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Thursday, May 21, 2009

iCarly: RATINGS NEWS (May 21, 2009)

Thanks to all the fans of iCarly for making us #1 again.

Last Saturday night's episode, "iReunite With Missy" was:

• The highest-rated show of the week for all of Nickelodeon and Disney.

• The highest-rated SCRIPTED TV show on all of cable! (Only sports shows were higher.)

And get this: The #2 show was a RERUN of "iDate A Bad Boy" – crazy, huh?

Cool stuff. Thanks everybody.

--Dan :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Here are the ratings for iCarly (through age 17) for last week: May 4th–10th.

Keep in mind: this is NOT just for cable. These ratings are for ALL of television, broadcast and cable. Take a look...

Top 10 Combined Broadcast & Cable shows among Kids 2-11 for the week of 5/4 - 5/10 2009:

Kids 2-11
(#1) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/9; 8-9p)
(#2) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9p)
(#3) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/9; 9:30a)
(#4) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/10; 8-9p)
(#5) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/10; 9:30a)
(#6) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9:30p)
(#7) NICK: Penguins of Madagascar (5/9; 10a)
(#8) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/10; 9a)
(#9) NICK: Penguins of Madagascar (5/10; 10a)
(#10) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 7:30p)

Top 10 Combined Broadcast & Cable shows among Kids 6-11 for the week of 5/4 - 5/10 2009:

Kids 6-11
(#1) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/9; 8-9p)
(#2) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9p)
(#3) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/10; 8-9p)
(#4) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9:30p)
(#5) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 7:30p)
(#6) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/10; 9:30a)
(#7) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/9; 9:30a)
(#8) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/10; 9a)
(#9) NICK: Penguins of Madagascar (5/9; 10a)
(#10) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/9; 9a)

Top 10 Combined Broadcast & Cable shows among Tweens 9-14 for the week of 5/4 - 5/10 2009:

Tweens 9-14
(#1) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/9; 8-9p)
(#2) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9p)
(#3) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/10; 8-9p)
(#4) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9:30p)
(#5) FOX: American Idol (5/6; 9-10:02p)
(#6) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 7:30p)
(#7) FOX: American Idol (5/5; 8-9:03p)
(#8) NICK: iCarly (5/10; 7:30p)
(#9) DSNY: Hannah Montana (5/9; 7-7:25p)
(#10) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/10; 9:30a)

Top 10 Combined Broadcast & Cable shows among Teens 12-17 for the week of 5/4 - 5/10 2009:

Teens 12-17
(#1) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/9; 8-9p)
(#2) FOX: American Idol (5/6; 9-10:02p)
(#3) FOX: American Idol (5/5; 8-9:03p)
(#4) NICK: iCarly: "iDate a Bad Boy" (5/10; 8-9p)
(#5) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9p)
(#6) NICK: iCarly (5/9; 9:30p)
(#7) NICK: SpongeBob SquarePants (5/9; 9:30a)
(#8) FOX: Family Guy (5/10; 9-9:31p)
(#9) NAN: George Lopez (5/9; 10p)
(#10) NAN: George Lopez (5/9; 10:30p)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

iCarly: Fun Facts about "iReunite With Missy"

by Dan Schneider
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator


Here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about iReunite With Missy. I always love the episodes that are about the relationships/friendships between the main characters. This one, I feel, really delivers on that theme...

Also, I think the fans who are into the Sam/Freddie relationship will like this episode a lot! ;)

And now, here's a bunch of scene-by-scene information about the episode. As I always say, if you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably dig reading this stuff. If you're a casual fan, maybe not. But most importantly...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :) Remember: You can wait and read this stuff after you watch the episode.

Well well. I see you're still reading. Okay then. HERE COMES THE INFO...


[ When you're done reading this, please go watch my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO on the DanWarp Channel!!! Remember: You have to subscribe to comment. It's a GREAT VIDEO! Check it out by clicking this URL-----> http://tinyurl.com/ohxenq ]

*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins with Carly, Sam, and Freddie walking into Carly's apartment.

• In this scene, we learn that Socko's grandmother has some kind of power or knowledge that can protect campers from bears. I have no explanation. :)

• Sam has a line in this scene that was scripted as "If that's Freddie's mother don't open it." But on set during filming, I changed the line to, "If that's Freddie's mom, tell her I moved to Guada La Hara."

• We meet "Missy" in this scene. She's Carly's best friend from early childhood. For the role of Missy, I cast an actress named Haley Ramm. Haley happens to be a very close friend of Miranda's, in real life.

• Big cheers and applause to the Schneider's Bakery post production team for the super-cool visual effect of Spencer's flare firing across the room!

*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with the teacher, Mr. Howard, talking to kids through a bullhorn.

• Mr. Howard is telling the kids about "School At Sea" – a program where high school kids can spend part of their school year learning on a cruise. There really are programs like this, available to kids.

• As Carly and Missy come down the stairs, watch the kid with the bushy red hair ("Kevin") holding the brown paper bag. If you watch the paper bag closely, you can see it MOVE. Another little touch added by our wonderful post production team.

• We never reveal the mystery of Kevin's onion ring. Can you guess what it is?

• We learn that Seattle has its very own meat festival. Who knew? And of course Sam has tickets. Of course!

• I enjoy the girls' three-way disgusted shiver at the end of this scene.

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins with Spencer coming down the stairs into the basement (storage area) of Bushwell.

• Spencer's stunt double COULD NOT be better! When the shelving unit falls on Spencer, that's not really Jerry. It's Dorian, Jerry's stunt double. You know how you can tell he's the perfect stunt double for Jerry? As the shelving unit falls, he turns his face out... and you can clearly see Dorian's face... yet you still can't tell it's not Jerry. That's pretty amazing. (A big thanks to our makeup and hair departments for helping create that perfect match.)

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Missy coming off the elevator.

• How groovy is Carly's afro vest? Way to go, Kris (our head costumer).

• Another mention of Wahoo Punch, a new beverage added to the world of Schneider's Bakery. Wahoo Punch first started on iCarly. (Drake & Josh had Mocha Cola and Doctor Fizz. Zoey 101 had Blix.)

• We had to do about fifteen takes before we got Sam's phone to land in the Wahoo Punch pitcher. Finally, we got it.

• Missy mentions her Aunt Gloria. That's the name of my aunt – my mom's sister who lives in Boston. :)

• I love that my post production department added Socko on the screen of the cell phone.

*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins with Sam eating chocolate.

• Look behind Sam. One of these days I need to ask the guy who does our set dressing why their are two pump bottles of LOTION on top of the microwave. What the heck? LOTION? Whyyyy?

*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins with a boy named Chuck walking downstairs into the basement.

• Do you remember Chuck? He first appeared in iHurt Lewbert. He was the kid playing racquetball in the lobby, and then he attacked Spencer. We all love this character - the kid (Ryan Ochoa) is soooo good. And, for some reason, it's always fun to see Spencer go head-to-head with an obnoxious kid.

• Ryan Ochoa (who plays Chuck) has a little brother who appeared in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

• When Chuck calls Spencer a "monkey" and hits the door with his racquet, it's just hilarious.

*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins with Freddie setting up his camcorder on a tripod.

• Jennette was awesome in this scene. She played "sick" very well.

• Sam says, "I feel like butt!" We at iCarly have a feeling that this phrase is going to catch on, sweeping America! ;)

• I challenge any human being to not laugh when Sam grabs Freddie by the shirt and yells "Look at the facts!"

• For those who don't know yet, the unseen voice that says "Rrrraaaandom Dancing!" – that's ME. :)

• At the end of this scene, it's hard NOT to go "Awww" for Sam, isn't it?

*** Scene 8 ***
Scene begins with Carly bringing Sam a nice bowl of chicken soup.

• We mention "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" in this scene. This is rare. I almost never use real pop culture references in my shows. This one just seemed pretty funny.

• Sam describes what she originally thought Lewbert's wart might have been. We (the writers/producers) are all wondering how the closed captioning people will spell the adjective Sam uses. ;)

*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins with Spencer trapped in his storage unit while Chuck plays a video game.

• One of my favorite comedy lines of this year: "You wish it was water." Kills me.

