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Thursday, March 17, 2011

FUN FACTS: "iPity The Nevel"

by Dan Schneider
Executive Producer/Creator – iCarly & Victorious

Before I start the FUN FACTS, you can download the episode iPity The Nevel by CLICKING HERE.



Here's all the Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes scoop about iPity The Nevel.

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it boring.  But even more important...


Remember: You can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch the episode.  And please feel free to DISCUSS the episode here below, in the comments.  I definitely read them!  So do the cast and the writers.  Okay, here we go....


When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks!

*** iPity The Nevel ***

As most of you already know, "Nevel Papperman" – played by the brilliant actor, Reed Alexander, is iCarly's #1 evil villain.  Some would call him Carly's arch nemesis.

In the early days of iCarly, one of the writers summed up the Nevel character very well by saying, "He's the Joker to Carly's Batman" – that pretty much says it all.

When the writers and I were working on this episode, iPity The Nevel, we thought it would be interesting to show Nevel "down and out" – and actually in need of Carly, Sam, and Freddie for help.  It's quite a twist when your #1 enemy shows up at your front door, suddenly in desperate need of your help.  That was the seed of the idea for this episode.

We've all seen situations when someone famous (like Nevel) does something really bad, and it's caught on video, and then that video goes viral and wrecks their life.  That happens pretty often these days.  Well, tonight, that's exactly what happens to the little demon, Nevel Papperman.  It's kinda fun when the bad guy gets what he deserves, isn't it? ;)

Also, I really like Spencer's story in this episode.  Well, it's not really a story... which is what makes it a great story.  Yeah, it's confusing, I know.  But I'll explain as I go.

Okay, here we go with the scene by scene Fun Facts...

*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins in Carly's apartment – she's bringing a soda a snack to the counter, where Freddie is working on the computer.

• First, let's talk about Carly's soda in the blue glass.  See the ice?  No you don't!  That's FAKE ice.  On TV shows and in movies, we often use fake ice because it never melts.

• In this scene, Carly tells Gibby she had to cut his "Doctor Lobster" bit because the show was too long.  Coincidentally, there was a section at the end of this first scene where Gibby returns and does some Doctor Lobster comedy – but I had to cut THAT because this episode was too long.

• Remember: SPOILER ALERT!  Okay, now that I said that, do you want to know how Spencer's Egg Shooter bursts into flames?  Hmmmm.  Should I tell you?  I feel like a magician who shouldn't reveal his secrets!  Tell ya what: If you want to know how we made it burst into flames, contact me on Twitter and let me know (@DanWarp).

UPDATE: Well, a lot of you have replied to me on my Twitter account and asked, so here's the answer:

As we shot the scene, we stopped at one point... and then a special-effects man ran a special hose up Jerry's pants leg, into his shirt, and all the way to the actual egg shooter.  Then, the special-effects man watched from off camera and, at just the right time, he hits a button, and that's what makes the flames shoot out.  That's why you don't really see Spencer move his feet much when the egg shooter is on fire. 

Now you know! :)

• You'll see Sam on the computer, going to SplashFace.com.  I always like using that website on iCarly, because I invented it for the very first episode of iCarly (iPilot).

• If you've never heard of bread-and-butter pickles, they're a kind of pickle that not many people eat – but some people love them.  When I hear about bread-and-butter pickles, I think of older people.  They're not big with kids.  Not the coolest pickles in the world. :)

• The little girl that Nevel screams at is played by a little actress named Caitlin Carmichael.  She is AMAZING!  And such a sweet kid.

*** Scene 2 ***
This scene begins with Gibby sitting in a bathtub filled with ice.  That's all I really need to say, right?  Haha.

• As you can see, the writing credit on this episode goes to Matt Fleckenstein, a super funny writer and all-around great guy.  We call him Fleck.  If you want to see the real Fleck in action, CLICK THIS.

• Yep – they're back!  The Cowboy With A Mustache And The Idiot Farm Girl Who Thought The Mustache Was A Squirrel.  Those are two of my favorite characters that Carly and Sam play.  By the way, this scene was the very last scene we shot during the season.  After we wrapped this scene (at about midnight), I went home.  Then, at about 3:00 AM, Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, and Ariana Grande ("Cat" from Victorious) showed up at my house and filled my trees with toilet paper, as I slept peacefully.  I haven't gotten them back yet.  But soon, I will have my revenge!

• Nathan "Freddie" Kress did an awesome job playing a vampire.  He's hilarious.

• The way Carly runs when she plays the Idiot Farm Girl – flailing her arms – kills me.  I love it.

• Look!  It's George, the Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories!  He's voiced by Andrew Hill Newman.  And, for those who care, he's a 34-C.

• "Contoods" is not a word.  I made it up. :)

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins in Carly's apartment.  It's the Karma Party!

•  I wonder if this episode of iCarly will start a trend of people having "Karma parties" – parties where people celebrate the failure of their enemies.  Hmmmm.

• As we first see the party, you'll notice a poster of Nevel with  the words RUE THIS! are written on it.  This is a reference to the very first episode of iCarly that featured Nevel, when he told Carly she'd "rue the day" she upset him.

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins outside in the Seattle streets, late at night.

• The people who design the sets for my shows surprised me in this scene by created the bus bench that says Schneider's Pickles.  Made me laugh.

• We had to do several takes of Nevel getting hit in the face with a bag of fast food from a passing car, before we got the bag to hit Nevel the right way.  But Reed Alexander is a trooper – he never complains!  Then again, it's kind of fun to have a job where you get paid to sit on a park bench late at night and get pelted in the head with bags of fast food, right? :)

• One of my favorite thing about this scene is how the random french fries stay on Nevel's shoulder.

