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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

iCarly: Second Season? Third Season? Huh?!?

Yo Hobos!

Recently, my Twitter and DanWarp gmail have been filled with iCarly questions about when the 2nd season ends, and when the 3rd one begins.

Believe it or not, I kinda don't even know myself. Well, I do and I don't. I'll explain...

On most prime time shows, the "seasons" are very clear. Generally you start writing in June... start shooting in August... you shoot 22 episodes... then you wrap (end shooting) in February. That's your season.

So, when the shows air, it's very easy to say, "Oh, that's an episode from season one" (or whatever). It's clear cut because the production season was clear cut.

But on iCarly we seem to never stop shooting episodes! We have an insane schedule.

I shot the pilot of iCarly in January of 2007. And about three weeks ago we completed the seventieth episode (in August '09). Yep. Seventy episodes in just two years (if you subtract the WGA strike). That's a crazy pace by anyone's standards in television. I don't know if you can find any scripted TV show that's made that many episodes that fast.

Currently, there are somewhere around 21 episodes of iCarly you haven't seen yet. The ones airing now are the 2nd season. I think the 2nd season began with the episode iSaw Him First.

And I guess what the network is calling the "3rd" season starts airing a few weeks from now. That's when you'll start seeing the new opening sequence (I haven't decided whether or not to keep the Spencer-Ostrich shot yet, but most people say "Keep it!").

And there you have it.

• We're in the 2nd season now.

• The 3rd season starts airing in a few weeks (with a new opening sequence).

• There are many new episodes of iCarly to come.

Now, since I've answered your questions... will someone please tell my why I seem to have more hair in my ears now than I did 10 years ago? Why does God play this cruel joke on men?

I'm going to get the tweezers.

--Dan :)

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