• So, what do YOU think is in Chuck's squirt gun? Hmmm?

*** Scene 10 ***
Scene begins with the three girls: Carly, Sam, and Missy sitting at the Groovy Smoothie.

• I usually don't point out mistakes (we don't make many). But in this scene, one minor thing bugs me. When Sam breaks her cup, the smoothie liquid that spills out is too thin. Too much like punch. I didn't catch it until I got into editing. It's not a bad mistake, but I wish it had been more of a real (thicker) smoothie consistency. It's possible that it started out right, but melted (got thinner) under the stage lights as we shot the scene.

*** Scene 11 ***
Scene begins with Sam and Freddie together, alone, in the hallway.

• Interesting that Sam comes to Freddie for help, isn't it?

• So now, we learn that when Freddie is upset, he yells "Aw, butter!" -- as opposed to Gibby who (in iGo Nuclear) says, "Aw, mustard!" So which is better?

*** Scene 12 ***
Scene begins with Missy walking to her locker.

• Check out Sam's GLARE at Missy as Sam puts books in her locker. Jennette is SUCH a FANTASTIC actress. That glare actually scares me. Even though Jennette is a tiny little thing (maybe 95 pounds), I believe "Sam" could beat the crud out of me! Haha.

• Look at the inside of Sam's locker. Apparently, Sam is quite the fan of Drake Parker. ;)

• I give Sam's zip-up jacked an A+. Go Kris!

• Mr. Howard is hilarious in this scene, don't you think? I laugh every time I hear him say, "I couldn't care less about the words I'm saying." Also, I like when he says "Yaaayyy" with no energy. I love that guy – actor David St. James. He was brilliant in iGet Detention so we keep bringing him back! (The first time I ever hired him was for All That, in a sketch called "Harry Bladder" which parodied Harry Potter.) P.S. The way he says "Jeeeeez" when he walks off also makes me chuckle.

• Don't we all need an awesome, cool, meat-lovin' best friend? :D

• In this scene, Carly says to Sam, "You're the best." This is something I tend to say a lot to my friends, and the great people who work on my shows. "You're the best" is a very me thing to say.

*** Scene 13 ***
Scene begins with Spencer trapped in his storage cage as Chuck watches him from a chair.

• How funny is it when Chuck admits his guilt, saying "Yeah" – and then Spencer goes, "Yeeaaaaahhhh". That's another line that makes everyone who's seen this episode laugh out loud.

• I also love the way Jerry delivers the final line in this scene. He must know what was in that squirt gun! Can you blame him?

*** Scene 14 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Freddie on a bench at school, studying.

• For the record, Austria and Australia are not the "same thing." :)

• We have Wendy in this scene. Some people who work on iCarly thought there might be some confusion because Wendy and Missy look a bit similar. Hopefully no one will be confused. Were you?

• For the iCarly fans who like the whole Sam/Freddie relationship... I think they will like this scene very much.

*** Scene 15 ***
Scene begins on a big ship in the ocean.

• How cool does this scene look visually??? Can you believe we shot this on a sound stage, indoors???


Okay, that wraps up the behind-the-scenes info for "iReunite With Missy."

As always, thanks for watching iCarly!!!!!!!!!!

--iDan :)

P.S. Tonight (Saturday) I'll be attending Miranda's Sweet 16 Birthday Party!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Carly's Feelings About "Bad Boy" Griffin

By Dan Schneider
Creator/Executive Producer of iCarly


A number of fans have emailed me and Tweeted to me (in long-form Tweets) saying they were surprised that Carly "dumped" Griffin just because of his love for Pee Wee Babies.

So, I've decided to speak to this issue...

When I came up with this story, I ran it by many females (age 15 to 48). Almost every woman I talked to agreed that it made complete sense for Carly to be freaked out (negatively) by Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession. There are two main reasons...


Carly is only (as she clearly states in this episode) "almost fifteen" years old. Translation: The girl is fourteen. She's not a grown woman with a fully developed brain – especially when it comes to assessing males.

Carly is a young teenager, y'all. Teenage girls don't always make deep, rational, sound decisions when it comes to evaluating the qualities in potential boyfriends.

Carly doesn't have a ton of experience dating boys. She's never even had a steady boyfriend. Then, along comes Griffin...

Carly, to her own surprise, finds herself attracted to Griffin. Why? Because he's a cute BAD BOY.

Believe me, I did not invent the idea that teenage girls ("good" and "bad") are often attracted to bad boys. It's quite common. To a teen girl, the idea of a boy who is tough, gets into some trouble here and there, and seems rebel-ish... can be appealing. I'm not saying that's a great thing – I'm saying it happens.

And certainly, it happened with Carly. In the episode, when she's telling Sam why she likes Griffin, she makes it crystal clear that his appeal to her is his bad boyness.

Check out this dialogue from the episode:

CARLY: There's just something kind of exciting and cool about a bad boy.
SAM: Uh, trust me, I get it.
CARLY: Guess what he has?
SAM: What?
CARLY: Scars.
SAM: Ooo, scars are hot.
CARLY: I know! Some are from motorcycle crashes, some are from fights he's been in -- I just love it!

And Carly makes at least a half-dozen more comments about liking Griffin for his bad boyness. That's pretty much the only quality she mentions, in terms of why she's into him.

Carly doesn't really know this guy yet. She hasn't developed real, deep feelings for Griffin. She's only into him because of his image as a bad boy (who also happens to be very good looking).

And then it happens: Pee Wee Babies. When Carly learns that Griffin's beloved hobby is collecting itty bitty cute stuffed animals, his image as a bad boy is shattered and Carly's attraction to him falls apart.

This makes complete sense because Griffin's bad boyness was the only real basis for her attraction.


Griffin doesn't just like Pee Wee Babies – he's obsessed with them.

Quite a few people have written to me with comments like, "I don't see what's so bad about liking stuffed animals. That was no reason for Carly to dump him."

Come on.

• A dozen lighted shelves of Pee Wee Babies in his room?

• Over 200 more Pee Wee Babies in his closet?

• In protective bins?

• He wouldn't let Carly even touch them without first using sanitary wipes on her hands.

• And he goes to Pee Wee Baby conventions.

• And he talks to his Pee Wee Babies.

• And he talks for them.

This type of obsession is generally not considered sexy, cool behavior from a guy – at least not by almost all the women I talked to. And I talked to a bunch.

Sure, if Griffin had a few Pee Wee Babies – say 5... 6... or 17... sitting on a shelf in his room – no big deal. I'm sure Carly wouldn't have cared. But that wasn't the case with Griffin. He was fairly obsessed with them.

And let's clarify a few other things...

Carly, when talking with Sam, was going out of her way to try to convince herself that Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession was, somehow, okay. Check out this dialogue:

CARLY: Well... one of 'em's a tiger. Tigers are tough, right?
CARLY: Oh c'mon. Maybe... maybe this is normal guy behavior.
CARLY: I don't wanna be a terrible person. Should I just keep dating him?

As this dialogue shows, Carly was trying hard to not not be bothered by Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession. I think that's rather evolved for a 14-year-old girl.

Also, let's not forget: GRIFFIN DUMPED CARLY. Once he learned she didn't think his Pee Wee Baby obsession was "cool," he said: "Y'know what? Forget it. We're over." – and Griffin walked out, ending the relationship.

Finally, I'm sure there are many girls/woman out there who, if they had found themselves in Carly's situation, would have gladly accepted Griffin's Pee Wee Baby obsession and not even been bothered by it.

That's great.

But Carly was bothered by it.

Some people like chocolate – others like vanilla. People have different tastes. If you prefer chocolate and Carly prefers vanilla, that doesn't mean Carly is wrong, does it?

Personally, I feel that Carly's actions and reactions toward Griffin were perfectly justified.

