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Thursday, July 1, 2010

iCarly To Reveal SAM'S MOM!!!

Hey hobos!  I've wanted to tell you this cool news for a while, but I couldn't until it was official.  Now it is!

As you know, there are two iCarly characters that are mentioned all the time in episodes, but who we never meet: Socko and Sam's Mom.

So far, we've aired 70 episodes of iCarly (and we've filmed 73).  In all those episodes, Sam's mom has been referred to over 57 times!  But the closest we've ever come to seeing her is when she backed her car into the school, right through the wall.  And even then we only saw her car.  Sam's mom's identity remained a mystery.

Well, the mystery is just about over!  Next week we'll be filming a new iCarly episode where we finally reveal Sam's mom, and in a HUGE way.

So, WHO will be PLAYING THE ROLE of Sam's mom?!?  None other than the amazingly fantastic star of Glee who was also awesome in The 40 Year Old Virgin and tons of other stuff... the one-and-only...


Yep, it's offical.  Sam's mom is coming to iCarly, and we're all EXTREMELY LUCKY to have someone as talented as Jane Lynch playing that very important role.

Are you psyched?  We are!  Comment below and tell us what you think!