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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some awesome iCarly super-fans put together a bunch more questions for me. So...


QUESTION #31: Are there any plans to put any of the characters into a relationship lasting more than one episode? If not, is there a chance this would be considered later, or would it be avoided to prevent dramatic edge?

DAN: This is a question I've kind of answered before, but I'll give you a quick re-cap. The network doesn't always air the episodes in the proper order. With Drake & Josh, more than once, the network simply aired the wrong episode. They would promote one episode, then air a different one by mistake.

And with reruns, I think they pay even less attention to the air order. That's why I try to keep each episode its own separate story -- at least as much as I can. That way, even if the episodes are aired out of order, they still "work." Does that make sense?

QUESTION #32: Do the character’s wardrobes only include what is picked out by style specialists, or have the actors been allowed to contribute some of their personal style as well?

DAN: All the wardrobe (costumes) on my shows are created by a genius named Kris. What makes her especially brilliant is that she has a tight budget to dress all the stars of my shows. Nickelodeon can't spend the kind of money that an HBO or prime time network show spends on wardrobe. But Kris makes our stars look AMAZING, and she knows how to do it without spending a billion dollars.

The stars of the show definitely give Kris input. The constantly are having fittings, and Kris always encourages the actors to tell her what they love, like, and don't like. Because Kris knows it's very important that an actor feel comfortable and happy in front of the cameras.

Sometimes the actors might wear an item of clothing that is their own, but 98% of the time, they're wearing the clothing Kris has purchased and designed for them.

P.S. Kris also was the head costume designer on some of my previous shows including All That, Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101. And she'll be doing my NEW show starring Victoria Justice.

QUESTION #33: The story behind Drake and Josh’s missing parents is considered one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Did you ever create an explanation for what happened to them or is it meant to be left open-ended?

DAN: Just like The Brady Bunch years ago, the "missing parents" of Drake & Josh were never mentioned or referred to in the series. I have some loose ideas in my head of who they were and what happened to them, but on a fun comedy like Drake & Josh, dealing with the previous parents' spouses felt wrong to me.

QUESTION #34: How did you get away with the spanking shenanigans in iStakeout?

DAN: I'm not sure what you mean by "get away with." In the episode, we meet a cop who turns out to be Spencer's childhood peer (nicknamed "Spanky") from sleep-away camp. We learn he got that nickname because he always ran around spanking other kids at camp, just to be annoying. Then, at the end of iStakeout, Spencer finally gets revenge by spanking Spanky.

What do you feel I got away with?

QUESTION #35: Are the comments on iCarly.com real?

DAN: Yes! They are 100% real. They're moderated by my iCarly.com team to make sure no inappropriate comments are posted.

QUESTION #36: Did you come up with Socko and his cleverly named relatives around the same time, or has the gag progressed one at a time as you see the opportunity when writing a script?

DAN: The gag progressed. When I first named the character "Socko" I never anticipated he would have relatives with equally cute names. It just began happening as we kept writing scripts and inventing new relatives for Socko.

And now, a fun fact: THERE IS A REAL SOCKO! His name is spelled differently, but there is a REAL "Socko" in my life. He happens to be a gifted furniture and cabinet maker. He's created much of the wood furniture in my home. He's also one of the sweetest, kindest people you could ever meet. Actually, he's arriving at my house tomorrow morning at 9AM to install a new cabinet. :)

QUESTION #37: We can reason that Carly met Freddie through being his neighbor, and Sam met Freddie through Carly. Is this accurate? Or could a different story like the one about how Carly and Sam met be included in a future episode?

DAN: As you mentioned, there was an iCarly episode in season one which shows a flashback to when Carly and Sam met. In it, we see Carly and Sam at around 8 years old, the very first time they met. It was a really cute scene. Carly and Sam have known each other for longer than they've known Freddie. It's never been made clear whether Carly and Freddie first met at school (since they both go to Ridgeway), or if they met first because they're across-the-hall neighbors. I don't currently have plans to show any more "how they met" flashbacks, but is it possible? Sure!

QUESTION #38: What inspired you to write Seattle as the setting for iCarly? Are we to assume Carly and Spencer were raised there?

DAN: Yes, Carly and Spencer Shay were raised in the Seattle area. As for why I chose Seattle as the setting for iCarly... I did it because, from all I've heard, Seattle is an artsy, cool, fun place to live. But the Seattle location doesn't have a huge impact on the series, even though it is frequently mentioned.

QUESTION #39: What was the inspiration for the icon you use for DanWarp?

DAN: Are you talking about the icon that says Schneider's Bakery and DanWarp, that you see at the end of my shows? If you are, here's the answer, probably in way more detail than you or anyone else cares about. :) Here goes...

A lot of people tell me they think it's so clever that I named my production company "Schneider's Bakery." Well, I didn't think of the name. My granddad Joe Schneider did! For many years in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, my granddad owned and ran the original Schneider's Bakery. It was the biggest, most well-known bakery in Memphis for many years, until my granddad passed away (I never knew him).

When I moved to Hollywood, my dad (son of Joe Schneider) was managing my business for me. One day he told me I needed to come up with a company name, for business purposes. I chose "Schneider's Bakery" in honor of his father -- my grandfather.

When I became a writer/producer, I was able to put my company logo at the end of my shows. So, my post producer, Joe Catania, had the animated logo created for me -- the antique oven that opens and says "Schneider's Bakery" at the end of every episode. By the way, the "Mmmmmm!" sound you hear is actually me, recorded in 2003.

About a month ago I added "DanWarp" to the logo -- because DanWarp is the online/internet name for Schneider's Bakery. Why? 'Cuz it's a lot easier for most people to remember and spell "DanWarp" than "Schneider". :)

When I had to choose an icon, I figured I should just use my company logo. Makes sense, right?

Wow -- I think I even bored MYSELF with that answer! Hahahaa.

QUESTION #40: Are there a lot of bloopers made while filming? Will we ever get to see any of them?

DAN: We do have lots of great bloopers (the technical name is "outtakes"). I sure hope you get to see some because they're really fun to watch. I keep telling Nickelodeon they need to let me produce a blooper show -- a half-hour special episode of iCarly that is all about bloopers. They always seem interested, but they never actually tell me to go ahead and produce it. I'll try again, okay? Also, they might include some bloopers on the DVDs, but I don't know for sure about that.

Answers to questions 41 - 50 coming soon!

I hope this was mildly interesting. If it wasn't, I owe you a cobb salad. :)


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