--iDan :)

P.S. Tomorrow (Saturday) night there will be a BRAND NEW EPISODE of iCarly. It's called iReunite With Missy. It's a great story about Missy, an old friend of Carly's who shows up, and Sam thinks Missy is trying to replace her as Carly's best friend. It's a really fun episode! On Nickelodeon at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM central).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iCarly's "iDate A Bad Boy" Beats Competition

Nick’s iCarly Hits Another All-Time High – Outperforms 'Jonas' and NBA Playoffs

iCarly is the Week’s Top Program among ALL Cable Sports and Entertainment Programs

6.5 Million Total Viewers Tune In to "iDate A Bad Boy"

NEW YORK–May 12, 2009–Nickelodeon’s iCarly took it to another level this week as the hour-long “iDate a Bad Boy” special (May 9, 8 p.m. ET/PT) was basic cable’s overall top show among both sports and entertainment programming. iCarly brought in 6.5 million total viewers (up 183% in delivery over last year’s time period), which beat the #2 ranked basic cable program, the Los Angeles Lakers/Houston Rockets playoffs on TNT (Wednesday, May 6).

• iCarly easily defeated a new Jonas on Saturday night with iCarly scoring a 12.9 Kids 6-11 rating and a 12.8 Teens 9-14 rating.

• By comparison, Jonas got a 4.0 Kids 6-11 rating and a 3.7 Teens 9-14 rating.

• iCarly beat Jonas by 198% with Kids 6-11 (12.0 vs. 4.0) and by 216% with Teens 9-14 (11.7 vs. 3.7).

• In its second half-hour, iCarly posted a 14.0 Kids 6-11 rating (363% higher than competing Wizards of Waverly Place) and a 13.8 Teens 9-14 rating (452% higher than competing Wizards of Waverly Place).

• iCarly reached 6.5 Million total viewers from 8-9PM. The 1st half hour got over 6 million viewers, and the 2nd half-hour got nearly 7 million viewers.

• Not only did the new iCarly outperform the new Jonas in the head-to-head competition, three reruns of iCarly (on Saturday and Sunday) also outperformed the new Jonas episode. Click this URL to see: http://tinyurl.com/pt4wnv

Congratulations to the iCarly cast, staff, and crew.

And most importantly, thanks to the FANS -- the ones who made this happen.

Friday, May 8, 2009

FUN FACTS about "iDate A Bad Boy"

by Dan Schneider
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator


If you're reading this, you probably know that Saturday, May 9th was the premiere of the iCarly one-hour episode "iDate A Bad Boy." You probably also know that it's one of my favorite iCarly episodes of all time. Well, here's a bunch of scene-by-scene information about the episode. If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably like reading this stuff. If you're a casual fan... maybe... maybe not. But most importantly...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :) Remember: You can wait and read this after you watch the episode.

You're still reading? Well okay then. Here's all the inside info...

For starters, "iDate A Bad Boy" is the first ever one-hour iCarly episode (to air).

This is also the first time that Carly really starts dating someone.


For a long time I had two iCarly ideas in my head. The first one was for Carly to date a hot guy who's a "bad boy." This happens a lot in real life -- the sweet "good girl" falls for the rebel guy. That seemed like a great story area for iCarly.

The second idea was for Spencer to walk in on Carly kissing a boy. This also seemed like a very interesting event for iCarly because Spencer is the ultimate awesome brother, but...

...even the coolest, most fun big brother often has a hard time seeing his little sister become a teenager and start dating. I felt this would be an interesting dynamic for Jerry (Spencer) to play, because he'd be torn between wanting to be his always fun, unstrict self, and wanting to keep his baby sister the little girl he's known and loved all his life.

Then I decided to combine these two ideas into one EPIC iCarly special episode. And now...


*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Sam cutting a boy's hair.

• We see the first of two Penny-Tees in this one-hour episode. This one on Sam says Noodle Booty.

• The idea for the "Neck Infection" video was inspired by the many disgusting videos that can be found online. One of my writers is always showing the rest of us these horrible, gross videos he finds online. And when he shows them to us, people always run away screaming. So we decided to use that in the show.

• This scene ends with Sam looking at the laptop screen and saying, "Yeah" as she watches the gross video. But that was not the way the scene ended in the script. Here was the ending we CUT:

SPENCER: (TO SAM) What are Freddie and Carly freakin' out about?
SAM: (WATCHING VIDEO) Ah, I was showin' 'em this video and they couldn't handle it.

But since the episode was long, we cut the Spencer bit and just ended the scene with Sam saying "Yeah" after Freddie runs out. It works well.

*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with Spencer on the couch, folding laundry.

• Spencer mentions his motorcycle. This refers to a previous episode of iCarly entitled "iPromote TechFoots." In that episode, Carly buys Spencer a motorcycle with some money she got thanks to Spencer's legal help.

• As you'll see, this episode was directed by Steve Hoefer (pronounced "Hayfer"). Steve usually directs all my "big" episodes... the ones that are hard to produce. He's incredible. He directed the pilot of iCarly, and iGo To Japan, and recently my new pilot starring Victoria Justice. I don't think anyone could find a better, nicer, more talented directed in TV. (Steve, if you're reading this, I mean it!)

• We meet the guy who will become Carly's boyfriend in this episode: "Griffin." He's played by actor Drew Roy. Miranda (and even Miranda's mom) had a big part in helping me decide who should play Griffin. Needless to say, Miranda squealed when I told her I gave the part to Drew. She was very excited about acting with him.

• Griffin shows Carly and Spencer his cool tee-shirt and says he designed. In fact, the tee-shirt he's wearing was designed (and made) by Kris, our head costumer.

• One of my very favorite comedy movies of all time is Arthur which starred Dudley Moore. In this scene, there are two lines which are a nod to that movie. Can anyone identify them? ;)

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins with Sam and two friends sitting on the steps at school, watching videos on Sam's laptop.

• Look at the necklace Sam is wearing in this scene. It's made of an antique plastic called "Catalin" (also called "Bakelite"). If you've seen my antique radio collection in some of the pics I've Tweeted... those radios are made of Catalin. It was a popular, colorful plastic used in the 1930's and 1940's. The necklace was made out of vintage Catalin by a jewelry maker I know.

• You'll hear SamPuckett.com mentioned in this scene. We own that URL. It will re-direct you to iCarly.com.

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins with Spencer and Griffin moving a large metal cube.

• I'm not sure why, but it makes me laugh out loud every time when I hear Spencer say, "Wendy of course how are you?" His delivery was just perfectly hilarious (as usual with Jerry).

• When I originally wrote this scene, "Wendy" was not in it. My reason for adding her was... I thought it would be irresponsible of Spencer to leave Carly alone in their apartment with Griffin, since Spencer doesn't know him that well yet. Also, I think it's nice to see our characters (Carly, Sam, and Freddie) hang out with other friends from time to time. That helps keep things realistic.

*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins with Sam and Freddie sitting at a table at the Groovy Smoothie.

• Guess who has (in his house) the actual drawing of Freddie being attacked by a tiger? Hint: ME! I think I should frame it and put it up, right?

• Another appearance by T-Bo! That guy is so fun and cool (the actor and the character). He's a great addition to iCarly. I really like that he's become a regular at the Groovy Smoothie. He's sooo funny.

• Many of you ask me if the actors improvise any of their lines. Well, 99% of the time they don't. However... in this scene, during one take, Jerry (for no reason) just yelled "Gas bubble!!!" It cracked up everyone on the set. So, I put it in the show!

*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins with Spencer walking down the hall to his apartment, and continues as Spencer enters his apartment.

• We did lots of takes of this scene. And Miranda never complained about having to kiss Griffin over and over. I think she even suggested we do a few extra takes. ;)

*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Griffin on the couch, and Spencer pacing and yelling at them.

• I think Spencer's anger in this scene is perfect and hilarious. One of my favorite Jerry scenes EVER.

• In this scene, Carly explains to Spencer how the kiss happened. Watch that explanation. Here is the dialogue I wrote, which Carly says:

"Well, Wendy and I were trying
to study but Griffin kept turning
up the music, so Wendy got
frustrated and left, then I told
Griffin he was obnoxious and he
said I should "rent a sense of
humor" and I said "Oh really?"
and then while I was telling him
how immature he was I realized
he's super-cute, and he asked
me if I like music, so I go "Who
doesn't like music?", so then I
turned on some music and we
started talking and then I realized
he's really sweet and smart and
his lips were right there in front
of me so I leaned over and
and I kissed him!"

