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Friday, July 24, 2009

iCarly: "...a scissors..." – HUH?

Okay, okay. It's time for me to respond to the many people who have been asking why Freddie said "a scissors" as in "Hey, do you have a scissors I can borrow?"

If you saw the episode "iTwins" then you heard the following run of dialogue...

FREDDIE: Hey. Can I borrow a scissors?

CARLY: Don't you have a scissors?

FREDDIE: Nah, my mom says they're too dangerous to keep around the house.

SPENCER: I think we've got a scissors in the kitchen drawer.

After the episode aired, I got all kinds of emails from people asking me WHY the characters said "a scissors". Then I saw people questioning it on Twitter, YouTube, and other sites with iCarly forums.

AND NOW... the time has come for an explanation from the guy who wrote that dialogue.


For me, it's completely natural to say, "Hey, do you have a scissors I could borrow?" That doesn't sound weird to me at all. But it seems to sound weird to a lot of people. Basically, almost everyone who's not me.

When I noticed so many people asking about it, I sent out an email to about 20 friends and co-workers of mine, asking them how they'd say it. And... it turns out that very few people say "a scissors".

In fact, I only found two people who DIDN'T think it sounded weird: 2 of my 3 sisters – who (obviously) grew up in the same house I did.

So, I think the phrasing "a scissors" must be a regional thing. It's either a southern phrasing, or it comes from Rhode Island (where my mom grew up). Because I know for sure that in my family, when I was growing up, it was common to hear, "I need to borrow a scissors."

The only other explanation is that my family and I are, simply, freaks – which is completely possible. :)

Oh, and one of my friends thinks it might just be a "older" usage... like saying "ice box" (instead of refrigerator).

Anyway, now you know why you heard "a scissors" three times on that episode of iCarly.


P.S. Make sure you watch iFight Shelby Marx on Saturday night, August 8th. Absolutely one of the best iCarly specials ever!