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Friday, January 29, 2010

FUN FACTS: "iWas A Pageant Girl" !!!

by Dan Schneider 
iCarly Executive Producer/Creator 


Here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about iWas A Pageant Girl which airs TONIGHT (Saturday), January 30th, 2010.

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it a little boring.  But even more important...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)  Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  And please feel free to DISCUSS the episode here below, in the comments.  Okay, here we go....


When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks! 

*** iWas A Pageant Girl ***
This episode is going to shock a lot of iCarly fans in a great way.  I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that Jennette McCurdy is going to blow you away.  Many of you reading these Fun Facts already know how she's going to shock you, but some of you might not.  It involves dancing.  And I want you all to know THIS: No dance doubles were used.  Whatever you see Sam (Jennette) do in this episode... know that it's really Jennette!  

This episode also marks the first time that Freddie and Spencer go on a double date, which is really funny.  Some fans who've seen previews have asked me, "How can Freddie want to go on a date with a girl so soon after he and Carly just kissed (in iSaved Your Life)? Simple answer: Freddie doesn't want to go on the date.  Spencer pushes him into it.

A funny side-note: Hundreds of fans have contacted me saying, when they first see the title  iWas A Pageant Girl , they first thought it was iWas A Pregnant Girl .  Well, I'm here to assure you: No pregnancies in the episode! :)
And now, the Fun Facts about  iWas A Pageant Girl ... 

*** Scene 1 *** 
Scene begins in the iCarly studio with Carly and Sam jumping on little round trampolines.
  • A new Penny-Tee on Sam!  As I've mentioned, it looks like Penny-Tees may be coming to a popular retail store near you.  So if you like 'em, you might be able to buy one soon.
  • As always, Sam is holding her blue remote.  Did you know that only ONE of those exists in the world?  We've been using the same one since the very first episode of iCarly.  Since we're not in production right now, it's safely at my house.  In fact, I'm looking at it right now as I type this. :)
  • Baby Spencer!  I love Baby Spencer so much, I'm considering making a "Baby Spencer" show as a spin-off to iCarly.  Should I do it?  Would you watch?
  • One of my favorite lines ever: "Dynamite make baby go boom!"
  • Yep, that is actual, real salsa that Baby Spencer is eating.  Freshly made by our great prop department (Chris & Lynn).
*** Main Titles ***
  • Look at the browser page when the main titles begin.  Hardcore iCarly fans will notice a change in the websites that are listed under the address bar.  Can you identify the change?  It relates to my new show Victorious which premieres on March 27th, right after the Kids' Choice Awards.
*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins with Sam, in Carly's kitchen, pounding on a can with a rolling pin.
  • When Sam blows a lentil in Freddie's eye, if you look closely, you can actually see the little lentil go from the straw into Freddie's eye.  It's a digital effect.  Looks very real!
  • Sam tells Carly and Freddie that people thought she pushed the other girl (Leeann) down the stairs.  When we shot the scene, Sam had a line where she confirmed that she actually did push Leeann down the stairs.  But I edited that part out – because I felt it was slightly too violent to say that Sam had actually done that.  I felt it was better to leave it ambiguous.
