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Saturday, June 26, 2010

FUN FACTS for "iBeat The Heat" & "Survival Of The Hottest"!!!

by Dan Schneider
iCarly & Victorious Executive Producer/Creator


Today is Saturday, June 26th, 2010.  Why is this day special?  Two reasons: Tonight you get to see AWESOME, BRAND NEW EPISODES of iCarly and Victorious...

...and... are you ready?  Today we celebrate TWO MAJOR BIRTHDAYS: Jennette ("Sam") McCurdy's  and  Ariana ("Cat") Grande's!!!   

Happy Birthday to two of the most talented actors in show biz! :) :) :)

Now, here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about tonight's BRAND NEW EPISODES of iCarly -- "iBeat The Heat" -- and Victorious "Survival Of The Hottest".

iCarly iBeat The Heat airs tonight at 8:00 PM (7 central).

VictoriousSurvival Of The Hottest airs tonight at 9:00 PM (8 central).

If you're an iCarly and/or Victorious super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it a little boring.  But even more important...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)  Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  And please feel free to DISCUSS the episode here below, in the comments.  Okay, here we go....


When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly and/or Victorious about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks!

*** iBeat The Heat ***

This is a unique iCarly episode for many reasons.  One of the most fun things about iBeat The Heat is that you'll see LOTS of special guest stars from previous iCarly episodes – something we've never really done before.

Another thing that makes it unusual is that (I think) this is the first iCarly EVER where we stay in Carly and Spencer's apartment from beginning to end.  But don't worry – I promise it's not boring!  I'd never do that to you (at least not intentionally – haha).

Another cool thing about this episode is that it brings back one of the most popular iCarly guest characters of all time: "Griffin" – who was Carly's "bad boy" boyfriend in the special iDate A Bad Boy episode.  He's back and so are his, um... little friends. :)

And a potential new love interest for Freddie?  How will it turn out?!?  And for those of you who love and root for the Sam & Freddie relationship and, calm yourselves down.  As you must know by now, most iCarly guest stars vanish at the end of an episode.  Will this one?  Hmmm... I guess you'll have to watch and find out.

S P E C I A L   M E S S A G E ! ! !    The writers and I want to know (for both iBeat The Heat and Survival Of The Hottest) what joke or action makes you LAUGH the MOST, for each episode.  We've taken bets as to what your answers will be.  So, please comment below (after you watch the episodes, of course).  On Monday morning, when we get back to work, we'll go through all the comments and see who was right! :)

And now, here's the scene-by-scene breakdown of Fun Facts for iBeat The Heat...

*** Scene 1 *** 
Scene begins in Carly's apartment.  Freddie is on the couch with his Pearbook laptop.  And he's very hot (interpret that however you want, girls!)

• See the silver colored fan that Carly is holding?  And the fan on the table in front of Freddie?  My wife Lisa and I have one exactly like it in my bedroom.  Yikes, my first Fun Fact is really boring.  Okay, I'll try to step up my game....

• I just realized (while writing this) that the thermostat (air-conditioning controller) that Carly is adjusting is a really old-school kind.  So, I'm going to email Harry (our iCarly production designer) and tell him to put a DIGITAL air-conditioning controller in their apartment.  So, you heard it here first, folks: Starting with the iCarly episode iGet Pranky which we film this coming week, look for the new air-conditioning controller on the wall.  Oh man, I've GOT to start typing more interesting stuff here.

• A reference to "Mr. Henning" – do you remember that teacher?  Hint: The actor who played him has also done of lot of writing for iCarly, in real life.

• What Sam does with Carly's piece of orange paper is truly horrible, but if it doesn't make you laugh, then I'm not sure what to do for you. :)

• I love how Miranda (Carly) says "Ew"brilliantly delivered.  Most actors would have done a big "EWWWWWW!" – but Miranda knows how to deliver a line like that perfectly.  Same with her next line, "No thanks."

• You'll hear Sam say "I'm sweatin' like a meatloaf here."  I wrote that line because... one day when I was dating my wife Lisa, visiting her at work, she left her desk for a few minutes.  As soon as she was gone, I went  on her computer and starting instant-messaging everyone on her buddy list: "Help!  I'm sweating like a meatloaf."  When Lisa returned, she wasn't thrilled with my actions, but she laughed.  P.S. To the best of my knowledge, meatloaves do not actually sweat.  (Don't you just hate the plural of meatloaf?  MeatLOAVES.  Ewww.)

• How 'bout a round of applause for the brilliant people who work on iCarly for the awesome Norwegian air-conditioner!  Pretty awesome, right?  I write things – they MAKE them.  How cool is that?

• You'll love when Freddie says "Tubos Yellos" – but why does Freddie often speak Spanish?  WHY?  (Oh wait, I know.)

• That's not real ice in the bag.  Real ice wouldn't last long on a set because of the heat.  It would get watery fast.  So, our prop department (Chris and Lynn) get FAKE ICE which is often used for television and movie productions.  Obviously, it never melts.

