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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool iCarly Ratings News!

===> This past weekend, the iCarly special iFight Shelby Marx got us our highest ratings ever! Check out this link: http://tinyurl.com/kv57r3

===> Disney counter-programmed against iFight Shelby Marx with a brand new 'Wizards' and a 'Hannah Montana' special. But iFight Shelby Marx doubled Disney's ratings.

===> On Saturday night, iCarly was a "Trending Topic" on Twitter, which means it was in the Top 10 most discussed subjects on all of Twitter.

===> Since yesterday, iFight Shelby Marx has been the #1 most downloaed show on iTunes. Still is, right now.

So THANK YOU to all the fans. Without you guys, none of these great things would be happening for iCarly. Thank you for watching iFight Shelby Marx, and keeping iCarly #1!

--Dan :)