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Sunday, November 15, 2009

FUN FACTS About "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love"!!!

by Dan Schneider
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator


Sorry these Fun Facts are a little late.  But most fans of iCarly tell me they're more fun to read after they watch the episode.  Most say they like to watch it a second time and read the Fun Facts as they watch.

Anyway, here are all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about iFind Lewbert's Lost Love which premiered on Saturday night, November 14, 2009.

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it a little boring.  But more important...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)  Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  Okay, here we go....


When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks!

*** iFind Lewbert's Lost Love ***

One of the reasons I wanted to make this episode is that the iCarly fans really seem to love the Lewbert character.

On iCarly.com, the "Messin' With Lewbert" videos are extremely popular.  And hey, I like giving the fans what they want! :)

For those of you who don't know, the character "Lewbert" is played by an amazing comedy actor named Jeremy Rowley.  I first hired Jeremy on The Amanda Show.  And he's so great, I ended up hiring for many more roles, and not just on The Amanda Show.  He also appeared in an episode of Drake & Josh – the one where Drake and Josh dance together to win a contest.

Now, are you ready for a fun coincidence?  That first time I hired Jeremy for The Amanda Show, it was for a commercial parody called "Little Crazy Hat Man" – and that comedy sketch was all about a girl with a hideous wart on her face.  Who knew that 8 years later, Jeremy would be a popular character on iCarly, sporting his own hideous wart?  I sure didn't.

And now, the Fun Facts about "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love"...

*** Scene 1 *** 
 Scene begins with Carly and Sam doing the web show.
  • Have you ever had a food called falafel?  Do you know what falafel is made from (the basic food)?  If you don't, you'll find out in the first 30 seconds of this iCarly episode.  Or, if you want to know right now, just highlight the two blue X's below! 
  • We only did one take of the golf balls falling out the cabinet.  It's very rare that we only do one take of anything, but the stunt happened so perfectly, there was no reason do another take.  This made lots of crew people happy, because re-setting 2,000 golf balls for "Take 2" would have been a lot of work!
  • When the golf balls take Lewbert down, that's not the real Lewbert.  It's his stunt double.
  • At the end of this scene, Carly and Sam look into camera and say (with a silly voice), "It's in the hole!"  A few iCarly fans (probably the adults) might get the reference: the movie Caddyshack, a classic comedy from 80's.  In that movie, Bill Murray, one of my top 3 favorite comedy actors of all time, is famous for how he said, "It's in the hole!" Miranda and Jennette had never seen the movie, so I had to show them how to say it. :)
*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with Carly, Sam, and Freddie coming down the stairs, after the web show.
  • When this scene starts, you'll see Freddie coming down the stairs with his arms raised, and he's screaming.  If you're not sure why he's doing this... he's imitating Lewbert's reaction to being "slimed" with golf balls in the previous scene.
  • You'll see Carly pull a tray of red velvet cupcakes out of the fridge as an after-web-show snack.  When we were writing this episode, and had to choose what snack Carly would get, I picked red velvet cupcakes because they're a favorite of Miranda's.  That girl is obsessed with cupcakes!
  • There is no real bakery named Cupcake Jake's, which Freddie references in this scene.  I think I came up with that name for two reasons:  There's a real bakery in Los Angeles called "Sweet Lady Jane's" that makes awesome cakes, and one of our iCarly writers is named Jake.  And I just thought that "Cupcake Jake's" sounded like a cool name for a bakery.
  • I absolutely love the fact that Sam snuck (or is it sneaked?) downstairs before the web show and sucked the cream filling out of 12 cupcakes.  Only Sam.
  • Can you believe that Sam is strong enough to pick up Freddie and toss him over her shoulder like that? ;)
  • Carly's lame joke "A remote control freak?" was not in the script.  I added that as we were filming the scene.  I also added the bit where Spencer squirts whipped cream onto Carly's nose.
  • It was not scripted for Mrs. Benson to call Spencer "stupid" -- I added that as we were filming.  It got a big laugh when she said it, so I decided to keep it in.  But I debated it.  It's the first time (I think) that Mrs. Benson has been that blatantly disrespectful to Spencer, out of nowhere.  I worried it was slightly out of character for Mrs. Benson, but it was really funny, so the consensus opinion was to leave it in the show.
*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins in the Bushwell lobby with Lewbert angrily putting golf balls into a pink laundry basket.
  • I love how brazenly Sam just dumps all the golf balls onto the lobby floor.  She's hilarious.
  • You'll hear Lewbert yell, "Who tumped 'em over?!"  I wrote that line, and then almost everyone at work asked me, "What does that mean?"  No one had ever heard of the word "tumped."  But I felt sure it was a word and that I was using it properly, so I looked it up:

My hunch is that it's a Southern term.  That would explain why most people who work on iCarly had never heard of it.  I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee in case you didn't know. :)
  • Part of what I love about iCarly is the absurdity of some of the humor.  If you're a hardcore fan, you've probably realized that, often, iCarly is actually making fun of television.  An example of this is Lewbert's box of personal items is actually being labeled Deeply Personal Items.  I love that kind of ridiculousness.
*** Scene 4 ***
This scene begins with Carly playing Violin Hero with her red violin.
  • Kudos to David, our visual effects genius, for how Violin Hero looks on the plasma screen.  
  • More kudos to our prop department for the violin Carly is holding.  If you look closely at Miranda's fingers, you'll see that her red violin actually has the same kind of buttons you'd see on a guitar from Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  I love that attention to detail!
  • Wow.  Sam and Freddie, hanging out together on bean bags, looking at things, having a fun time together?  Hmmm.  Once again: HMMMM....
  • The photo of young Lewbert under his bicycle, after having been run over by a car makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
  • We (the writers) love inventing new, weird expressions that don't really exist.  A nice one in this scene is said by Sam: "Okay okay, hold your sauce."  It's weird, but fun.  You can tell that Jennette thinks it's weird and funny because, right after she says it, she gives Freddie a cute look.  Watch closely and you'll see.
  • Some fans didn't realize the the modeling portfolio is showing the same actor that plays Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley).  Some people thought we hired a younger, better-looking guy to play Lewbert when he was younger.  Nope!  That's Jeremy.  He looks so "icky" as Lewbert because we have an awesome make-up department at iCarly (headed up by Michael Johnston) that gives Jeremy his disturbing "Lewbert" appearance. 
  • In this scene, for the first time, we learn Lewbert's last name!  Sline!  However, later in this episode he tells us he changed his last name, so we don't know the last name he's currently using.  But I've already decided what it is. :)
  • Another first: We learn in this scene that Sam's mother doesn't shave under her arms.  But that doesn't really come as a surprise, does it?  On a side note, if we ever do reveal Sam's mom, I think I may have come up with the perfect actress to play her.  Can you guess who?  She's a well known comedian with a harsh sense of humor.
  • In this scene we have a very rare occurrence in iCarly: A fantasy sequence.  I think my favorite parts are the hot towels and the fancy cut fruits on sticks.
  • I always like when we use SplashFace.com on iCarly, because I invented it for the pilot episode.  In the fictional world of iCarly, SplashFace is how/where their whole web show got started, by accident, of course, thanks to a mistake by a younger, much higher-voiced Freddie Benson. :)
*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins in the 6th floor hallway of Bushwell Plaza, being patrolled by Spencer and his arch nemesis, the evil little Chuck.
  • You might recognize the actress who plays the woman who's apartment has just been robbed.  Her name is Lara Jill Miller, most well-known for playing "Sam" on the 1980's TV show Gimme A Break.  Lara is a great, fun person.  I first hired her back on The Amanda Show where she played a production person who often came on stage to tell Amanda bad news.
  • Another reference to iCarly's fictional store, Build-A-Bra.  You have no idea how many fans contact me to say how much they wish Build-A-Bra stores really existed (mostly female fans, I'm guessing).  Maybe someday, someone will take the idea and run with it!  Would you shop there? 
  • Whenever Chuck said his line, "And I understand that you feel violated" – everyone on set always laughed hard.  I'm not sure why that line is so funny coming out of his mouth.  It just is.
*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins in the Bushwell lobby with Sam, Carly, and Freddie coming down for the big surprise.
  • When we rehearsed and filmed this scene, the song coming from the boom box was a famous song from the 1970's called "Reunited" by a vocal duo called Peaches & Herb.  To hear the original "Reunited" song, CLICK HERE and start at the 1:04 mark.  But we couldn't use that song in the broadcast version because of copyright issues.  So we replaced it.
  • Lewbert's reaction to seeing Marta is just classic.  It's so huge!  It actually goes on for 38 seconds.  Awesome played by Jeremy Rowley.  And the fact that he actually fires flare guns into the air... only on iCarly. ;)
*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins in the Bushwell lobby with Sam, Carly, Freddie, and Marta in the aftermath of Lewbert's huge reaction to seeing Marta.