  • In this scene we learn that Carly makes "special lemonade" – and that people think it's gross.  This is a slight nod/wink to one of my previous shows, Drake & Josh.  As you might remember, Josh often made limeade and no one liked it.
  • Who wants to actually see Freddie and his mom make cashew butter together?  I think I do!
  • At the end of this scene, you get to see/hear Spencer do his "Baby Spencer" voice while not in his baby suit.
*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins with Sam in the iCarly studio, waiting for Carly to come out and model her dress.
  • The line "Yeah, a beauty pageant, not booby pageant!" was not in the script.  I added that line while we were filming the scene.  Miranda's delivery of the line is hilarious. :)
  • Yes, we bought the URL instaboobs.com  – if you go there, it should re-direct you to iCarly.com, as do all the fake websites mentioned on iCarly. 
  • When Carly drops the round instaboob thingies, watch them as they hit the floor.  'Tis amusing.
  • When Sam says that the hardest part of a beauty pageant is answering the questions, believe her.  If you don't, you should watch THIS.
  • You get to see Sam at age 7.  How cute is she?!?
*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins with Freddie firing a toy laser gun.
  • How freakin' cool is that laser gun?  I love that thing!  The way it shoots lasers looks sweeeeeeet.
  • The mythical movie Galaxy Wars has been referenced on Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and iCarly.  I feel pretty sure it will be mentioned on Victorious, too.
  • Don't you think Alison and Leslie (the two redheaded girls) look like they really could be related?!?  Nice casting.  Thanks, Krisha!  :)
  • Okay... the game "What Am I?"  Don't try to find that exact game at  store – it doesn't exist (although some fans have told me that similar games are available for sale).  Anyway, here's how the game came to be in iCarly:  About 6 months ago I was in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, visting my family.  My sister Kathy was also visiting.  One night, we were all hanging out at my mom's house, and Kathy suggested we play this game where you put a card on your forhead, and you try to guess what your card says by asking other people questions (you'll understand when you watch this episode of iCarly).  Well, the game was so lame, my whole family teased Kathy about it all night long.  I've told Kathy to watch this iCarly episode – she'll be VERY surprised when she sees that I took the silly game she taught me, and made it a big part of this epiosde.  :)
  • Spencer's line, "I'll get the low-cal cream soda!" makes my wife Lisa laugh sooo hard.  Not sure why.
*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins at the Miss Teen Seattle beauty pageant.
  • I particularly enjoy Sam's first line, "Ah, the smells of a beauty pageant  – hairspray and desperation."
  • I like the expression "dolled up" because it's so old school – so 1940's or 1950's.  I've used it on iCarly before – I think in the episode iCook (but I'm not positive about that).
  • The girl who played pageant superstar "Leeann Carter" did a FANTASTIC JOB.  Her real name is Gilland Jones.  Great actress.  Perfect casting.  
  • Sam's reaction to being hugged by Leeann KILLS me!  Watch Sam when Leeann hugs her.  Hysterical.
  • It was not scripted for Sam to say (to Carly), "It's taken me years to get used to you" – I added that line as we were filming the scene.
  • This is the second episode in a row where Sam is checked for weapons.  Carly frisked her in iSaved Your Life.
  • I thought Miranda played choking (on water) very well.

