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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Someone Gets a VIDEO CHAT with Victoria Justice!!!

Yesterday, I said on Twitter that if Sunday night's episode of Victorious ("The Birthweek Song") broke into the Top 10 on iTunes, I would arrange a VIDEO CHAT with Victoria Justice for one of my Twitter followers.  Well, we got to #6!  Awesomeness.

The winner of the video chat with Victoria will be the first person to answer the 10 Victorious trivia questions below.

The first person to answer the 10 questions correctly – by commenting below – will get to have a video chat with Victoria some time in the next few weeks – but you must have iChat, or be able to get access to any computer with iChat.  (Okay, if you have to use Skype or Ustream or whatever, I can try to make those work, too.)

Oh, and you have to tell at least 74 people to watch iCarly and Victorious this weekend!  Okay, not really, but it would be nice of you. :)

Good luck!

(1)  On Victorious, what is Tori's father's occupation?

(2)  Which actors from the main Victorious cast have performed on Broadway?

(3)  What is Robbie's grandmother's apartment number?

(4)  What does Andre think the word "chiz" means?

(5)  What is Cat's last name (her character's last name)?

(6)  Robbie used what to decorate his locker at school?

(7)  Besides Victoria Justice, have any other actors from the main Victorious cast appeared on Zoey 101?  If so, who?

(8)  When Tori gave Trina a song on a flash drive, what size was the flash drive (how many gigs)?

(9)  What made Trina's tongue swell up?

(10)  The first time Tori ever saw Sikowitz, who did she think he was?

First person to post all 10 correct answeres below, in comments, WINS!