*** Scene 2 ***
Scene begins in Carly's apartment.  We start close on the Norwegian air-conditioner, and then see Freddie at the kitchen counter, working on his laptop.

• Do you see those yellow tubes?  Those are what you use for REAL portable air-conditioning units.  When I would film Zoey 101 outside in the summer (the exterior scenes), I would be watching the monitors in a tent where it would often get well over 100 degrees.  Not kidding.  So, my production staff got a portable air-conditioner for me so I could watch the scenes (as we filmed), and I'd usually be typing a script at the same time.  To stay cool and keep my brain working, they would set up a yellow tube (just like the ones you see in this iCarly episode) pointed right at my head, only inches away from me!  That's how I made it through the crazy hot summers during filming.

• The writing credit on this episode goes to my good friend Steve Holland (not to be confused with my other good friend "Savage" Steve Holland).  Steve is a great writer who's currently working on The Big Bang Theory... with my other good friend, Steve Molaro.  I need to quit hangin' out with so many Steves.

• Haha!  Just after I wrote that last Fun Fact, I see that this episode was DIRECTED by Steve Hoefer.  He's the guy who directs most of my shows.  He directed the pilot of iCarly and the pilot of Victorious.  He was also the guy you'd see on The Amanda Show who would run in at the end of the scenes and yell stuff like "Movin' on!"  He's a great guy.  SIDEBAR FUN FACT: Steve Hoefer was offered the job of directing Saturday Night Live, but chose to stay in L.A. and keep working with the Schneider's Bakery team because he loves us and we love him!  SIDEBAR FACT #2:  His last name is pronounced "Hayfer" which is where I got the name for the teacher on Drake & Josh who hates Drake: "Mrs. Hayfer".

• When Freddie picks up his phone, watch the Pear on the back LIGHT UP.  Cool huh?  That is attention to detail. :)

• I can't believe I've been working on these Fun Facts for an hour and I'm not even through the 2nd scene yet.  That wasn't really a Fun Fact, just a comment from me.  I'm going to get myself some lemonade now – brb.

• Okay.  I'm back with some lemonade.  Next Fun Fact...

• I love how Nathan (Freddie) delivers his line, "Yeah, that'll happen."  Awesomely subtle delivery.  I put that line in the script for "Freddie" because I say the same thing all the time in real life, whenever someone asks me to do something that there's NO CHANCE I'd do.

• And here comes an recurring character that all iCarly fans love A LOT... the one and only... MRS. BENSON played by Mary Scheer.  We love her at iCarly!

• It wasn't scripted for Mrs. Benson to call Carly a "dummy" – I added that on stage while we were filming the scene.

• Acting isn't always easy, but Jerry Trainor makes it LOOK easy.  If you think you can do it, try to say this line he says in this scene (as fast as he says it): "It is a fifteen kilowatt liquid propane generator with a nine hundred and ninety-three cc pro-guard thirty-five horsepower v-twin engine yeah I said all that."  If you can do it as well and as fast as he does, send me a video of you doing it at DanWarp@gmail.com – good luck.

• And ANOTHER one of the all-time-fave iCarly recurring characters: LEWBERT, played by the incredible Jeremy Rowley.  I love the very awkward scene between him and Mrs. Benson, in the hallway.  Remember the episode iHurt Lewbert?  Well, now it's time for some fun awkwardness between them.  I first saw Jeremy perform at the Groundlings (an improvisational theater) in Los Angeles, and first hired him for The Amanda Show where he played "Little Crazy Hat Man."  Oh, the memories. :)

• Well, if it wasn't enough for you that Lewbert has an eternal wart, now... there's a new body sore for you.  And thankfully (as Lewbert points out at the end of this scene)... "It never heals."  

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins upstairs in the iCarly studio, as Sam enters, followed by Freddie and Carly.

• Come on... what other TV show would have characters talking about putting yogurt on a never-healing foot sore?  Only available at Schneider's Bakery. :)

• For those of you who loved how Sam said "Why you so stoooopid?" to Freddie in iSpace Out, there's a little surprise for you in this scene.

• And here comes Sabrina.  Guess what?  She has also appeared in a previous episode of iCarly.  Do you know which one?  Only the iCarly super-fans will know this one!

*** Scene 4 ***

Scene begins in Carly's apartment with Lewbert on the couch, putting his shoe on, and Mrs. Benson bringing some elderly people inside.

• Another poem from Mrs. Benson.  When we made the episode iSaved Your Life, I think that was the first time I wrote an insane poem for Mrs. Benson.  If I remember right, it went: "Posy dee, posy doo, I don't want posies in my house!"  I don't know why I wrote that, but the way Mary ("Mrs. Benson") performed it made me laugh hard.  So, I've decided to write her more insane poems.  I love how she delivers them in such an angry way.  The one in this scene, about heat and the elderly, is quite bizarre and fun.  I hope you like it (even though Spencer finds it creepy, which he tells her).

