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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Victorious: U-Stream with "Jade" and "Andre" - FUN

Leon Thomas ("Andre") and 
Liz Gillies ("Jade") do a U-Stream 
on June 29, 2010. Fun to watch!

Oh, and if you like the theme song to
the Fresh Prince of Bel Air then go to
the 14:00 mark :)

And Liz does a pretty intense
Miley impression (singing) at
the 03:30 mark.

You can follow Leon at @LeonThomas3

You can follow Liz at @LizGillies

Monday, June 28, 2010

TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!! Thanks to FOX and all involved!

THANK YOU to FOX, the producers,
and everyone involved with the
2010 Teen Choice Awards!!! :)


Choice TV: Breakout Show
"Life Unexpected"
"Modern Family"
"The Vampire Diaries"

Choice TV Actress: Comedy
Miranda Cosgrove, iCarly
Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory
Selene Gomez, Wizards of Waveryly Place
Demi Lovato, Sonny with a Chance
Lea Michele, Glee

Choice Smile
Miranda Cosgrove
Zac Efron
Victoria Justice
Taylor Lautner
Cory Monteith

Congrats to ALL the nominees!

Make sure you watch the Teen Choice Awards on FOX!

More details to come...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FUN FACTS for "iBeat The Heat" & "Survival Of The Hottest"!!!

by Dan Schneider
iCarly & Victorious Executive Producer/Creator


Today is Saturday, June 26th, 2010.  Why is this day special?  Two reasons: Tonight you get to see AWESOME, BRAND NEW EPISODES of iCarly and Victorious...

...and... are you ready?  Today we celebrate TWO MAJOR BIRTHDAYS: Jennette ("Sam") McCurdy's  and  Ariana ("Cat") Grande's!!!   

Happy Birthday to two of the most talented actors in show biz! :) :) :)

Now, here's all the cool behind-the-scenes scoop about tonight's BRAND NEW EPISODES of iCarly -- "iBeat The Heat" -- and Victorious "Survival Of The Hottest".

iCarly iBeat The Heat airs tonight at 8:00 PM (7 central).

VictoriousSurvival Of The Hottest airs tonight at 9:00 PM (8 central).

If you're an iCarly and/or Victorious super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it a little boring.  But even more important...

DON'T READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH THE EPISODE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SPOILERS!!!!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! :)  Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  And please feel free to DISCUSS the episode here below, in the comments.  Okay, here we go....

Friday, June 18, 2010

"iBeat The Heat" & "Survival Of The Hottest" - SATURDAY!

Two A-MAZING episodes of iCarly and Victorious are coming your way TONIGHT (SATURDAY)!!!

The iCarly episode is called iBeat The Heat (on at 8:00 PM)

The Victorious episode is called Survival Of The Hottest (on at 9:00 PM)

I can almost promise that these will be two of your fave iCarly and Victorious episodes EVER.

Both episodes are very special in their own way.  I'll explain why, but first, PLEASE HELP THE ME AND THE OTHER WRITERS OF iCARLY AND VICTORIOUS SETLLE A BET! :) 

We (the writers) got together yesterday and started debating which, SO FAR, have been the FUNNIEST episodes of iCarly and Victorious ever -- it was an intense debate!  (Doritos were thrown.)  Anyway, we now want to know what YOU, the fans, think are the funniest episodes of iCarly and Victorious that have aired so far.  Not the "best" -- the FUNNIEST -- the ones that made you LAUGH the most.  Let us know by commenting below!  Okay, now... let's talk about the new episodes that air tomorrow night...

iBeat The Heat is unique because you're going to see MANY GUEST STARS from PREVIOUS iCarly episodes.  These include:

"Griffin" – Carly's bad boy (ex-boyfriend) who's obsessed with Pee Wee Babies.

"Dr. Dresdin" the doctor from iFight Shelby Marx who gave Spencer allergy medications that caused bizarre, random side effects.

