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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"iCarly" & "30 Rock" = Equal Ratings!

This is interesting...

My friend Perez Hilton just posted this on his website:

Live From New York, 30 Rock Hits Season High! 

NBC is pleased this morning!

Last night, 30 Rock's duo live broadcasts went off without a hitch and the ratings this morning prove that people were all for it!

The show got its highest ratings of the season, drawing in 6.7 million viewers which is up 43% from last week.  

Congrats on an excellent show, Tina Fey! Let's do it again next year!

30 Rock is a great show that is loved by pretty much everyone I know.  But when I saw that it hit a "season high" with 6.7 million viewers, that made me smile… because that's exactly the number of viewers that tuned in for the last episode of iCarly called "iDo".  Here it is, as reported this week on the Programming Insider by my friend Marc Berman:

So, congrats to 30 Rock.  And thanks to all the fans of iCarly (and Victorious) who keep us competitive with the primetime network shows.

(aka @DanWarp)