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Saturday, October 3, 2009

FUN FACTS About "iCarly Awards" !!!

by Dan Schneider
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator


Here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about iCarly Awards which premiered on Saturday night, October 3, 2009.

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it a little boring.  But even more importantly...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)  Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  Okay, here we go....


When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks!

*** iCarly Awards ***

This is an unusual episode of iCarly.  I got the idea to do it a long time ago, early in season one.  Since a big part of iCarly is about home viewers sending their own videos into iCarly.com, I felt that Carly and Sam would want to showcase the best-of-the-best every once in a while.  Thus, the iCarly Awards.  I also thought it just sounded kinda cute to say, "You've won a Carly!"

What makes this episode unusual is that there's really not much story or plot to it.  It's designed to showcase the fans' creativity in a fun, celebratory way.  And one of the things I really love about this iCarly Awards episode is how it parodies (mocks) all the real awards shows.

I think most iCarly fans will love this episode.  But some won't.  One thing that's become clear to me after "listening to" the fans' comments over the past few months is that not all fans of iCarly love it for the same reasons.

Some fans are all about the comedy – if they're laughing, they're happy.  Other fans are about the stories – the plots – twists and turns they don't expect.  Other fans (the ones who tend to be the most vocal) are very into the character relationships.  And, of course, some fans who love iCarly just watch the show and take it all in as a whole, without ever thinking much about why they enjoy it.

If you're the type of iCarly fan who just likes to laugh and be entertained, then iCarly Awards might become one of your favorite episodes.  It feels very "event-y" if you know what I mean.  But if you're looking for a super-clever story (plot), or a major development in the characters' relationships... then this isn't the ideal episode for you.

Or maybe it is.

If you're a hardcore "relationship fan," then maybe this episode will be a fun experience for you.  You don't have to worry if the show is heading in the "direction" you want or not.  This is an iCarly episode where you can just kick back, chomp on some microwave popcorn, sip a Diet Coke, and just have a good time watching some fun iCarly comedy.  No pressure or anxiety.  Yeeee-hoooo!!! :)

(And by the way, there is a pretty hilarious, slightly insane sub-plot with Spencer.  Trust me, it's going to make you smile – a lot.)

And now, the Fun Facts...

