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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Issue with "iThink They Kissed"

As you may know, in my Fun Facts for iThink They Kissed, I wrote this:

I'll admit right now... some hardcore iCarly fans will have a slight issue (problem) with a specific situation this scene.  It's nothing major, but one could argue a logic problem if you know iCarly very well.  However, I have a good defense. ;)  It'll be interesting to see if any super-fans notice and bring up the issue that I'm talking about.  If they do, I'm ready to respond.

And now I'm responding...

I've read most of your comments about iThink They Kissed and a few of you guessed correctly, as I felt sure some would.

When the writers and I were going over the outline (the last step before we write the script), I got to the final scene – the quick transition from the prisoner asking, "You got any duct tape?" to Carly, Sam, and Freddie taped to their chairs.

I paused and said to the writers, "Wait a sec.  Why wouldn't Sam just beat the crap out of these guys?"

That question sparked an hour-long debate in the writers room.  I'm not kidding you.  We debated the story-point for an hour.  Some of the writers agreed with my concern, but others felt that Sam being duct taped to the chairs (with Carly and Freddie) was believable and explainable. 

Now... could Sam, in the parking lot of a Taco Bell, beat the crap out of those two prisoner guys?  Yeah, she probably could.  One was pretty small.  The other one looked big and tough.  But as a pair, they weren't enough to intimidate or scare Sam Puckett.  Granted, two-on-one is almost always tough for anyone to handle, but unless the bigger prisoner was highly trained in martial arts, Sam could have taken them both down.  At least she would have tried.

(Notice that when the two prisoners took a step toward the kids, both Carly and Freddie backed up, afraid.  Sam stood her ground.)

So then, why didn't Sam fight?  Why did she allow herself to be duct taped?

Here's our reasoning...

To Sam, it was clear that these two prisoners had no intention of harming them (Carly, Sam, and Freddie).  The prisoners wanted to escape.  But Freddie made a point of telling them they were about to call the police.  So when the prisoners asked for the duct tape, Sam knew it was to prevent the kids – at least for a little while – from calling the cops.

Sam also had Carly and Freddie there with her – not the toughest pair of kids, to say the least.  Sam didn't know the fighting capabilities of the two prisoners, and she certainly wouldn't want to see Carly get hurt.  Heck, Sam probably even wouldn't want to see Freddie get hurt (unless she was the one doing the hurting).

And don't forget – Sam is smart.  Street smart.

So, Sam made the calculated and wise decision to not fight.  It was easier and safer for everyone to just let the prisoners walk out.

But... if I was an iCarly super-fan, I could see myself watching that scene and saying, "What the heck?  What didn't Sam just kick those guys' butts?"

It's a valid question.  But I feel we have a good, reasonable explanation as to why she didn't.  Maybe on another day she might have fought them, but on that day she didn't.