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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool New Article by CHUCK BARNEY

Hey hobos!  Dan Schneider here.  I'm posting excerpts here from a new article (June 25, 2010) by reporter Chuck Barney of the Contra Costa Times.  I really enjoyed talking with Chuck.  Great guy!  You can read his entire article by clicking here.

The title of Chuck's article is "Some parents not ashamed to admit they like tweet TV shows".

Chuck's writes about how shows (including iCarly and Victorious), which are mainly aimed at kids, have become more of a FAMILY viewing experience.  I totally agree with Chuck, because I hear from people age 18 to 80 all the time that they watch iCarly and Victorious and really enjoy them.

Chuck intervied a woman named Karen Moss (a parent) who said...

[Karen] sat down to watch an episode of Nickelodeon's tween series, "iCarly." Much to her surprise, she didn't feel the urge to run screaming from the room.

Now, Moss is a loyal devotee of the show starring Miranda Cosgrove as a girl with her own webcast. Even when Sara is off at a slumber party or otherwise engaged, she'll occasionally check out "iCarly" on her own. And, yes, she's not ashamed to admit that her iPod contains a few episodes.

"It's funny and smart, and safe without being cheesy," Moss says. "I really enjoy it. Does that make me pathetic?"

I don't think it makes her pathetic at all!  That's why I wrote THIS BLOG MYSELF (read it later, if you want).  

Chuck's article went on to say...

According to Nielsen, "iCarly" is one of several current TV shows aimed at tweens (kids 8-13), but also watched by people who don't wear braces or use Clearasil. An "iCarly" special earlier this year ("iSaved Your Life") drew a remarkable audience of 12.4 million, 2.7 million of whom were adults ages 18-49. Even "Glee" star Jane Lynch is a fan, giving the show a recent shout-out while reciting her wedding vows.

That's true!  We were all excited when we read that Jane Lynch is a fan of iCarly – we're fans of her, too!!!

Chuck's article went on to mention me (which was very nice of him).  He wrote...

This kind of "iCarly" love among grown-ups is not a news flash to creator and executive producer Dan Schneider. He says he routinely hears from "older teens, college kids, parents and grandparents" who enjoy the show and are "incredulous" that they do. He insists they shouldn't be.
"I've said from the start that I'm not going to write kiddie sitcoms. I write what I like and just adapt (to the genre)," Schneider says. "So it's interesting to me when adults watch our show and suddenly find themselves saying, 'This doesn't suck.'"

My other favorite parts of Chuck's article said this: 

"It's kind of a new and refreshing trend," says Dana Ewing, senior strategic planner for The Geppetto Group, a New York-based youth marketing firm. "It's a move back to the all-family type programming that the (broadcast) networks, for some reason, abandoned. These kinds of shows come with themes that are relatable and relevant to more than just the kids."

For Moss, "iCarly" has fulfilled that mission. A web designer, she appreciates the fact that Cosgrove's character is tech-savvy. But what she really embraces are the "positive messages" the series imparts to her daughter.

"It shows that girls can be funny and smart and leaders, too," she says. "It's not just about shopping and boys and the way you look. Carly is no bimbo."

Read Chuck Barney's TV blog at http://blogs.mercurynews.com/aei/category/tv and follow him at http://twitter.com/chuckbarney.