*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins at the pageant, with both Carly and Sam changing clothes.
  • Yep, that's my voice at the beginning of this scene saying, "All pageant girls report to the main staging area in twelve minutes."  Yeah, I know, who cares? ;)
  • Carly's line, "And thanks for being gentle" was not in the script.  I added that line on stage while we were filming the scene.
  • I really enjoy the fact that, even though Leeann is nothing but nice and sweet to Sam, every word out of her mouth infuriates Sam. :)
  • The line "That tears it!" is also a very old-school expression.  I like using it because it's so "vintage" – not really something a person would say in 2010.  I use that expression a lot (jokingly), and have for a long time.  You can find it spoken by actors on All That and The Amanda Show.
*** Scene 7 *** 
Scene begins in the kitchen as the double date with Freddie and Spencer continues.
  • This short little scene was shot in only one take, because the first take was perfect.  Very rare on a Schneider's Bakery show to do only one take of any scene.  We almost always shoot at least two takes, just to have a backup.  But I think we were running out of time that day (that we shot the scene).
*** Scene 8 ***  
Scene begins at the beauty pageant, with Leeann in an orange dress, walking on stage.
  • It always makes me laugh when Carly says, "Shhh, shhh – this one's mine" and clasps her hands, like a proud mother.  I also love how she says, "It's true, she does, she loves chicken."  I don't know why, but I laugh at that every time I watch it.
  • Doesn't Jennette look beautiful on stage in her pageant dress?  Very pretty girl, that Jennette McCurdy!  (P.S. She makes awesome coconut brownies, too.)
  • If you listen VERY CLOSELY as Sam exits the stage, you'll hear the name of soemone who's very special to me.  Can you figure it out?  Listen closely.
  • As Carly hands Sam something wrapped in tinfoil, listen closely again for a reference to one of my previous TV shows.  Listen for a name you might recognize.
  • Another voice-over by me.  Hey, it gives me something to do. ;)
*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins back at Carly's apartment – the double date with Freddie and Spencer.
  • We have the introduction of a brand new breakfast cereal: Fiber Nuts.  Would you eat Fiber Nuts?
  • In the original script, the ceral was called Great Nuts, but the network asked me to change that, because they thought it sounded too much like Grape Nuts, a real cereal.
  • Notice how all the drink bottles have less soda in them than in the last scene?  That shows attention to detail from our prop department.  They always work to keep things as realistic as possible.
*** Scene 10 *** 
Scene begins back at the pageant, with a man in a tux on stage.
  • Of course Sam takes a quick bite of a pork rib just before going on stage to for the question round.  Of course she does.  :)
  • Even Carly likes pork ribs!  I like how she urges Sam to just talk about ending world hunger just before she gnaws on the pork rib.
*** Scene 11 ***
Scene begins back at Carly's apartment – the double date with Freddie and Spencer.
  • The exchange between Freddie and Spencer that goes: "On what planet are there squirtable fruits?" and "A planet I wanna live on!" was not scripted.  I added those lines on stage as we were filming the scene.
*** Scene 12 ***
Scene begins back on the pageant stage, with Leeann playing her saxophone.
  • Pay close attention to the man who plays "Ernie" – he's great in this scene, but wait 'til you see him with Sam in the NEXT scene.  He and Jennette are amazing.  "Ernie's" real name is Lane Napper, one of the nicest, most talented guys ever.  He's an actor, dancer, and choreographer.  Most importantly, you'll be seeing a lot of him as a cool teacher in my new show Victorious.
  • And yet another voice-over by me in this scene.  Don't you hate your own voice when you hear it played back?  I do!
  • Carly's final line in this scene, "Beef or pork?" was not in the script.  I added that line on stage, as we were filming the scene.
*** Scene 13 ***
Scene begins with a man in a tuxedo, introducing Samantha Puckett.
  • I'm not going to say much about this scene here.  Just watch it.  If you already thought Jennette McCurdy was super-talented... just get ready to think it a lot more!
  • I've wanted to do a scene like this ever since we did the iCarly episode  iDream Of Dance.  That's when I first learned of Jennette's dancing skills. 
  • For this dancer number, I was also inspired by Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor from this famous scene, from Singin' In The Rain – check THIS OUT – start it at around the 0:45 second mark.  I showed this scene to Lane and said, "Let's do something like this – something that would make Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor proud if they were alive today."
  • All the dance choreography was done by Lane, the guy Sam dances with.  Go Lane!!!
  • As I mentioned at the beginning of these Fun Facts, NO DANCE DOUBLES WERE USED IN THIS EPISODE!  It's all Jennette and Lane.  Promise! :)
*** Scene 14 ***
Scene begins back at Carly's apartment, with Freddie and Spencer still playing the stupid game.
  • On the shot of Bushwell Plaza, notice the clock at the top of the building.  These are the little touches that make me LOVE my post production department.  Thanks to Joe and the gang!
  • Admit it: After this episode, you're going to play "What Am I?" with your friends.  Admit it! :)
  • Do you know what the French Revolution is?!?  Hmmmm?

And that wraps up the Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes info for iWas A Pageant Girl.  Thank you for watching.  Let me know whatcha think. :)

–Dan :) 

P.S.  My new show Victorious is coming soon!  It stars Victoria Justice, and it will premier on March 27th, right after The Kids' Choice Awards!

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