*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins with Carly in her robe, opening the door for Sam.
  • We start early with another reference to the store "Build-A-Bra".  Hmmm.  Maybe we should see that store in some future iCarly episode.  Remember how, in the first season, we kept mentioning "The Groovy Smoothie" a lot, long before we ever saw it?  Well, for a while now, we (the writers) have been discussing the possibility of one of our kids (Carly, Sam, or Freddie) getting a regular part-time job.  Perhaps that job should be at Build-A-Bra?  Or maybe it should be Gibby who works there.  Ha!  That could be classic.
  • Get ready, ladies: Freddie Benson in a tuxedoRemain calm.  Seriously, something about a tux just makes a guy look great.  Heck, they even make me appear acceptable. ;)
  • A new Penny-Tee!  Spencer wears this one for the whole episode.  It says Batter Splatter.  We came up with that at a party where a bunch of people who work on iCarly were watching a baseball game.  The batter was getting ready for the next pitch when he spit (as baseball players usually do).  And it looked like his spit landed on the catcher's shoe.   Well, one of the women at the party said, "Ewww!  That poor catcher just got batter splatter on his shoe."  We all laughed, and one of the iCarly writers said, "We must put 'Batter Splatter' on a Penny-Tee."  And so, we did.
  • More Spanish from Freddie.  Geez.  What's with Freddie speaking Spanish all the time?  What's behind that?  What's the reason?  Will we ever know?  Why am I asking these questions?  Aren't I the Executive Producer and head writer?  Shouldn't I know why?  Yes!  And I do!  Okay, moving on...
  • I'm not sure why, but the little sound that Spencer makes as he runs out the door just cracks me up.  Listen carefully. 
*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with Spencer on the stairs, screaming for Freddie to come down.
  • Once again you'll see that the writing credit on this episode goes to Andrew Hill Newman, writer extraordinaire.  He's a good friend of mine.  He was born in 1821.
  • Ladies and gentleman, we give you... The European Fun Guys.
  • As you'll see, this episode was directed by Steve Hoefer (pronounced "Hayfer").  He's fantastic.  Steve directed the very first episode (the pilot) of iCarly, and directs most of the episodes.  He almost always directs the really big episodes like "iGo To Japan" and "iFight Shelby Marx".  He also recently directed the pilot of our new show Victorious, starring Victoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice on Twitter).  We all love Steve.  EXTRA LITTLE FUN FACT: Do you remember the teacher on Drake & Josh who always loved Josh and hated Drake?  I named that teacher "Mrs. Hayfer" as a little wink to Steve.
  • In this scene, each European Fun Guy tells us his name.  A couple of them are real names, but we just made up most of them.  My two favorite fake names we invented are Vooshnod and Buckminshta.
  • It really makes me laugh the way Spencer (feeling offended) says, "Ya know, I don't need you to tell me..."  Watch and you'll see.  He's really funny on that little line.
*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins with Freddie counting down, "In five... four... three... two..."
  • I think this is the first time there have been significant changes to the look of the iCarly studio set.  As you'll see, it's all decked out for this special awards show.  Our set dressers did an awesome job.
  • There's only one word for Gibby's outfit:  Win!  But it needs to be said seven times, so Win!  Win!  Win!  Win!  Win!  Win!  Win! 
  • Watch carefully and you'll notice a 2-second shot from this scene that appears in our new opening credits (main titles).  You'll know it as soon as you see it.
  • If watching Gibby toss confetti up into the air doesn't put a smile on your face, call your doctor immediately. 
  • I hope you love Carly and Sam's terrible awards show banter as much as I do.
  • If you think it's easy to break a glass using only a rubber band and a peanut, try it.  Not so easy.
  • Something about Spencer and Gibby arguing is really entertaining to watch.  In future episodes you'll see lots more of it, and it gets pretty hilarious.  Jerry and Noah have great chemistry together.
  • One of my favorite things about iCarly Awards is how we parody the way real awards shows rudely cut people off in the middle of their 'thank you' speeches by playing music.  I call it the "Get the h*ll off the stage!" music.
  • When you see/hear the girl (named Paris) sing with her mouth closed, that is NOT fake.  She totally does that for real.  That's an actual video that she (a fan) sent in to iCarly.com.  We did not alter or enhance her closed-mouth-singing in any way.  Promise.  Pretty cool, right?  Can you do it?
*** Scene 4 ***
This short little scene begins in the kitchen with Spencer and the European Fun Guys working on making the iCarly Award statuettes.
  • A few perceptive fans will notice the old computer monitor on the kitchen counter instead of the new one with the red frame.  That's because episodes of iCarly are not always show in the order they were produced.
  • When we were shooting this episode, a lot of the women who work on the iCarly staff and crew were "arguing" about which European Fun Guy was the cutest/best-looking.  Ladies, your vote?  (You can comment, below.)
*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins back in the iCarly studio as the mouth-closed-singing-girl is finishing her rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
  • I can almost promise you... when Gibby screams "I got it!" at Spencer, you will laugh.  Noah Munck is such a funny actor.  Love that kid.
  • Once again, when Paris begins thanking her mom and dad with her mouth closed, she's really doing that herself.  It's not a trick we did.  It's 100% real.  Can you do it?!?  I can't.  Grrrrr.
*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins back in the kitchen with Spencer and the European Fun Guys working on making the iCarly Award statuettes.
  • After Spencer tells Vooshnod, "You forgot the skirt!" – how great is Vooshnod's reaction?  It's subtle, but so perfect.  
  • Our prop department went to the extra trouble of actually creating underwear for the little award statuette.  It was an amusing discussion at the production meeting – everyone debating whether or not the little doll needed underwear in this scene.  I was all, "Of course she does!"  But hey, I'm old fashioned that way.
*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins back in the iCarly studio with Carly and Sam standing on either side of a boy with nice hair.
  • It took a lot of takes to get the perfect shot of the award statuette nailing Gibby right in the face.  Luckily, Noah is a great sport!  
  • Next, we see a cute video of a turtle trying to eat a small tomato.  That's actually a real video that became very popular on the internet.  We contacted the guy who made the video (in Japan) and got his permission to use it in this episode of iCarly.  You can easily find the original video on YouTube.
  • Can you guess who's doing the voices of the turtle and the little tomato?  To find out, highlight the area between the two blue X's below! 
X  Me and Jerry Trainor!  X