"Marty Klemish" the Bushwell neighbor from "iEnrage Gibby" who hugs Carly, consoling her about Spencer's death (of course, Spencer was only reported to be dead).

"Chuck" – the evil 6th grade boy who lives in Bushwell Plaza and constantly torments Spencer.

And even both Lewbert and Mrs. Benson!  You get to see them deal with their awkward breakup that happened in "iHurt Lewbert".  Fun stuff!

And you get to meet a NEW GIRL named SABRINA who Freddie has a little crush on. :)
      iBeat The Heat is a very funny iCarly episode that I think you'll love.  And the cherry on top are the great past iCarly guest characters who make it all extra fun.
      Survival Of The Hottest is (maybe) my favorite Victorious episode so far.  I showed it to my wife Lisa, and I've never seen her laugh harder at any of my shows, ever!

      That's why I'm so excited for you to see
      Survival Of The Hottest – just because of the episode's pure comedy horsepower.  Victoria and the rest of the cast are SMOKIN' HILARIOUS in it.  And you'll get to see: Sinjin almost drown… Cat with some super-hot guys… a little tribute to the movie Ghost... Robbie drinking filthy fish tank water… Jade having a nervous breakdown… a FIGHT between Tori and Trina… and tons more.  Oh, and you get to see Robbie throw up... ya know, if you're into that kinda thing. ;)

      Here are promos for BOTH EPISODES!

      Okay, I gotta run now, but FUN FACTS and PICS from both episodes will come shortly – so please check back here soon!

      And please tell 17 of your closest friends to watch iCarly and Victorious tomorrow (Saturday) night!  I don't want anyone to miss these 2 great new episosdes!  Thanks. :)

      DanWarp  –  If you don't follow me on Twitter yet, please CLICK HERE!

      P.S. Here are FOUR VIDEOS you might enjoy: 

      http://bit.ly/aM23xb (Ariana "Cat" records audio for the episode)




      Cool New Article by CHUCK BARNEY

      Hey hobos!  Dan Schneider here.  I'm posting excerpts here from a new article (June 25, 2010) by reporter Chuck Barney of the Contra Costa Times.  I really enjoyed talking with Chuck.  Great guy!  You can read his entire article by clicking here.

      The title of Chuck's article is "Some parents not ashamed to admit they like tweet TV shows".

      Chuck's writes about how shows (including iCarly and Victorious), which are mainly aimed at kids, have become more of a FAMILY viewing experience.  I totally agree with Chuck, because I hear from people age 18 to 80 all the time that they watch iCarly and Victorious and really enjoy them.

      Chuck intervied a woman named Karen Moss (a parent) who said...

      [Karen] sat down to watch an episode of Nickelodeon's tween series, "iCarly." Much to her surprise, she didn't feel the urge to run screaming from the room.

      Now, Moss is a loyal devotee of the show starring Miranda Cosgrove as a girl with her own webcast. Even when Sara is off at a slumber party or otherwise engaged, she'll occasionally check out "iCarly" on her own. And, yes, she's not ashamed to admit that her iPod contains a few episodes.

      "It's funny and smart, and safe without being cheesy," Moss says. "I really enjoy it. Does that make me pathetic?"

      I don't think it makes her pathetic at all!  That's why I wrote THIS BLOG MYSELF (read it later, if you want).  

      Chuck's article went on to say...

      According to Nielsen, "iCarly" is one of several current TV shows aimed at tweens (kids 8-13), but also watched by people who don't wear braces or use Clearasil. An "iCarly" special earlier this year ("iSaved Your Life") drew a remarkable audience of 12.4 million, 2.7 million of whom were adults ages 18-49. Even "Glee" star Jane Lynch is a fan, giving the show a recent shout-out while reciting her wedding vows.

      That's true!  We were all excited when we read that Jane Lynch is a fan of iCarly – we're fans of her, too!!!

      Chuck's article went on to mention me (which was very nice of him).  He wrote...

