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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Major iCarly RATINGS NEWS: "iQuit iCarly"

Wow.  A big thank you to the fans of iCarly for making this past Saturday night's one-hour special iQuit iCarly the highest-rated episode in the history of the show.

For reference, in our demographic, when a new episode airs, a rating of 7 is good.  An 8 is very good.  A 9 is a really big night.  And when a new episode breaks 10 in the ratings, that's fantastic. 

iQuit iCarly got an 18.24 

And with girls, it scored a 21.53 

This translates into just under 9 million total viewers.  

This will almost surely make iQuit iCarly the #1 show on all of television for the week with people age 17 and under.  But tons of people 18 and over watched, too.

These ratings also make iQuit iCarly the highest-rated broadcast on Nickelodeon for the whole year of 2009.

So again, a huge thank you to all the iCarly fans out there who made this happen.  The writers, cast, staff, and crew are all very proud and happy.

--iDan :)

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