*** Scene 8 ***
Scene begins in the kitchen with the European Fun Guys gathered around the computer monitor, watching the turtle/tomato video.
  • Ha!  More duct tape.  I think this is like the third episode in a row that features the use of duct tape.  No, the writers are not obsessed with duct tape.  It's just a coincidence. 
  • The actor who plays the photographer is teriffic.  I totally believe he's a real photographer.  He plays the part perfectly.  I love the way he delivers his line, "You took my models?" 
    • Sometimes I'm accused of my TV shows not being educational.  Well, this episode teaches the very important lesson: If a man holding a roll of duct tape asks to speak with you "somewhere privately," just say no.
    • Don't the European Fun Guys seem fun to hang out with?  C'mon, admit it.  You know you want them to come over to your house and party with you.  Admit it!
    ---- COMMERCIAL BREAK ----
    *** Scene 9 ***
    Scene begins back in the iCarly studio as we finish watching the turtle/tomato video on screen.  
    • When Sam starts the "Get off the stage" music, I love Mr. Yamamoto's facial expression.
    • When we filmed this episode, Miranda had never before blown air across the top of a glass bottle to create a sound.  But after some brief instructions and demonstrations, she learned how to do it.  Can you do it?  It's a lot easier than learning how to make sounds by sliding your finger around the rim of a wine glass.
    *** Scene 10 ***
    Scene begins back in the kitchen with Spencer and the European Fun Guys rocking' out to music as they keep making the iCarly Award statuettes.
    • Spencer (Jerry) is awesome in this scene, dancing around all the European Fun Guys, giving them encouragement.  
    • Okay, how cute is little River with his many hula-hoops?  He might be the best hula-hoopin' kid I've ever seen.  The only other person I know who can rival this boy's hula-hooping ability is Erin Sanders who played "Quinn" on Zoey 101.  I've seen Erin do a least SEVEN hula-hoops at once.  She and this boy would be a close match.
    • I guess I should admit that it's me singing the song "Hula-hoopin' Boy" as we see River hula-hooping in his backyard.  And yes, I made that song up myself.  Please try not to lose respect for me. ;)
    • More Spanish from Freddie?!?  What is going on?!?  "Hula gusto!" 
    • I don't know how these kids, Justin and Kayla, can "skydive" like that, but I must learn and do it.  Doesn't it look sooooo fun?!?
      *** Scene 11 ***
      Scene begins back in the kitchen with Spencer and the European Fun Guys working on the iCarly Award statuettes.
      • Spencer uses the term, "Shoosh yeah!" – an iCarlyism.  I encourage everyone to incorporate "Shoosh yeah!" into their daily dialogue.  It's a lot more fun and original to say than "Hell yeah!" – and if you're a kid, you can't get in trouble for saying, "Shoosh yeah!"  
      • This is a very short little scene, so that's all the Fun Facts for this one.
      *** Scene 12 ***
      Scene begins back in the iCarly studio with Carly and Sam starting to introduce the next video clip.
      • Straight from the very first iCarly episode EVER... the pilot... it's the return of... SIMON! – the guy who can inhale milk up his nose then squirt it out of his eye!  He definitely deserves an iCarly Award.
      • Carly and Sam describe the next iCarly Award winner as "amazing and disturbing."  That's the perfect description for the video they show next: TONGUE BOY.  I... um... I can't even describe it.  You just have to see it.  If you dare.
      • It was not scripted for Tongue Boy to wiggle his tongue at Spencer, and for Spencer to respond, "Haha, don't do that." – I added that in one of the later takes while we were filming the episode.
      • At the very end of this scene you'll see Carly, Sam, and Gibby dancing together.  For a few seconds, they do a quick little tribute to the BeyoncĂ© "Put A Ring On It" (Single Ladies) music video.
      *** End Credits Scene  ***
      This is the little scene you see when the credits roll, after the show.  This time it's a girl in a blue shirt, sitting on her bed.
      • This is a video sent in by an iCarly fan.  She and her friends are doing their own little parody of The Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories.  It's cute. :)

      And that wraps up the fun facts and behind-the-scenes info for iCarly Awards.  As always, thanks for watching iCarly.

      –Dan :)

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