      This kind of "iCarly" love among grown-ups is not a news flash to creator and executive producer Dan Schneider. He says he routinely hears from "older teens, college kids, parents and grandparents" who enjoy the show and are "incredulous" that they do. He insists they shouldn't be.
      "I've said from the start that I'm not going to write kiddie sitcoms. I write what I like and just adapt (to the genre)," Schneider says. "So it's interesting to me when adults watch our show and suddenly find themselves saying, 'This doesn't suck.'"

      My other favorite parts of Chuck's article said this: 

      "It's kind of a new and refreshing trend," says Dana Ewing, senior strategic planner for The Geppetto Group, a New York-based youth marketing firm. "It's a move back to the all-family type programming that the (broadcast) networks, for some reason, abandoned. These kinds of shows come with themes that are relatable and relevant to more than just the kids."

      For Moss, "iCarly" has fulfilled that mission. A web designer, she appreciates the fact that Cosgrove's character is tech-savvy. But what she really embraces are the "positive messages" the series imparts to her daughter.

      "It shows that girls can be funny and smart and leaders, too," she says. "It's not just about shopping and boys and the way you look. Carly is no bimbo."

      Read Chuck Barney's TV blog at http://blogs.mercurynews.com/aei/category/tv and follow him at http://twitter.com/chuckbarney.

      Thursday, June 17, 2010

      Awesome Victorious Video!!!

      I can almost promise you, you're gonna love this song from Victorious!!!  Just turn up your volume, get ready to smile, and click PLAY below:

      Did ya like it?!?  If so, please send this link to a friend: http://bit.ly/9508jf


      Jennette, Scott, and SAM'S REMOTE! :)

      Here is our friend and super-fan Scott (@SeddieMania) visiting the set of iCarly.  As you can see, he's with Jennette ("Sam") holding Sam's actual remote – the blue remote she's used in almost EVERY EPISODE of iCarly – there's only ONE in the world! :)

      OK Go - Music Video - AMAZING

      The OK Go guys have done it again.  Another amazing video!  Click below:

      And you can follow me @DanWarp <----CLICK IT

      Sunday, June 13, 2010

      HELP! Calling All Fans! VOTE for TITLES!

      Hey hobos!  I have two Victorious episodes coming up soon, and I need to pick the best titles.  Don't worry what the episodes are about.  I just want to know which titles (below) would excite you the most?  That is, which ones would make you psyched to WATCH the episode most?

      Episode #1

      • Sky Chat 
      WiFi In The Sky
      Sky High Video Chat 
      Mile High Video Chat 
      Homework At 30,000 Feet

      Episode #2

      • Survival of the Hottest 
      Tori Gets Hotter 
      None Like It Hot

      Please vote by commenting below!


      Sunday, June 6, 2010

      TONS of Awesome News: iCarly & Victorious

      Wow.  I swear, I feel like taking all the FANS of iCarly and Victorious out to an awesome dinner tonight!  Why? To say a huge THANK YOU for the support you guys have been giving our shows.   

      There's a lot of fantastic news, and here it is...

      This past Friday night, we aired two new episodes: a one-hour special iCarly called iPsycho, and a Victorious episode called Robarazzi.  We got the ratings yesterday, and they were huge.

      Actually, on Friday night we had a feeling the ratings were going to be high, because of Twitter.  While we were all working that night, filming a new episode of iCarly, I noticed that the title iPsycho was trending on Twitter, worldwide.  We were all excited about that.  And then, about a half-hour later, we saw that the name Gibby was also trending on Twitter, worldwide!  

      That's pretty cool, because it means that of the half a billion people who use Twitter around the world, iPsycho and Gibby were among the Top 10 most talked-about subjects.  Not bad for a little show on Nickelodeon.  Check out this screen grab from Friday night:

      And then, just a few minutes later, my friend John in New York texted me that the name "Guppy" (Gibby's super-cute little brother) was trending in New York City!  Check it out:


      And right after iPsycho aired, the attention on Twitter turned to the Victorious episode, Robarazzi.  Tons of buzz and awesome feedback from the fans.

