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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Victoria Justice on AOL Homepage

Surprised and happy to see Victoria Justice 
on the homepage of AOL a few minutes ago.  
Here's a screen cap (in case it's gone by 
the time you get there):

And to see the video, CLICK THIS

You can follow Victoria on Twitter 
– she's @VictoriaJustice

Sunday, August 29, 2010

iCarly: Hilarious VIDEO with Sam & T-Bo!

I have to say, this video of Sam and T-Bo just made me laugh out loud, like 9 times.  Click it below.  I think it will brighten your day. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yo Hobos!  There's a brand new Victorious on TONIGHT!  It's a very unusual episode called Wi-Fi In The Sky.

Feel free to comment and/or discuss the episode here, belowThe cast, the writers, and I will be reading your comments and feedback today (Friday) and through the weekend!

Please enjoy this promo which features our special guest star, Perez Hilton, who makes a really fun cameo appearance in Wi-Fi In The Sky (click below).

And please tell everyone to watch this one!  TONIGHT!  It's really unsual and fun!   

TONIGHT! Friday, August 27, at 8:00 PM (7 central).
–Dan :)

P.S.  Watch "Cat" record a line of dialogue that was used in the actual episode.  
Click play below:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calling on OPINIONS from iCarly fans!!!

Yo Hobos!  The next episode of iCarly will have a totally NEW opening sequence!  By that I mean, the sequence of video clips you see during the opening theme song, "Leave It All To Me".  And we're debating something...

Every time we do a new opening sequence for a new season of iCarly, we change almost all of the video clips.  We always keep the shot (near the end) where Carly tosses her blue cowboy hat up in the air, but we change all the other shots.  EXCEPT...

The last time we changed the opening sequence, I kept the shot where Spencer and the ostrich both "yawn" at the same time.  Here's the shot, to remind you:

Why did I choose to keep that shot in?  Because it's so ridiculously funny and awesome, I couldn't make myself lose it!  It was so amazing when it happened, I kept the shot in, the last time we created a new opening sequence.

But now we're doing a BRAND NEW opening sequence, and we're all debating (here at Schneider's Bakery) whether to, again, keep the Spencer-Ostrich shot, or replace it with a NEW shot.

I want to know what YOU FANS think.  So please comment below.  Thanks!


P.S. Remember: Brand new Victorious on this Friday night at 8PM (7 central)!!!  With special guest star Perez Hilton!!!  It's an AMAZINGLY COOL episode called Wi-Fi In The Sky.  I think you're gonna love it!  Please tweet and Facebook about it a lot, so everyone remembers to watch.  Thanks! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Liz ("Jade") Gillies from @Victorious SINGS AMAZINGLY!

Check out Liz doing some awesome BEATLES singing - just her voice.  

I think you'll love this.  CLICK PLAY!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shocking Pics From My Drive To Work - WARNING

It seemed like a normal day this morning as I drove to the studio to start filming iCarly.  Then, I looked to my right... and saw this shocking vehicle:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Victoria Justice - Teen Choice Awards!

A very popular, cool website just named Victoria Justice the #1 Hottie from the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards!

I apologize to the website for not mentioning their name and URL, but since I produce stuff for Nickelodeon, a lot of kids come here, and the site that named Victoria #1 Hottie is really for older teens and adults. Normally, I would credit the site and mention the URL, but in this case, I felt I shouldn't. If anyone from the site that produced the above material would rather I take this post down, please let me know, and I will immediately!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Liz Gillies SINGS ("Jade" from @Victorious)

If you like Victorious (or even if you don't), I feel pretty positive 
you'll enjoy this short piece of singing awesomeness from Liz:

To follow Liz Gillies on Twitter, CLICK HERE

To follow Victorious, CLICK HERE

To follow me (Dan Schneider) on Twitter, CLICK HERE

To follow Victoria Justice on Twitter, CLICK HERE

Check out the super-cool Victorious website The Slap by CLICKING HERE

Feel free to comment below. :)

iCarly: Gibby's Grandpa, The Barber

If you watched "iGot A Hot Room" then you saw Gibby's Grandpa, played by the wonderful Jack Carter.  Here he is in a shot from that episode:

And HERE he is, many years ago!  Amazing! Watch this...