• As you'll see, Freddie educates Carly by telling her that "angina" is a word that means "chest pains".  Although I often make up things like that on my shows, in this case, that definition is correct.  CLICK HERE for proof!

• Ahhhh!  Chuck is back!  I don't think I have to tell you that this probably means bad news for Spencer. ;)

• Chuck's super- pretty older SISTER?  Who knew?

• I love the LOOK Chuck gives Spencer right after he says "Uh-huh".  Kills me.

• Sam's line "Yeah... get it good old man" is really funny.  I think it came from writer Jake Farrow (who played "Gavin" on Drake & Josh).  Such a funny line, and so expertly delivered by the awesome Jennette McCurdy!  P.S. If the line came from another iCarly writer (not Jake), I apologize!  Don't be mad at me, please!  (I'm pretty sure it was Jake's line.)

• And it's Marty Klemish – another Bushwell resident.  His first appearance was in iEnrage Gibby.  He was the man who consoled Carly about Spencer's "death" (of course, Spencer was only reported to be dead).

• And look!  It's Dr. Dresdin – the odd doctor who gave Spencer questionable allergy medication in iFight Shelby Marx.  This episode, iBeat The Heat, is starting to feel almost like a family reunion, isn't it?

• I just realized while watching this episode that Spencer never wipes the cupcake goo off his face (until the commercial break).  What is WRONG  with Spencer?!?


*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins in Carly's apparent which is now VERY crowded (almost 50 people, according to Spencer).

• ARE YOU READY?  Hiya, GRIFFIN!  Yep.  Carly's Pee-Wee lovin' bad boy is back.  Calm down, ladies. :)

• Uh-oh.  A private talk between Carly and Griffin in the hallway?  Is he going to try to KISS Carly again?  Hint: MAYBE.  Okay, that wasn't really a hint.  But hey, I don't get paid to write these Fun Facts,


• Chuck references "Camp Addemup" – do you know which iCarly episode THAT reference is from?  DO YA?  Comment below if you do.  Or even if you don't.  See?  I'm easy.

• I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the pure randomness of Spencer asking Chuck's sister, "Do you like soccer?" – and his smile right afterwards.

*** Scene 6 *** 
Scene begins in the iCarly studio with Carly walking in to find more people.

• As you can see, Sam is (again) drinking a bottle of cream soda.  If you watch iCarly a lot, you know that she often drinks cream soda out of the bottle.  When I first came up with this trait for Sam (in season one of iCarly), I wrote "root beer".  But when I saw it on camera, I felt it looked too much like Sam was drinking an actual BEER (because root beer bottles are so dark, like beer bottles).  So, I had Chris, our prop master, bring us all different kinds of root beer bottles, but every one we tried looked too much like Sam was holding a real BEER bottle in her hand.  That's why I decided to switch to the lighter colored cream soda, because I wanted t make sure that no kids thought Sam was drinking beer.

"Walk and rub... just walk and rub" –Samantha Puckett

*** Scene 7  ***  

Scene begins in Carly's apartment with Carly coming downstairs to talk to Spencer about the air-conditioner.

• I love how Miranda ("Carly") says, "This place is full of elderlies!"  As you've probably noticed, we iCarly writers enjoy taking the English language and sort of twisting it... creating odd but fun dialogue that no one would probably really say in real life.

• Poor, poor Peter Penguin.  No Penguin deserves to be squashed by the butt of an "elderly".

• Listen closely for a reference to the classic TV sitcom Happy Days.  Let me know if you catch it!  (Comment below.)

• Check out the conversation between Lewbert and Mrs. Benson about what happened in the episode iHurt Lewbert.

• Let me know if you ever hear of another TV show in which you hear the line, "You popped my wart!"  But what I might love even more is the line that Mary Scheer ("Mrs. Benson") AD-LIBBED right after it, when she said, "Grow a new one!"  I never even noticed she said that until I got into editing.  Mary is so funny!

• One thing we call all learn from this episode: If you're a guy, never let Chuck get near you with a rolled up magazine.  N E V E R.  You've been warned, guys.

• When everyone runs out in the middle of Carly's speech, you hear someone yell "Stupid speech!"  That's me. :)

• I don't want to spoil the ending of this episode, so I'll just say that it involves Carly's Utopian society model.  When you see it, I think you'll find it very funny – whether you've ever seen a Godzilla movie or not.  But if you have seen a Godzilla movie, you'll find it even funnier.  If you're a kid or teenager, ask your parents. :)


And THAT, my friends, wraps up the Fun Facts for the iCarly episode iBeat The Heat.  It's 2:29 AM now and I must sleep.  But I'm going to write the Fun Facts for the Victorious episode Survival of the Hottest as soon as I can, so please check back here for those!!!  And you can find out SOME things about the Victorious episode RIGHT NOW by CLICKING HERE.

AND you can see PROMOS for BOTH EPISODES right now, too (below)...

As always, thank you so much for watching.  Without you fans, we'd all be out of work and we know it!  Anyway, let me know what you think of the shows after you watch them.  Please comment below!!!
–Dan :)

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