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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Need a GREAT pair of GUY NAMES!

Howdy! Dan Schneider here. So, I'm working on an iCarly related project, and I'm trying to pick two awesome guy names that go together well.

A few years back I produced Kenan & Kel.

More recently I produced Drake & Josh.

Well now I need another great pair of guy names...

They can be normal (typical) guy names like Jeff & Steve...

...or they can be unusual, off-beat guy names like R.J. & Dex.

The important thing is that the two guy names sound good to the ear!

I already have two names I like a lot. But yesterday, I challenged my writers to come up with a better pair of guy names that beat mine.

And now, I challenge YOU! :)

You can either tell us your idea here (by commenting), or you can simply reply to my Twitter: @DanWarp