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Friday, March 26, 2010


As I'm sure most of you know, Victorious premiered on Saturday night, March 27th, on Nickelodeon.

This first Victorious was watched by 5.7 million viewers, which makes it the most-watched debut ever for a Nickelodeon live-action show.  Nice! :)

The Victorious pilot has re-aired on Nickelodeon since the Saturday night premier, so it's now been seen my many more millions of people.

The pilot also made the Top 10 on iTunes, which is really amazing.  As I write this, it's currently at #6 (of all TV shows).  Thanks to all the fans who made that happen.  It's unusual for a brand new TV show to crack the Top 10 on iTunes.

Saturday, March 27, 2010 will forever hold a special place in my heart.  Because... 

I watched the beautiful, classy Miranda Cosgrove perform a song live for the first time ever.  She did an amazing job.

I watched the incredible cast of iCarly receive their second Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV show.  That's a huge honor for them, and for me.

I listened to Miranda say "I want to say thank you so much to Dan Schneider" as soon as she got up on stage.  I thought it was so incredibly sweet of her to mention me, especially first.  Thank you, Miranda.  I felt like a proud dad watching you up there.  I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being a little teary-eyed watching you, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry, and Noah up there, basking in that moment.

Then I watched the premier of my newest show Victorious, which also gave me that "proud dad" feeling in a huge way.  That show has been nearly two years in the making, with hundreds of people's work poured into it.  So, to see it all come together and just be on television like that... what an amazing feeling.

I got to read endless kind, supportive comments about Victorious from fans.  The outpouring of positive reactions to the show was unbelievable.

I watched 6 relatively new actors (the Victorious cast) have their lives change, literally overnight.  Feeling their excitement and joy is something I can't even explain.  But it's wonderful to be a part of.

I got to witness the launch of a true superstar.  Victoria Justice is going to take over the world some day soon.  And I'm the lucky guy who gets to supply the first few gallons of rocket fuel and light the fuse.  

And if all that doesn't add up to a crazy enough March 27th...

After the Kids' Choice Awards and the premier of Victorious, my wife Lisa (a.k.a. Hungry Girl) and I then went to Perez Hilton's birthday party which was soooo cool!  Perez really knows how to have a good time!  We got to see Leona Lewis sing... and Liza Minelli!  I chatted with Justin Bieber and thanked him for promoting Victorious for us.  I watched Lindsay Lohan shove my wife aside (by accident, but still).  And the party was capped off by Katy Perry riding in on a live elephant and singing.  Not your average party!

So, March 27th, 2010 goes down as a pretty friggin' AMAZING day in my life.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all the fans of iCarly, Victorious, and all the other shows I make.  It's your enthusiasm and support that drives me and makes me want to keep on doing what I do.

Finally, a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Robin Weiner and Joe Catania.  You may or may not know those names, but let me assure you... without them, my TV shows would simply not exist.  Robin and Joe, I love you both. :)

I'll be checking back in here for your feedback and questions about Victorious and anything else you'd like to chat about.  Also, here are some fun links to check out.

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Information about Victorious

And now, I'm going to go sit in a hot tub, then get some rest... until the craziness starts all over again, tomorrow.

Much Luv,