• Miranda did 6 takes of that speech. She never made one mistake -- she did every take perfectly. To all of you who tell me you want to be actors... try to learn that speech. See if you can memorize it, then deliver it without making one mistake. Let me know how it goes! ;)

• The line where Carly says "I kiss like a princess!" -- that was not in the script. I added it on set as we were shooting the scene. I love how Miranda delivers that line.

• I also added this unscripted exchange on set, as we were filming the scene:

CARLY: For 'til college?!
SPENCER: For 'til college!!!

• At the end of this scene, Carly swings a sledgehammer. But the ones that Spencer and Griffin used were too heavy for Miranda, so our prop master got a smaller (lighter) one for her. All the sledgehammers used in this episode are real.

*** Scene 8 ***
Scene begins with Sam at her locker, when Freddie comes around the corner.

• Even in her (intentionally) lame outfit, Carly still looks freakin' adorable, doesn't she?

• For those of you who watched the preview clip of this scene from Turbo Nick, can you figure out the line I cut from this scene??? CAN YA? So what is it?!?

*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins with Spencer installing a steel plate in front of the door.

• The bit where Spencer PICKS UP Carly and jumps up and down on the metal plate with her... that was not scripted. I added that bit on the set while we were shooting the scene. When it happens, the look on Carly's face and the way her hair bounces... I love it. So cute and funny.

• Larry the mailman is NOT that overweight. He's wearing padding underneath his shirt.

*** Scene 10 ***
Scene begins with Sam at the Groovy Smoothie counter, getting a smoothie from T-Bo.

• I'm frequently mesmerized by the gigantic lava lamps.

• Notice in this scene how the bush behind Freddie is moving in the breeze? Not an accident!

• Yes, those are the two most interesting behind-the-scenes facts I could think of to tell you about this scene. Hahaha.

*** Scene 11 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Spencer coming down the stairs in the lobby.

• I'm not sure, but I think this is the same yellow vest Spencer wore in the second episode of iCarly "iWant More Viewers." Am I right?

• I thought I invented the word "besmooched" -- but apparently I didn't because I see it a few times when I Google the word. Whatever the case, you are free to use it as much as you like. :)

• At the very end of this scene, notice who's at his desk, asleep? Yep, it's LEWBERT (well, sort of).

*** Scene 12 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Griffin coming off the elevator together.

• The green umbrella in Spencer's glass makes me happy.

• It was Jerry's idea to turn the Bottle Bot's head toward Carly and Griffin before he exits to his room. He did it in a run-through and I loved it. So, I had him do it in the show.

Watch the Bottle Bot's RED EYES after Spencer turns its head. That was an awesome little effect added by my post production team. So great. I love when they surprise me with little touches like that. They just make the show that much better. :)

*** Scene 13 ***
Scene begins with Carly pouring herself a glass of grape juice.

• In this scene, Spencer introduces the Sham-Pow. Why? Because some of my writers were obsessed with the Sham-Wow and ordered a couple of them. They kept playing with them in the writer's room. So, we decided we needed to put them in the show. And we did.

• I've seen many people watch this episode, and EVERYONE laughs at loud when Freddie says, "Yawn."

*** Scene 14 ***
Scene begins with Freddie at his tech cart, and Sam entering.

• I love the way Carly says, "You can't count your chicken pox vaccination." So cute and fun.

• The video of Matt and Clifford eating fake snowflakes... that's a REAL fan-submitted video!

• Yes, we did drop real raisins on Carly and Sam at the end of this scene. We had to use the goggles because we were afraid the raisins might hurt the girls' eyes.

• I really enjoy Sam's line at the end of this scene, "We're so stupid!!!"

*** Scene 15 ***
Scene begins with Sam entering the hallway in her red shirt.

• I'm not sure what made me think of the "portable power saw" bit for Sam, but it plays really funny (I feel). It's just a fun, random way to start the scene. And I really enjoy the fact that we now know Sam carries a portable mini power saw in her bag. Oh, Sam.

• Notice how Spencer's hair REALLY IS soaking wet in the beginning, but after a quick dry with his Sham-Pow his hair is totally dry. Cool trick, huh? Hollywood magic.

• Jennette's delivery of the line, "Is Carly here?" is just brilliant. Always makes everyone laugh.

• One of my writers (Eric) always talks about his recurring dream where a monster eats his soup. For real. He has this dream all the time and always talks about it. So finally, we decided to make this a story for Sam and Spencer!

*** Scene 16 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Griffin walking into Griffin's room.

• Who can guess why I added the voice of Griffin's mom at the top of this scene? It's for a specific reason. Can you guess?

• At first I wasn't sure about the dress Carly's wearing in this scene, but when I questioned it, our awesome costumer Kris said, "Oh be quiet, Dan, it's adorable." Well, Kris was right. It is adorable and I was wrong to ever question it. You were right, Kris!!! :)

• I think Miranda is absolutely brilliant in this scene. I don't think any actress could have played it better, cuter, or funnier than Miranda did. I've always felt Miranda was great, ever since I cast her as "Megan" on Drake & Josh. But now she's reached a new level as a comedic actress.

• After Griffin says, "Pretty sweet, huh?" -- the look that Carly gives him = PRICELESS.

• Carly's "Little girl--BOY" line was not scripted. I added it on set while we were shooting.

• You gotta love the look of horror in Carly's eyes during the kiss at the very end of this scene.

*** Scene 17 ***
Scene begins with Carly and Griffin playing a version of Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

• I think Sam is so cute how she's playing the drums.

• This may be the best Carly/Sam scene ever. What do you guys think?

*** Scene 18 ***
Scene begins with Sam sitting in a big red chair in the iCarly studio.

• This is just a cute little scene with Sam and Spencer. Simple, easy, and fun. They're both great in it (as always). I love the comedic chemistry between Jerry and Jennette.

*** Scene 19 ***
Scene begins with Griffin on his bed.

• I like Carly's possessed look that she gets at the end of this scene when she's about to murder Peter.

*** Scene 20 ***
Scene begins with Sam walking into Carly's apartment.

• Sam comes up with a new nickname for Carly in this scene: Carlotta! Cute.

• Do you see the big yellow Gummy Bear on the counter where Sam's bowl of soup is? They're made by a company called "Jellio" and they're great. The Gummy Bears come in several colors and they light up!

• Pretty amazing stunt when the "monster" (that Sam flips) lands on the floor. Hard to believe that guys (stunt men) do that for a living!

• We got so much positive feedback when Sam beat the heck out of Zeebo, we felt it was time for another vicious beating by Sam. Hahaha. (In all seriousness, I can't tell you how many iCarly fans have told me how much they LOVED when Sam gave Zeebo the beatdown.)

• Ah! Another big Gummy Bear. Look behind Spencer's head when he lies down on the couch.

*** Scene 21 ***
Scene begins with Freddie on the phone and Carly on the purple beanbag.

• Another Penny-Tee on Carly. It's hard to read the top word on this one because of Miranda's hair. But it says Vanilla Me Bad.

• Freddie orders an anchovy pizza in this scene. Actually, I'm one of the few people in the world who actually likes anchovy pizza! (Yeah, I'm weird.)

• I love the way Carly says, "Answer it, bad boy." Perfection.

• When Freddie is running out and bumps into Sam in the hallway, he yells "I did not order a pizza!!!" -- but he didn't really yell that when we shot that scene. After editing the show, I felt we needed to hear Freddie say something there, so I recorded him yelling "I did not order a pizza!" then added it to the scene. If I didn't tell you, you'd never know. ;)

• Okay, you know when Sam grabs her shirt collar, pulls it out, and goes "LLL-LLL-LLL-LLL." That is sort of a trade-mark thing that an actor named Charles Nelson Reilly used to do. But no one under 35 will know that. Still, whether you know who Charles Nelson Reilly is or not, it's pretty hilarious. ;)

• There are some very silly little voices that happen near the end of this scene. I did them all -- and I didn't even have to pay myself. My favorite voice is the one where I say, "And honeymoon on Pee Wee Island!"

*** Final Three Short Scenes ***
Begins with Spencer entering the kitchen and seeing a bowl of soup.

• The monster in the kitchen... his makeup was done by our very own makeup artists, Michael. And the costume was created by our very own costumer, Kris. How talented are they?!?!?

• And once again, the Sham-Pow does its job.