*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins back in Carly's apartment as the last of the kids leave, ending the Karma party.

•  l love how Miranda delivers her line, "Karma again... okay" – she's a funny girl!

• So, in this episode, we learn that Gibby much prefers liquid soap to bar soap.  How about you?

• As I watched this scene (while typing these Fun Facts), it occurred to me that this moment, where Gibby talks about soap, is where we got the shot (below) of Noah Munck for the opening theme song...

...but as you'll notice, this moment was not shown in this episode.


*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins with Nevel, all tied up (hands & feet) on Carly's couch.

• When Gibby says, "This pudding rocks" – it's one of the funniest moments in this episode.  You'll have to see it to understand why it's so funny (it's because of what Nevel says before the line).  Anyway, I think it will make you laugh out loud.

• Reed ("Nevel") Alexander did some excellent acting in this episode, especially in this scene.  You get to see a side of Nevel we've never seen before.  Great work by Reed.

• Okay, this is kind of cool.  In the middle of this scene, out of nowhere, Gibby says, "I'm gonna go to the store across the street and get some more of this pudding".  It plays really funny (because it comes out of nowhere)... but it was not in the script.  I'll explain why it happens...

Noah Munck, who plays "Gibby", is under 18 years old.  That means we are only allowed a specific number of hours that we can have him work.

As we were shooting this scene, the clock was ticking.  The rules say we must finish with Noah by a certain time, and we take those rules very seriously.

Well, as we were filming this scene, we were running out of time on Noah.  We had to let him go, but we had not yet finished filming the scene.  So, to make sure we followed the rules, I did a quick re-write of the scene.  I wrote the Gibby line "I'm gonna go to the store across the street and get some more of this pudding" because it let us "exit Gibby" from the scene.  I think he only had one or two more lines after that point, which I gave to to either Miranda, Jennette, or Nathan.

So now, you know why Gibby abruptly leaves in the middle of this scene.  And actually, it's pretty funny that he does, so everyone wins!  (Winning!)

•  How much would you have to be paid for you to drink some stranger's fruit punch from Sam's sweaty sneaker?

• I love how Nathan delivers his line, "Then drink from the shoe" – it's delightfully creepy and really funny.

*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins at the Groovy Smoothie with Carly and Sam go over some notes, and later continues in Carly's apartment.

• In this scene, Nevel gives out small baggies full of creamed corn.  Originally, it was supposed to be creamed spinach.  But when I saw the baggies of creamed spinach on camera, I worried they looked... um... illegal.  So I changed creamed spinach to creamed corn. :)

• You know how almost everyone on iCarly uses Pear computers?  But notice how Nevel doesn't have a Pear laptop?  Why?  Because only GOOD, NICE people get to use the Pear computers.  Evil characters use other computers.  Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

• Okay, we need to talk about what Spencer is doing in this scene, because everyone who works on iCarly loves this Spencer story.  Or maybe I should say lack of Spencer story.  I'll explain...

As we were writing this episode, we (the writers and I) realized that we had very little for "Spencer" to do.  It was a problem, because I always like to give Jerry Trainer really fun stuff to play in every episode of iCarly.

That gave me an idea: What if the running joke in this episode is that Spencer has nothing to do?  What if he feels left out and useless?  That made us all laugh (especially Jerry), so that's what we gave him in this episode.  His whole "story" is that he has no story.  I just have Spencer sitting there in this scene, counting screws (for no reason), complaining that he has nothing to do.  It's pretty hilarious because Jerry plays it so funny, and because it's based in the reality that we gave Jerry no real story in this episode. 

• One of my favorite lines in this episode is when Spencer says "What's up with these antics?"  As some of you know, a lot of what I do in my shows is poke fun at television a little bit.  That's because I love TV, but I also like to make fun of it sometimes.  That's exactly what the line "What's up with these antics?" is doing – gently mocking TV comedy.

*** Scene 8 ***
This scene begins in the iCarly studio, with Carly and Sam making Gibby stick his finger in a vicious fish's fish bowl.

• That's actually a friendly fish.  He doesn't bite.  But he appears to bite Gibby's finger – that's a digital effect.  Looks real, huh?

• And finally, we learn Nevel's MIDDLE name.  We've always known he was Nevel Papperman.  But now we know his FULL name.  If you want to know, just use your mouse or trackpad to highlight his name below, and his MIDDLE name will appear:

Nevel Amadeus Papperman

• Nevel's apology is actually very touching.  Again, excellent acting by the awesome Reed Alexander.

• And once again, Spencer appears... with nothing to do.  Jerry is so dang funny.  I love how he just stands there with his "I got nothing to do" expression.

*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins back at the Groovy Smoothie – Freddie sits at a table talking to a pretty girl. 

• When my wife Lisa watched this episode with me last night, she GASPED (in a good way) when she saw Gibby as a werewolf.  Hahaha. :)

• If you're wondering why (after Gibby leaves with the girl) Freddie pours salt into his hand and licks it, you'll have to ask Nathan Kress.  It was not in the script for him to do that – he just did it.  I left it in the show because I thought it was random and funny.

• Notice that Nevel doesn't get a Pear phone, either.  That's because he's a mean character... and only nice characters get Pear products. :)

• So, does this episode mean that Nevel will no longer be iCarly's #1 enemy?  What do you think?  Will Nevel become a friend to iCarly?  Or do you think Nevel will always be determined to bring iCarly down?

•  "Buttocks" is just a silly word, don't you think? :)


And that wraps up the Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes info for iPity The Nevel.   I hope you love the episode!  Please let me know what you think.  And I always like to hear what part of the show made you laugh the most.  Please comment below.  :)

Luv and Spaghetti Tacos,
Dan :)

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