      Then on Saturday morning we got the ratings results!  Here's the information I received in my email:


      Friday night's performance of iCarly's iPsycho drew enormous viewership. The one-hour movie delivered 7.52 million total viewers, making it the most watched entertainment play on cable this quarter, basically matching this year's Kids Choice Awards.

      Across most kid and teen demos, the performance of iPsycho was the highest rated telecast of the year of any telecast (broadcast or cable), with the exception of iCarly's iSaved Your Life and the Super Bowl.

      iPsycho's ratings were nearly FOUR TIMES HIGHER than Nickelodeon's direct competition.

      The Victorious episode Roberazzi – which followed iPsycho – produced stellar ratings, averaging nearly 6 million viewers, the most ever for Victorious, beating the 5.7 million average for the show's premiere. 

      What makes this even more impressive is that Victorious competed head-to-head against a NEW episode of the competition's most popular show.  And Victorious got ratings that were more than double the competitions's ratings, with both kids and teens.  

      And now... iTunes news!

      Saturday morning, both iPsycho and Robarazzi went up on iTunes.  And as of today, both episodes are in the Top 10 of all television shows.  Check out the screen grab:

      In the Kids section of iTunes television, iPsycho and Robarazzi hold the Top 2 spots!


      And in music news on iTunes, the Victorious THEME SONG just reached the 100,000 mark in downloads!  (If you don't yet have the full version of the theme song, you should get it – it's really great!  You can download it by CLICKING HERE.

      Finally, if you're up for one more piece of fun news that happened this week, iCarly was nominated by the Television Critics of America for a TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement In Youth Programming.

      So, once again, a massive THANK YOU to the wonderful FANS of  iCarly and Victorious for giving the Schneider's Bakery team such overwhelming support.  We love making these TV shows for you, and your enthusiasm makes us work even harder to bring you the best, funniest entertainment we can.

      (Creator/Executive Producer: iCarly & Victorious)

      P.S.  Here are some fun links if you're interested in doing some downloading!
      • You can dowload the iCarly one-hour special iPsycho by CLICKING HERE.
      • You can download the Victorious episode Robarazzi by CLICKING HERE.
      • You can download the full Victorious THEME SONG by CLICKING HERE.
      • You can download Jennette McCurdy's new single "Not That Far Away" by CLICKING HERE
      • If you'd like to see Victoria Justice eat her very first sardine, CLICK HERE.
      • And just for pointless randomness, you can see my ridiculous self in a Pepsi commercial by CLICKING HERE :)
      HEY!  If you watched iPsycho and Robarazzi, I want to know the parts that made YOU laugh the most!  Comment below...

        Friday, June 4, 2010

        Tonight! NEW iCarly Special + NEW Victorious!

        It's only hours away!  At 8PM tonight there's a BRAND NEW iCARLY SPECIAL called....

        And immediately following is a BRAND NEW VICTORIOUS called:

        R O B B A R A Z Z I

        I think this is 90 minutes of TV that will make you extremely happy.  If you have any questions or comments, hit me up here by commenting below.

        And as always... THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!


        Thursday, June 3, 2010

        iCarly & Victorious = TOP 2 SHOWS ON CABLE!

        I just saw this online.  Pretty cool!  

        iCarly Scores Basic Cable’s Top Entertainment Telecast for Month with Total Viewers

        Originally Posted: June 2, 2010

        Nickelodeon’s iCarly landed basic cable’s number-one entertainment telecast for the month, averaging 5.4 million total viewers.  The hit series also logged the number-one telecast for the month with kids 2-11 (followed by number-two ranked Victorious), kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14.  Year to date, iCarly is the number-one live-action series with kids 2-11.

        THANKS to the FANS for making iCarly and Victorious the Top 2 shows!!!

        –Dan :)