Well, that's all I have to tell you about the making of "iDate A Bad Boy." I hope you like (liked) the episode. It's one of the favorites of the cast, me, and lots of people who work on iCarly.

And, as always, thanks for watching our show.

--iDan :)

P.S. If you happen to start having bad dreams about a monster eating your soup, I sincerely apologize.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Some awesome iCarly super-fans put together a bunch more questions for me. So...


QUESTION #31: Are there any plans to put any of the characters into a relationship lasting more than one episode? If not, is there a chance this would be considered later, or would it be avoided to prevent dramatic edge?

DAN: This is a question I've kind of answered before, but I'll give you a quick re-cap. The network doesn't always air the episodes in the proper order. With Drake & Josh, more than once, the network simply aired the wrong episode. They would promote one episode, then air a different one by mistake.

And with reruns, I think they pay even less attention to the air order. That's why I try to keep each episode its own separate story -- at least as much as I can. That way, even if the episodes are aired out of order, they still "work." Does that make sense?

QUESTION #32: Do the character’s wardrobes only include what is picked out by style specialists, or have the actors been allowed to contribute some of their personal style as well?

DAN: All the wardrobe (costumes) on my shows are created by a genius named Kris. What makes her especially brilliant is that she has a tight budget to dress all the stars of my shows. Nickelodeon can't spend the kind of money that an HBO or prime time network show spends on wardrobe. But Kris makes our stars look AMAZING, and she knows how to do it without spending a billion dollars.

The stars of the show definitely give Kris input. The constantly are having fittings, and Kris always encourages the actors to tell her what they love, like, and don't like. Because Kris knows it's very important that an actor feel comfortable and happy in front of the cameras.

Sometimes the actors might wear an item of clothing that is their own, but 98% of the time, they're wearing the clothing Kris has purchased and designed for them.

P.S. Kris also was the head costume designer on some of my previous shows including All That, Drake & Josh, and Zoey 101. And she'll be doing my NEW show starring Victoria Justice.

QUESTION #33: The story behind Drake and Josh’s missing parents is considered one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Did you ever create an explanation for what happened to them or is it meant to be left open-ended?

DAN: Just like The Brady Bunch years ago, the "missing parents" of Drake & Josh were never mentioned or referred to in the series. I have some loose ideas in my head of who they were and what happened to them, but on a fun comedy like Drake & Josh, dealing with the previous parents' spouses felt wrong to me.

QUESTION #34: How did you get away with the spanking shenanigans in iStakeout?

DAN: I'm not sure what you mean by "get away with." In the episode, we meet a cop who turns out to be Spencer's childhood peer (nicknamed "Spanky") from sleep-away camp. We learn he got that nickname because he always ran around spanking other kids at camp, just to be annoying. Then, at the end of iStakeout, Spencer finally gets revenge by spanking Spanky.

What do you feel I got away with?

QUESTION #35: Are the comments on iCarly.com real?

DAN: Yes! They are 100% real. They're moderated by my iCarly.com team to make sure no inappropriate comments are posted.

QUESTION #36: Did you come up with Socko and his cleverly named relatives around the same time, or has the gag progressed one at a time as you see the opportunity when writing a script?

DAN: The gag progressed. When I first named the character "Socko" I never anticipated he would have relatives with equally cute names. It just began happening as we kept writing scripts and inventing new relatives for Socko.

And now, a fun fact: THERE IS A REAL SOCKO! His name is spelled differently, but there is a REAL "Socko" in my life. He happens to be a gifted furniture and cabinet maker. He's created much of the wood furniture in my home. He's also one of the sweetest, kindest people you could ever meet. Actually, he's arriving at my house tomorrow morning at 9AM to install a new cabinet. :)

QUESTION #37: We can reason that Carly met Freddie through being his neighbor, and Sam met Freddie through Carly. Is this accurate? Or could a different story like the one about how Carly and Sam met be included in a future episode?

DAN: As you mentioned, there was an iCarly episode in season one which shows a flashback to when Carly and Sam met. In it, we see Carly and Sam at around 8 years old, the very first time they met. It was a really cute scene. Carly and Sam have known each other for longer than they've known Freddie. It's never been made clear whether Carly and Freddie first met at school (since they both go to Ridgeway), or if they met first because they're across-the-hall neighbors. I don't currently have plans to show any more "how they met" flashbacks, but is it possible? Sure!

QUESTION #38: What inspired you to write Seattle as the setting for iCarly? Are we to assume Carly and Spencer were raised there?

DAN: Yes, Carly and Spencer Shay were raised in the Seattle area. As for why I chose Seattle as the setting for iCarly... I did it because, from all I've heard, Seattle is an artsy, cool, fun place to live. But the Seattle location doesn't have a huge impact on the series, even though it is frequently mentioned.

QUESTION #39: What was the inspiration for the icon you use for DanWarp?

DAN: Are you talking about the icon that says Schneider's Bakery and DanWarp, that you see at the end of my shows? If you are, here's the answer, probably in way more detail than you or anyone else cares about. :) Here goes...

A lot of people tell me they think it's so clever that I named my production company "Schneider's Bakery." Well, I didn't think of the name. My granddad Joe Schneider did! For many years in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, my granddad owned and ran the original Schneider's Bakery. It was the biggest, most well-known bakery in Memphis for many years, until my granddad passed away (I never knew him).

When I moved to Hollywood, my dad (son of Joe Schneider) was managing my business for me. One day he told me I needed to come up with a company name, for business purposes. I chose "Schneider's Bakery" in honor of his father -- my grandfather.

When I became a writer/producer, I was able to put my company logo at the end of my shows. So, my post producer, Joe Catania, had the animated logo created for me -- the antique oven that opens and says "Schneider's Bakery" at the end of every episode. By the way, the "Mmmmmm!" sound you hear is actually me, recorded in 2003.

About a month ago I added "DanWarp" to the logo -- because DanWarp is the online/internet name for Schneider's Bakery. Why? 'Cuz it's a lot easier for most people to remember and spell "DanWarp" than "Schneider". :)

When I had to choose an icon, I figured I should just use my company logo. Makes sense, right?

Wow -- I think I even bored MYSELF with that answer! Hahahaa.

QUESTION #40: Are there a lot of bloopers made while filming? Will we ever get to see any of them?

DAN: We do have lots of great bloopers (the technical name is "outtakes"). I sure hope you get to see some because they're really fun to watch. I keep telling Nickelodeon they need to let me produce a blooper show -- a half-hour special episode of iCarly that is all about bloopers. They always seem interested, but they never actually tell me to go ahead and produce it. I'll try again, okay? Also, they might include some bloopers on the DVDs, but I don't know for sure about that.

Answers to questions 41 - 50 coming soon!

I hope this was mildly interesting. If it wasn't, I owe you a cobb salad. :)


P.S. If you don't already, please consider yourself cordially invited to follow my Twitter! I'm @DanWarp

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Tomorrow night Saturday, May 9th - there will be a brand new iCarly one-hour special called iDate A Bad Boy.

People often ask me what my favorite episode of iCarly is, and I'm never sure because I have several favorites...

Well, iDate A Bad Boy is absolutely one of my favorite episodes of iCarly ever.

I knew this episode was going to be special when we were filming it. You could "feel" it on the set. Miranda certainly had a GREAT time, because she got to kiss actor Drew Roy like a billion times! I've never seen Miranda so psyched to be on set. ;)

I loved iCarly in season 1, and I think season 2 has gotten even better... and now, I feel that iDate A Bad Boy takes iCarly to new heights.

I recently showed a rough cut of the episode to a high-level agent who said, "This plays like one of the best episodes of Friends," which I took as quite a compliment to our actors.

I feel that iDate A Bad Boy is going to be among the most popular episodes of iCarly in the history of the series.

So please help me spread the word! TOMORROW!!! - Saturday - May 9th - 8PM (7PM Central).

Let's make sure everyone watches!!!

--iDan :)
(Creator & Executive Producer of iCarly)

P.S. If you have friends who like iCarly but don't follow my Twitter yet, please tell them they need to follow me! @DanWarp

30 Questions - 30 Answers from Dan

Hey you guys!

