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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Victorious is VICTORIOUS! :)

April 13, 2010

I gotta say how freakin' proud I am of Victoria Justice, the rest of the cast of Victorious, and our whole staff and crew.  

I wasn't too pumped when I found out that Victorious was going to be on Sunday nights at 8:00 P.M.  For my whole run at Nickelodeon (many years), I've almost always been their "Saturday night guy".  I had hoped Victorious would follow iCarly on Saturday nights at 8:30 PM.

For the past two years, Nickelodeon hasn't put much on Sunday nights other than reruns.  Sundays have belonged (firmly) to Nickelodeon's major competitor.

Victorious premeiered (in its official timeslot) this past Sunday, April 11th, at 8PM.
We just got the ratings, and Victorious is VICTORIOUS!  In head-to-head competition, Victorious got the higher ratings with kids, tweens, and teens.

Victorious is also the #1 show on iTunes, with kids.

Read this from the TOP Hollywood Gossip Specialist, Perez Hilton: CLICK HERE

Oh, and the full Victorious theme song just went up on iTunes: CLICK HERE

Massive congrats to Victoria ("Tori") Justice... Leon ("Andre") Thomas... Daniella ("Trina") Monet... Ariana ("Cat") Grande... Liz ("Jade") Gillies... Matt ("Robbie") Bennett... Avan ("Beck") Jogia... and Eric ("Sikowitz") Lang.  Also to Robin Weiner, Joe Catania, and the entire staff and crew of Victorious.

I'm very proud to see Victorious received so well by the fans.  Be sure to watch the next episode "Stage Fighting" on this coming Sunday night at 8PM.  It's a great episode!

--Dan :)