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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two words: Thank You (from Dan Schneider)

Hello!  It's 2011, and I want to begin this New Year with a special thank you to the fans of iCarly, Victorious, and all the shows/movies my team and I have made in the past.

Everyone at Schneider's Bakery works hard, but none of that hard work would matter if you guys didn't tune in to watch.  We're really proud of our shows, but I think it makes us even more proud that you like them and are always so supportive.

2010 was an incredible year for team Schneider's Bakery.  Because of the fans' support, the following things happened...

iCarly took Nickelodeon to new heights with iSaved Your Life, Nickelodeon's highest-rated, most-watched telecast in the network's history.

Victorious set a ratings record as the most-watched first telecast of any new live-action TV show ever, in the network's history.

The iCarly episode iSaved Your Life was the #1 most-viewed show of 2010 on all of cable television, for all ages.

Currently,  iCarly & Victorious are the Top 2 live-action shows on Nickelodeon, helping Nickelodeon maintain its 16-year staus as the #1 network on all of cable.

In terms of music, I'm proud to say that we ended 2010 (and begin 2011) with the Victorious song Freak The Freak Out still in the Top 40 of all music on iTunes.  Ever since its release (over a month ago), Freak The Freak Out has been Nickelodeon's highest ranked single on iTunes.

We closed the year with the first Victorious movie Freak The Freak Out as the #1 television episode on iTunes kids.  Even though that episode first aired over a month ago, it's remained at the top of that list ever since – something I've never seen happen before.  And there are three iCarly episodes in the Top 10, as you can see here:

In terms of awards, Victorious received two 2010 Teen Choice Award nominations – not bad for a brand new series that only debuted this year.

iCarly received an Emmy nomination, three 2010 Teen Choice Awards, and even a People's Choice Award nomination.  And iCarly won the Kids' Choice Award this year for favorite television show.

We had the pleasure and fun of working with some amazingly talented guest stars like Jack Black, Jane Lynch, and Perez Hilton.  All three of them couldn't have been more nice, professional, and funny.

We experienced the excitement of seeing our shows mentioned in the media by superstars like Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone.

We saw Spaghetti Tacos become a nation-wide craze, mentioned in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and TV shows.

Our websites, iCarly.com and Victorious's TheSlap.com both reached new heights in terms of online popularity.

And there were many more great moments and accomplishments, but I don't want to make this too long.  So, I'll get to my real point here...

None of these wonderful things would have happened in 2010 without the loyal, awesome FANS of these shows.  For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'm insanely lucky that I get to spend my life entertaining people – making people smile, laugh, and feel happy.  That's something I'll never take for granted.

You guys keep watching and laughing, and I promise that team Schneider's Bakery will continue working hard to bring you the best, most fun entertainment we possibly can.

Love & Happy New Year!!!

Dan Schneider :)
(aka DanWarp)