Last month, my friends at Live Journal (at the Groovy Smoothie community) put together a list of 30 questions for me. I answered all 30!

Now, I thought I'd post the questions and my answers again, for my Twitter followers. I wrote all answers myself, personally...

Before you go on, I feel I should warn you! This might only be interesting to the iCarly "super-fans" out there. If you're just an occasional, casual iCarly viewer, you might find this stuff really boring. My suggestion is: scroll through all the questions, see which ones are interesting to you, and read those answers only.

Or, if you are an iCarly super-fan, feel free to read 'em all!


QUESTION #1: Is there an episode or season limit for how long iCarly can continue being produced?

DAN: No, there really are no limits. I'd say there are FOUR main factors in determining how long a series continues.

(A) Ratings: If a show isn't drawing a big enough audience, the network will cancel the series. Luckily, that's not a concern for iCarly, because it's currently the most popular TV show on all of Nickelodeon and Disney. In 2008, iCarly drew significantly more viewers than Hannah Montana. And iCarly continues to climb even higher above the pack in 2009. So, ratings is not an issue for iCarly.

(B) Number of episodes needed: I have no idea how the network decides when a series has made "enough" episodes. "The Amanda Show" was a big hit, but the network pulled the plug after only 41 episodes. Very weird. All That was a also a big hit, and I think we made close to 150 episodes of that series. Currently, I think we've shot 52 or 53 episodes of iCarly. We'll definitely make at least 70 episodes. And there's a good chance we'll make more after that -- but it's not definite.

(C) How long the cast wants to continue: When a series begins, the network makes a contract with the stars to perform in the series for a number of years, or seasons (cycles). When those contracts expire, the actor has the choice of continuing with the series, or not. Sometimes, an actor will feel they've had enough -- and they'll want to move on and do other things (new TV shows, movies, whatever). Other times, they'll want to continue with the series, and then their agent will negotiate a new deal with the network, for the actor to appear in more episodes.

(D) How long I want to continue: Just like the actors, when I begin a new series with a network, my contract requires me to make a certain number of episodes (as long as the network wants me to keep making them). Then, at some point, my contract expires. When that happens, I have the option of "stepping down" as the showrunner. If I choose to step down (leave the show), the network would then make a choice -- they'd either hire another showrunner to replace me on iCarly, or they could just cancel the series. But... let's just say... I really LIKE making iCarly.

QUESTION #2: Since the instructions on the scripts for gestures and expressions are written very basic, is there a certain level of freedom the actors get to interpret them, or does the director generally ask for something more specific?

DAN: Every writer has his/her own style of writing scripts. Some scripts are vague. Mine are very specific. When I write a scene, I visualize that scene clearly in my head. I "hear" the lines as they should be delivered. And I "see" the action in my head. So I take a lot of time and effort to write my scripts in a way that makes my creative intentions very clear to everyone: the actors, the director, and the production team. (As my wife often says, "When I read your scripts, I feel like I've seen the episode.")

The gestures and expressions you are referring to are called "parentheticals" or "readers". For example, take a look at this line of dialogue:

(SUSPICIOUS) What were you doing with my laptop?

In that line, the reader "suspicious" tells Nathan that the line should be delivered suspiciously. A writer adds the reader when it's not 100% obvious how a line should delivered. The line "What were you doing with my laptop?" could be an innocent question. Or it could be delivered as a panicked question. But in this case, the "reader" directs Nathan to deliver the line with a suspicious flavor.

When it's obvious how a line should be delivered, there's no need for a reader. A writer can OVERUSE readers, which you don't want to do. On average, for every line of dialogue I write, I'd guess that one in six has a reader.

As I said, I write my scripts very specifically. My scripts have lots of readers in the dialogue, and lots of specific moves/actions for the actors to make.

Also, the director adds a LOT. The director helps the actors make sure a scene is playing correctly, in terms of blocking (where the actors "go" in a scene), and in how the dialogue is delivered.

But ON TOP of all this, the actors bring A TON of their own creativity to the scenes. Very often, the actors will say a line, or make a physical move in a scene that I never imagined, and often it's great.

Some actors surprise you more than others. Jerry Trainor, for example, often completely blows me away (in a GREAT way) by taking some line of dialogue and delivering it with a hilarious twist I never would have thought of. I love it when that happens!

And all the actors on iCarly do this, to some extent. When I come to see the run-throughs, I'm sometimes SURPRISED by something that the actors and director have come up with on their own, during rehearsal, and sometimes it's awesome and I use it in the show.

In short, if an actor has an idea they want to try, the director and I welcome that. I'll often say, "Sure, let's try it." Sometimes ideas work, sometimes they don't.

QUESTION #3: How did you get into the business that you are in now? What kinds of things did you do leading up to the production of All That to help you get where you wanted to be?

DAN: I started off as an actor. I was never a hugely famous actor, but in the 80's and early 90's, I was pretty well known for playing a character named "Dennis" on an ABC television show called "Head of the Class." It was a hit show, usually in the Top 20. The show ran for 5 years. (To this day, I'm usually stopped a few times a week by someone saying, "Hey! You're that guy...")

After Head of the Class ended, I was cast in another TV series called "Home Free". I played "Walter" -- the best friend of the star, Matthew Perry. Home Free was a cute show, but it only lasted one season. The next year, Matthew Perry was cast as "Chandler" in Friends.

It was around then -- 1994 -- that I wrote a new TV show for Nickelodeon called "All That" -- sketch comedy for kids/tweens/teens. I looked at writing/producing All That as a "little side job" -- something fun to do until I got my next acting role.

But All That became a hit. And then, I wrote/produced a new TV show for two of the All That stars, Kenan and Kel. Next thing I knew, I was writing and producing TWO shows -- All That and Kenan & Kel.

And then... a big moment happened in my life, in 1996. I was offered the lead role in a new TV pilot. At that time, I was in the thick of making All That and Kenan & Kel. I had to decide if I wanted to go back to acting, or to continue writing and producing television. You can figure out which road I chose. I loved writing and producing so much, I passed on the acting role and kept writing/producing.

All That would continue to run all the way through 2005 (ten seasons). And I went on to make The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, What I Like About You, Zoey 101, and iCarly.

And let me tell you -- the fact that I started off as an ACTOR, starring in a TV show myself -- has made me a MUCH better writer and producer. Having lived in front of the cameras for many years gives me a huge advantage in running a show from behind the cameras.

QUESTION #4: Are all of your shows written with at least one specific actor in mind in the beginning?

DAN: Mostly, but not always. I began writing All That in 1993 before any of the stars had been cast. And I've written another TV pilot without knowing who was going to play the leads. But with MOST shows, yes, I knew who was going to star in the show before I even began writing my first outline. I've created most of my shows for a specific star or stars.

Fun Tidbit: I wrote "Sam" specifically with Jennette McCurdy in mind. She had guest-starred on Zoey 101, and I loved her and thought she was a major talent. So when I was creating Carly's best friend Sam, I knew that Jennette would LIKELY play that role.

QUESTION #5: How does one get a job working for Nickelodeon?

DAN: That's too hard to answer because there are an infinite number of ways. If you asked every single person at Nickelodeon how they got their job, you'd hear hundreds of different stories. There's no "set path" to follow.

QUESTION #6: Have you seen some of the various “pairings” the fans support online? What do you think about them?

DAN: Yes. I think you're referring to the new term I've learned this month: "Shipping". Right? Well, yes, I have seen some of the various "pairings" that the fans support online. I find it all very interesting. And I find it flattering that the fans embrace these characters to the point of caring and speculating about where they might go, creatively.

QUESTION #7: Do you have any favorite television shows that you watch outside of your work?

DAN: Sure! I'm not sure if you want to know my classic favorites, or current ones, but I'm guessing you want to know my current ones. Off the top of my head, I'll say (in no particular order): South Park... The Simpsons... The Big Bang Theory... American Idol... and (surprisingly) I'm also kind of into real life crime shows like American Justice, Cold Case Files, and even America's Most Wanted. I love seeing REAL bad guys get caught.

QUESTION #8: How do you feel about Sonny with a Chance on the Disney Channel and its similarities to All That?

DAN: I haven't seen the show, but a few people have contacted me saying that it's trying to copy a lot of what I've done in the past, like All That, The Amanda Show, and iCarly.

