitting at the Groovy Smoothie.

• I usually don't point out mistakes (we don't make many). But in this scene, one minor thing bugs me. When Sam breaks her cup, the smoothie liquid that spills out is too thin. Too much like punch. I didn't catch it until I got into editing. It's not a bad mistake, but I wish it had been more of a real (thicker) smoothie consistency. It's possible that it started out right, but melted (got thinner) under the stage lights as we shot the scene.

*** Scene 11 ***
Scene begins with Sam and Freddie together, alone, in the hallway.

• Interesting that Sam comes to Freddie for help, isn't it?

• So now, we learn that when Freddie is upset, he yells "Aw, butter!" -- as opposed to Gibby who (in iGo Nuclear) says, "Aw, mustard!" So which is better?

*** Scene 12 ***
Scene begins with Missy walking to her locker.

• Check out Sam's GLARE at Missy as Sam puts books in her locker. Jennette is SUCH a FANTASTIC actress. That glare actually scares me. Even though Jennette is a tiny little thing (maybe 95 pounds), I believe "Sam" could beat the crud out of me! Haha.

• Look at the inside of Sam's locker. Apparently, Sam is quite the fan of Drake Parker. ;)

• I give Sam's zip-up jacked an A+. Go Kris!

• Mr. Howard is hilarious in this scene, don't you think? I laugh every time I hear him say, "I couldn't care less about the words I'm saying." Also, I like when he says "Yaaayyy" with no energy. I love that guy – actor David St. James. He was brilliant in iGet Detention so we keep bringing him back! (The first time I ever hired him was for All That, in a sketch called "Harry Bladder" which parodied Harry Potter.) P.S. The way he says "Jeeeeez" when he walks off also makes me chuckle.

• Don't we all need an awesome, cool, meat-lovin' best friend? :D

• In this scene, Carly says to Sam, "You're the best." This is something I tend to say a lot to my friends, and the great people who work on my shows. "You're the best" is a very me thing to say.

*** Scene 13 ***
Scene begins with Spencer trapped in his storage cage as Chuck watches him from a chair.

• How funny is it when Chuck admits his guilt, saying "Yeah" – and then Spencer goes, "Yeeaaaaahhhh". That's another line that makes everyone who's seen this episode laugh out loud.

• I also love the way Jerry delivers the final line in this scene. He must know what was in that squirt gun! Can you blame him?

*** Scene 14 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Freddie on a bench at school, studying.

• For the record, Austria and Australia are not the "same thing." :)

• We have Wendy in this scene. Some people who work on iCarly thought there might be some confusion because Wendy and Missy look a bit similar. Hopefully no one will be confused. Were you?

• For the iCarly fans who like the whole Sam/Freddie relationship... I think they will like this scene very much.

*** Scene 15 ***
Scene begins on a big ship in the ocean.

• How cool does this scene look visually??? Can you believe we shot this on a sound stage, indoors???


Okay, that wraps up the behind-the-scenes info for "iReunite With Missy."

As always, thanks for watching iCarly!!!!!!!!!!

--iDan :)

P.S. Tonight (Saturday) I'll be attending Miranda's Sweet 16 Birthday Party!