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Sunday, March 7, 2010

VICTORIOUS Coming Soon!!! iCARLY Goin' Strong!!!

Hey Hobos!

I want to give you updates on a few of things... 

I have a new TV show called Victorious.  It premieres tomorrow (Saturday) night on Nickelodeon, right after the Kids' Choice Awards – Saturday at 9:30 PM.

The show stars VICTORIA JUSTICE.  Here she is...

I first started working with Victoria on Zoey 101, where she played "Lola".

Vic (as we, her friends, call her) is headed for superstardom and Victorious is the next step.  Vic has it all: She's a great actress, dancer, singer, insanely beautiful… and most importantly for Victorious, the girl is flat-out funny.

As most of you who read DanWarp.com know, I love making comedy television.  When people ask me what Victorious will be like (as compared to my other shows), I guess it's closest in "feel" to Drake & Josh and iCarly, because Victorious is a situation-comedy.

Victorious is a show about a girl named Tori who find herself attending a high school for the performing arts.  The school (Hollywood Arts) is an amazing place.  It even looks amazing, mostly because the series was designed by Harry Mattheu, the same super-talented production designer that designed Zoey 101 and iCarly (Harry also worked with us on Drake & Josh). 

Actually, almost the whole staff and crew of Victorious are the same that worked on Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, and still work on iCarly.  Some of them even go back with me as far as All That, Kenan & Kel, and The Amanda Show.  When I find great, talented people I stick with 'em. :)

The cast of Victorious is made up of 6 other teenagers who I spent a year searching for.  One is Leon Thomas, who played "Harper" on the iCarly episode "iCarly Saves TV".  I think the whole Victorious cast will blow you away.  Below, I'll list their names and Twitter names, in case you want to follow them.

And now, about iCarly

Surprisingly, I still get questions from fans asking, "Has iCarly been canceled?"  The answer…

NOOOO!!!  iCarly has NOT been canceled!!! :)

iCarly is going stronger than ever.  If you look a graph of iCarly's ratings from the day the show premiered through today, it's a straight climb upwardsiCarly hasn't even peaked yet.  The show keeps getting more popular, not only in America, but in many other countries, too.

Here are some other questions I've been getting about iCarly:
Is anyone from the cast leaving the show?

Nope.  They're all staying:  Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor.  And you'll still be getting plenty of Noah Munck ("Gibby") too.  And all the other recurring iCarly characters.

How many more seasons of iCarly will there be?

The word "season" can get confusing.  It used to be clearer, back in the day.  Now, the term has become a bit vague.  So, let's look at it this way...

I've made 70 episodes of iCarly.  I'm pretty sure that 63 have already aired.  There are 7 new episodes (one of them a one-hour special) that you haven't seen yet. 

Currently, I've been asked by the network to make at least 26 more episodes.  And there could be more after that!

As far as I'm concerned, as long as the fans want more episodes of iCarly, and as long as the cast wants to keep making them, I'll keep writing and producing them. 

Since you're doing Victorious now, does that mean you're going to leave iCarly?

Nope. 100% absolutely not.  iCarly is like my child.  I created the show from scratch, and I love it.  I've been running the show since the very first episode, and I've never missed one.  I've been on stage with the actors and directors for every scene of every episode.  I have no intention of changing that.

There are producers who create shows, run them for a season or two, and then "hand off" the series to someone else so they can go do other projects.  That's not me.  When I create a new series I don't abandon it.  Because, to me, that's like letting someone else raise your kid.  I can't do it.

But how can you be in charge of iCarly and Victorious at the same time?

Easy.  The shows are not in production at the same time.  We alternate the production cycles.  That way, I'm able to give both shows 100% of my attention.


I think that answers the questions I've been getting asked most often, recently.  If you have another question, just ask it in the comments below.  If you ask a good one, I'll add it to this blog with an answer.

I'm extremely excited about the premier of Victorious.  It will be the SEVENTH show I've made for Nickelodeon – no kidding!  All That… Kenan & Kel… The Amanda Show… Drake & Josh… Zoey 101… iCarlyVictorious.  Sometimes it boggles my mind when I think of the sheer number of script pages I've written since I wrote my very first sketch for All That. 

If you like iCarly and some of the other shows I've made, I feel pretty confident that you'll like Victorious.  I hope you'll watch it and I hope you'll love it. 

And look forward to many new great episodes of iCarly!


Here are the Twitter names of the Victorious stars:

The Show: @Victorious

"Tori" - Victoria Justice: @VictoriaJustice 
"André" - Leon Thomas: @LeonThomas3
"Trina" - Daniella Monet: @DaniellaMonet
"Jade" - Liz Gillies: @LizGillies
"Beck" - Avan Jogia: @ATJogia
"Cat" - Ariana Grande: @ArianaGrande
"Robbie" - Matt Bennett: @MattBennettMB
"Rex" (as himself)

And in case you don't yet follow the iCarly team:

The Show: @iCarly

"Carly" - Miranda Cosgrove: @MirandaBuzz
"Sam" - JennetteMccurdy: @JennetteMccurdy
"Freddie" - Nathan Kress: @BruinDude92
"Spencer" - Jerry Trainor: @JerryTrainor (but he rarely tweets these days)

And me?  I'm @DanWarp :)