And here's some information you might find interesting...

When Drake & Josh ended, and Nickelodeon and I decided I would make a new TV series starring Miranda Cosgrove, my original idea was that she play a "normal" girl who, in a twist of fate, gets cast to star in her favorite TV show.

I even wrote the script. I called it "Starstruck". The pilot I wrote (and turned in to Nickelodeon) was about Carly, a regular girl who gets cast to star in her favorite TV show.

Nickelodeon loved my Starstruck pilot script. But then... one night during a casual meeting in my den (me, my wife, and my good friend Steve), I decided that it would be MUCH COOLER for Carly to create HER OWN show -- a show she could run herself, her own way, and do whatever she wanted to do -- A WEB SHOW.

So, I threw out my Starstruck script in November of 2006 and, during December, I wrote a brand new pilot called "iCarly". We shot the pilot in January of 2007. You guys know the rest of this story. ;)

There are people who have asked me if I'm mad that the Disney Channel "stole my idea" about a girl who gets cast in her favorite TV show. No, I'm not mad. I have no proof they stole it. But it was no secret that I was writing "Starstruck" -- I worked on that premise for a full year with Nickelodeon. And generally, everyone in the entertainment business knows what everyone else is doing. But whether Disney was "inspired" by my Starstruck idea or not... I just think of that old saying: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

QUESTION #9: How come the iCarly.com website is not up-to-date in countries outside the United States?

DAN: I have no idea. I oversee iCarly.com here in the U.S. -- but I don't even know who manages the foreign versions of the website. Perhaps the episodes are being shown in other countries at a different pace than here in America. If the episodes are lagging behind, I suppose the website should, too.

QUESTION #10: How long has Spencer been taking care of Carly by himself?

DAN: Since Carly was 12. However, we've never established this fact in a episode.

QUESTION #11: Will Spencer ever get a girlfriend that doesn’t end up crazy and/or temporary?

DAN: I've considered giving Spencer a regular girlfriend, and I've discussed this with my writers. In some ways I think it could be good, but in other ways, I worry it might alter the dynamic of the show. Also, I really have fun thinking of new, interesting girls for Spencer to meet and interact with. If I give him a steady girlfriend, it limits those possibilities. Also, there's another aspect to this question which is too involved to get into right now (too much to type). I'll just say it concerns how the network handles the reruns.

QUESTION #12: Does Jerry do a lot of improv with Spencer? How is Jerry similar to his character?

DAN: I wouldn't say Jerry does a lot of "improv" because the writers and I are very careful with how we write the scripts, and all the actors respect that. The dialogue is almost always spoken as written. BUT...

Jerry makes LOTS of his own of CREATIVE CHOICES in terms of his actions and HOW he delivers his lines. And oh my GOD, that dude is TALENTED.

As a writer, you always hope an actor won't "tank" (ruin) the jokes you write. But with Jerry Trainor... he takes a funny line in the script and makes it TEN TIMES FUNNIER. Always. I think Jerry could easily end up being a huge movie star in hilarious movies.

As for the last part of your question, "How is Jerry similar to his character?" -- I'd say both Jerry and Spencer are FUN to be around. Funny, silly, a bit crazy, warm, friendly, and extremely nice. And I'm not just being diplomatic in saying that. I mean it with all sincerity. Jerry is a fantastic actor and a great guy. He always makes the set a FUN place to be. Everyone who works on iCarly -- the whole cast, crew, and staff -- would agree with that 100%.

QUESTION #13: You’ve recently revealed that we’ll learn more about Freddie’s father in a future episode, but what about the other missing parents such as Carly’s mother or Sam’s father? Is there any particular reason you chose to give the characters families with mysterious missing links?

DAN: I doubt we'll be learning about Freddie's father in any future episodes. Actually, I don't think that we'll learn anything about those "missing" parents you mentioned -- because they obviously aren't a significant (or living) part of their families anymore, and there's no real "fun" or "funny" way to write a story about that.

If iCarly were a drama I might feel differently. But on a comedy, I don't feel inspired to write about parents who are out of the picture. It's kind of a "downer" area.

As for why I've made the choices to have "mysterious missing links"... first, I wouldn't put it that way. I just think having single parents opens a show up to more possibilities because more dating can go on, which is usually fun to write. For example, I couldn't do a story like iHurt Lewbert and have Mrs. Benson be interested in "Lewb" if she were married.

Another reason is: on Nickelodeon, the audience expects my shows to be about teenagers and their lives, so it doesn't make sense for me to go casting lots of adults on a show I'm making for a younger audience.

But I'm certainly not opposed to two-parent families. I grew up in an AWESOME two-parent family myself. And... on my new Victoria Justice show, her character DOES live in a home with BOTH her parents.

QUESTION #14: Did you ever decide what Sam got arrested for or were the details skipped since it is part of the ongoing joke about her entire family having criminal records?

DAN: In future episodes, you may very well learn what things Sam did in her past that caused her to get arrested. The good news is, she's never done anything TOO bad. Sam's a mischievous kid for sure, but Sam would never hurt anyone or anything that didn't deserve it. She's a bad-ass, but she's got a good heart.

QUESTION #15: Will we ever see some of the “faceless” characters that are mentioned on the show?

DAN: I assume you're asking mostly about Sam's mother and Socko. Again, keep watching! I don't want to be a spoiler by answering this question specifically.

Now, here's a question for you: Do you WANT to see them? Or is it more fun to never see them and let your imagination do the work?

QUESTION #16: Can anyone in the building use the elevator the Shays use?

DAN: Great question! The building that Carly lives in was not originally designed to be an apartment building. It was originally a commercial (business) building. Later, the building was CONVERTED into an apartment building. That's why the elevators in Bushwell Plaza are a bit odd for an apartment building.

There are actually multiple elevators in Bushwell. If you walk into the lobby, pass the stairs, keep going, and turn left, you will reach the main elevator. This elevator can take you to any floor -- but NOT into people's apartments.

But some of the apartments ("lofts", as they're called) have CARGO elevators that run through them, like Carly's apartment does. Those special elevators are NOT accessible by just anyone. Obviously, it would be very dangerous if anyone who walked into Bushwell off the street could just wander into the Shay's apartment.

To use the cargo elevator that runs all the way up through Carly's loft, you must have authorization. You have to be allowed in by Lewbert, or Spencer, or Carly. Otherwise, that elevator will not open inside the Shay's loft. Also, Carly and Spencer have a special magnetic key which allows that cargo elevator to open inside their apartment.

Many elevators in office buildings and hotels work like this. They won't stop on certain private floors without a special key, card, or some kind of authorization.

QUESTION #17: What grade levels attend Ridgeway High School?

DAN: I don't think that's ever been established in an episode, but in my head, Ridgeway High School is for grades 9 through 12. But there is an adjacent "lower school" next to it for grades 6 through 8.

QUESTION #18: What does Mrs. Benson do for a living?

DAN: That will be revealed in a future episode. Also, Mrs. Benson does occasionally work as a part-time nurse.

QUESTION #19: Does Mr. Shay give Spencer money for living expenses or does he depend on his art to support them?

Yes. But he's not "Mister" Shay -- he's a Colonel in the U.S. Navy. When Colonel Shay went off on his current mission and left Spencer in charge of Carly, he set up a financial arrangement with Spencer.

The loft they live in at Bushwell is fully paid for by Colonel Shay. And he also provides Spencer with an allowance to support Carly -- to buy stuff like food, clothes, school books, supplies, etc. But Spencer must earn his own spending money. He's not completely supported by his dad.

QUESTION #20: What day of the week is the iCarly broadcast on? Do they do it more than once a week?

DAN: This has never been clearly stated in any episode. However, if you pay close attention to enough episodes, you can do some "calender math" and figure it out.

However, keep in mind... Carly, Sam, and Freddie can do whatever they want with iCarly. If they have a good reason, they will switch web show nights, on occasion. But there IS a regular night and time when the iCarly webcast usually happens (once a week).

Question #21: Will we ever get to see the second floor of the Shay loft or Carly’s bedroom in particular? What about Freddie’s apartment or Sam’s place?