  • I love Miranda's delivery of her line, "Well, we sorta looked through your box of deeply personal items..." 
  • Originally, the script had Lewbert saying "That monster nearly ruined my life!"  But one of the iCarly writers suggested that he called her a "monstress" since she's a woman.  So we had him say that, instead.  I really like bending language like that (making up words), as many of you guys who watch my stuff already know.
  • Carly's little joke, "I'm a vegetarian" is one of my favorite jokes ever on iCarly.  It just kills me.  Because what the HELL does  that have to do with touching/feeling a wart?  Nothing!  Absurd.  I love it.
*** Scene 8 ***
Scene begins in the 6th floor hallway of Bushwell Plaza, being patrolled by Spencer and Chuck.
  • Chuck's line, "Hey, hold up there, gym bag" is another one of those Chuck lines that made everyone laugh a lot, every time he said it (in every take).
  • FIG NOOTERS!  No, you can't buy them.  I made them up.  Don't you kinda want one?  :)
  • Man, Spencer's hair is getting long!  Should I leave it that way, next season?  Or should we go back to season one (short) Spencer hair?  Opinions, please!
  • When Spencer says, "Give us some Nooters" -- if you don't laugh (or least smile), you may be dead.  Same comment on Chuck's last line, "Now get out of here, you make me sick."
*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins with Sam running into the iCarly studio to tell Carly and Freddie some big news about Marta.
  • A new Penny-Tee!  This time it says Kazu's Toro.  Without going into detail, I'll just say... that's a little reference to something in my personal life that's one of my favorite things EVER.
  • When Marta is in Lewbert's office being horrible to him, there was a bit where she picked up a can of spraypaint and sprayed paint all over Lewbert's TV screen.  It was funny, but this episode was too long, so that spraypaint bit had to be edited out, for time.
  • Can you identify the cartoon playing on Lewbert's TV screen?  Betcha a trillion dollars you can't.  YOU'VE BEEN CHALLENGED!  ;)
*** Scene 10 ***
This little begins in Carly's apartment, with Carly pacing and talking to Marta.
  • In this scene, Marta called Carly a "Skunk Bag".  I invented that term a few years ago for an episode of Drake & Josh.  Here's why.  In the Drake & Josh script, I had Josh referring to some woman as a "hussy".  That was a funny word for Josh to say because "hussy" is such an outdated term.  I knew the word "hussy" because it was frequently used on the TV show I Love Lucy, which I loved watching reruns of when I was a kid.  But the network told me I couldn't use the word "hussy" on Nickelodeon -- they said it was "too adult."  I disagreed and pointed out that it can't be too bad (harsh) if it was said on I Love Lucy back in the 1950's (they couldn't even use the word "pregnant" on TV back then).  But the network insisted I couldn't have Josh say "hussy," so I had to invent a new term, and  I came up with Skunk Bag.  Between you and me, I think "Skunk Bag" sounds way worse than "Hussy."  ;)
  • I think Miranda's performance in this short little scene is really great.
 *** Scene 11 ***
Scene begins in Bushwell Plaza's 7th floor hallway with Chuck exiting an apartment with a bag over his shoulder.
  • For those fans who get it, Spencer's joke, "No... the Harlensenchester's moved out over a year ago!" is one of the best jokes ever on iCarly.
  • The whole "Harlensenchester" bit is a nod to the movie Fletch, starring Chevy Chase.  Did any of you catch the connection?
  • Chuck's delivery on his line, "Cuz no one suspects a guy in a vest!" -- brilliant.  Comedy perfection.  Go Ryan!
  • Chuck slapping Spencer's Pear Phone out of his hand makes me laugh every time.  
  • If you look very carefully, you'll see that Spencer's Pear Phone actually SPARKS when it hits the door.  Nice touch by the Schneider's Bakery post production team. 
 *** Scene 12 ***
Scene begins in Lewbert's office with Sam and Freddie talking to Lewbert.
  • Once again, Kazu's Toro on Freddie's shirt.  As I said before, that's a little reference to something in my personal life that's one of my favorite things.
    • Best use of a pineapple ever.
    • One of the police officers in this scene (the Caucasian one) has appeared in a previous episode of iCarly, as a police officer.  Can you identify which episode?
    • Hmmm.  I wonder why Marta doesn't tell the police she was just assaulted with a pinapple?  
    • OF COURSE Sam knows the exact penalty for slapping a cop.  Of course she does.
    *** End Credits Scene  ***
    This is the little scene you see when the credits roll, after the show.  This time it's a girl beat-boxing.
    • Juggling diapers.  Yep, that is a REAL video that was sent into iCarly by a real fan.  Cool, yeah?

    And that wraps up the Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes info for iFind Lewbert's Lost Love.  As always, thanks for watching iCarly.

    –Dan :)

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