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Friday, June 18, 2010

"iBeat The Heat" & "Survival Of The Hottest" - SATURDAY!

Two A-MAZING episodes of iCarly and Victorious are coming your way TONIGHT (SATURDAY)!!!

The iCarly episode is called iBeat The Heat (on at 8:00 PM)

The Victorious episode is called Survival Of The Hottest (on at 9:00 PM)

I can almost promise that these will be two of your fave iCarly and Victorious episodes EVER.

Both episodes are very special in their own way.  I'll explain why, but first, PLEASE HELP THE ME AND THE OTHER WRITERS OF iCARLY AND VICTORIOUS SETLLE A BET! :) 

We (the writers) got together yesterday and started debating which, SO FAR, have been the FUNNIEST episodes of iCarly and Victorious ever -- it was an intense debate!  (Doritos were thrown.)  Anyway, we now want to know what YOU, the fans, think are the funniest episodes of iCarly and Victorious that have aired so far.  Not the "best" -- the FUNNIEST -- the ones that made you LAUGH the most.  Let us know by commenting below!  Okay, now... let's talk about the new episodes that air tomorrow night...

iBeat The Heat is unique because you're going to see MANY GUEST STARS from PREVIOUS iCarly episodes.  These include:

"Griffin" – Carly's bad boy (ex-boyfriend) who's obsessed with Pee Wee Babies.

"Dr. Dresdin" the doctor from iFight Shelby Marx who gave Spencer allergy medications that caused bizarre, random side effects.

"Marty Klemish" the Bushwell neighbor from "iEnrage Gibby" who hugs Carly, consoling her about Spencer's death (of course, Spencer was only reported to be dead).

"Chuck" – the evil 6th grade boy who lives in Bushwell Plaza and constantly torments Spencer.

And even both Lewbert and Mrs. Benson!  You get to see them deal with their awkward breakup that happened in "iHurt Lewbert".  Fun stuff!

And you get to meet a NEW GIRL named SABRINA who Freddie has a little crush on. :)
      iBeat The Heat is a very funny iCarly episode that I think you'll love.  And the cherry on top are the great past iCarly guest characters who make it all extra fun.
      Survival Of The Hottest is (maybe) my favorite Victorious episode so far.  I showed it to my wife Lisa, and I've never seen her laugh harder at any of my shows, ever!

      That's why I'm so excited for you to see
      Survival Of The Hottest – just because of the episode's pure comedy horsepower.  Victoria and the rest of the cast are SMOKIN' HILARIOUS in it.  And you'll get to see: Sinjin almost drown… Cat with some super-hot guys… a little tribute to the movie Ghost... Robbie drinking filthy fish tank water… Jade having a nervous breakdown… a FIGHT between Tori and Trina… and tons more.  Oh, and you get to see Robbie throw up... ya know, if you're into that kinda thing. ;)

      Here are promos for BOTH EPISODES!

      Okay, I gotta run now, but FUN FACTS and PICS from both episodes will come shortly – so please check back here soon!

      And please tell 17 of your closest friends to watch iCarly and Victorious tomorrow (Saturday) night!  I don't want anyone to miss these 2 great new episosdes!  Thanks. :)

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      P.S. Here are FOUR VIDEOS you might enjoy: 

      http://bit.ly/aM23xb (Ariana "Cat" records audio for the episode)