DAN: I feel sure you WILL see Carly's bedroom at some point. It's funny -- I've never intentionally avoided setting a scene in Carly bedroom, it's just never been necessary. And yes, Carly's bedroom IS on the second floor, under the iCarly studio.

It's possible we'll see Freddie's apartment, or at least his bedroom.

As for Sam's house... you WILL be seeing a SMALL PIECE of it in an upcoming episode that we've already shot. You'll see it in a split screen -- a phone conversation between Carly and Sam. (Bonus! In the Sam shot, you'll see a nice surprise, too! EPIC!) I'm not sure if we'll see more of Sam's house in the future. Perhaps. It depends on whether or not I write an episode (or scene) that takes place there.

Question #22: Where did the idea for Spaghetti tacos come from? Is there a specific recipe?

I came up with the idea for spaghetti tacos. Just "making dinner" isn't that interesting -- Spencer is too fun and cool to JUST make a normal dinner, right? I figured he'd be creative with his cooking. So, I made up "spaghetti tacos" because they sound fun and good -- and that dish just feels very right for Spencer. Don'tcha think? :)

As for a recipe, we did publish one on iCarly.com, but I've never tested it. My online team (that runs iCarly.com) invented the recipe. One day when I have time, I'll try making it and see how they taste. Maybe I can tweak the recipe a bit to make them achieve total awesomeness. Then, you know what I'd love to do? I want to invite the whole cast over, and shoot video of us all MAKING the spaghetti tacos, showing you exactly how to do it, step by step. Then I could post the video on YouTube. Would you wanna watch?

Question #23: Where did the hobo jokes come from?

Finally! I get to respond about my obsessive use of the word "hobo". Haha. Okay, here's the deal. When I first started making All That (like in the first season), one of the writers handed in (to me) a sketch that had a character called "Homeless Guy". And he was referred to as "Homeless Guy" in the dialogue. Well, I felt it was insensitive to make a joke about a homeless guy. So, I changed it to hobo. I loved it. It's just a funny word. And I've probably used the word "hobo" in every TV series I've done since, multiple times.

I've received a couple of complaints about this over the years -- from people who say that "hobo" is simply another word for homeless man. I disagree. I'd always been taught that a HOBO is someone who makes a personal choice to live a wandering life, usually on a railroad car. That's a hobo's CHOICE (to live that kind of life). Some dictionaries agree with my distinction, and others don't. But to ME, a hobo is just a guy who likes to roam the country, usually by railroad car. Baked beans also seems to come to mind.

So, a hobo may be homeless -- but it's because he chooses that lifestyle. C'mon... touring the country by rail? Meeting new people all the time? Adventure? Baked beans? Maybe not such a bad choice. :)

Question #24: Can you tell us why Drake & Josh ended when it did?

Sure. We'd done the show for a long time. Drake had worked with me at Nickelodeon for seven years. Josh six. (They both started on The Amanda Show with me.) By season 4 of Drake & Josh, the boys were around 19 years old, and the network already had 60 episodes. The boys were both ready to move on, and the network felt that 60 episodes was enough.

I'm happy that Drake & Josh went out at its PEAK of popularity. The final 2-parter "Really Big Shrimp" (which I wrote as sort of a series farewell) got our highest rating ever. So, Drake & Josh was never canceled. We all just agreed the time had come to move on. It was really sad to say goodbye to that show. (P.S. I have the Drake & Josh living room COUCH in my house!)

Question #25: Would you ever ask Drake or Josh to do a guest role on iCarly if there was a character that would fit one of them?

I absolutely DO have plans to bring Drake and Josh on iCarly! I have a pretty cool idea cookin' for them. It's not definite, but if it happens, I'll make sure it ROX.

Question #26: Are there any plans to release Drake & Josh in full seasons on DVD?

I really have nothing to do with that. If you want me to find out, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up for you.

Question #27: Will iCarly only be released on DVD in volumes or is there a chance it will be released as full seasons in the future? Do you negotiate with a vendor personally or is someone else placed in charge of that?

Again, I have nothing to do with that stuff. I don't know any more about it than you know. Do you want me to do some investigating and report back?

Question #28: Approximately how many hours go into writing a single episode script? How long does it take to film an episode?

Wow. Okay... by "writing" an episode I assume you mean the time from when a story is first pitched (suggested) to the time we print the table draft? That's a really tough question to answer. If you asked songwriters how long it takes to write a song, most would tell you that some come really fast, and others take a lot more time and effort. Same thing with writing scripts. But if I had to give an answer of how long it takes to write an AVERAGE episode... if you combined all the hours... probably about 40 hours? It's really hard to figure out. My final rewrite, which I do either alone or with one other writer, takes about 12 to 14 hours.

To film an episode is a week-long process. Monday morning, the actors read the script aloud -- as a performance. The writers and I listen, and then we go make changes. Usually we'll need to make cuts because the table drafts are almost always too long -- sometimes up to 6 minutes over -- so we have to cut stuff out of the script.

The actors rehearse on Monday -- usually a light day of rehearsal. Then on Tuesday, they rehearse all day, then show us a run-through on Tuesday afternoon -- the whole show from beginning to end. The we (the writers) rewrite.

Wednesday is a repeat of Tuesday. The actors rehearse all day, then show us a run-through on Wednesday afternoon -- the whole show from beginning to end. The we rewrite again, and create the final SHOOTING draft.

Then we shoot the show all day Thursday, and all day and Friday.

As you can see, it takes one week (Monday - Friday) to film one episode of iCarly. And sometimes, when we run out of time, we don't get the whole show shot -- we'll "owe" a scene that we'll have to shoot later. But we all try hard not to let that happen, 'cuz it's kind of a bummer when you leave on Friday night owing a scene. It's more fun to walk out knowing you've got another complete episode in the can.

Question #29: When do you film the videos that get put up on iCarly.com? Is there a day set aside for them or are they filmed in between episode scenes?

We have special days set aside when we shoot the "Awesome Extra" videos exclusively for iCarly.com. We shoot with a much smaller crew because we want the iCarly web segments to have a more "down and dirty" look (more home grown, if ya know what I mean).

Question #30: How does it feel to be in charge of such a successful show? Did you have high expectations for the success of iCarly from the beginning or has it been surreal for you seeing the ratings go up?

It feels great to be the guy in charge of iCarly because I'm truly proud of the show. And I really love the stars -- all four are SUCH nice, fun, good people (and I SWEAR I'm not just saying that -- THEY REALLY ARE!). So, coming to work every day is a blast.

To your second question: From the beginning, I was pretty sure iCarly was going to be popular. I've made lots of shows, for a long time, and I learn more with every one. But what made me feel extra confident about iCarly was THE CAST -- all four of them are SOOO good and funny. And Miranda was already a popular actress because of her role as "Megan" on Drake & Josh. So yeah, I always felt iCarly would do well.

But YES, it IS surreal to see iCarly's ratings continue to rise. They're even surpassing the ratings Drake & Josh used to get, and that show was a huge hit. Seeing iCarly continue to climb higher is kind of insane and, to quote the theme song, feels "so wonderful". :)


And there are my answers to the first 30 questions. Right now, I'm working on answers to a whole new batch of questions. As soon as I post them, I'll let you all know.

If you found this interesting, and think this kind of stuff might be interesting to your friends or people you know, please tell them to follow my Twitter: @DanWarp. I appreciate it!

Thanks for reading, and for watching my shows!

--Dan :)

P.S. Please let me know if you found these Q&A's interesting or boring! You can comment here, or you can reply to my Twitter: @DanWarp.

Need a GREAT pair of GUY NAMES!

Howdy! Dan Schneider here. So, I'm working on an iCarly related project, and I'm trying to pick two awesome guy names that go together well.

A few years back I produced Kenan & Kel.

More recently I produced Drake & Josh.

Well now I need another great pair of guy names...

They can be normal (typical) guy names like Jeff & Steve...

...or they can be unusual, off-beat guy names like R.J. & Dex.

The important thing is that the two guy names sound good to the ear!

I already have two names I like a lot. But yesterday, I challenged my writers to come up with a better pair of guy names that beat mine.

And now, I challenge YOU! :)

You can either tell us your idea here (by commenting), or you can simply reply to my Twitter: @DanWarp