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Saturday, March 26, 2011

iOMG! THANK YOU iCarly FANS for the KCA Award!!!

Holy chiz!  I gotta tell ya… when I first started writing the pilot script for iCarly, I never knew how great the response from the fans would be.  I felt we had a good show, but I never expected iCarly to win Favorite TV Show back in 2009.  We all felt so grateful for the love and support from the fans.

Then, I was surprised again when iCarly won the following year (2010), making it the Favorite TV show two years in a row.

And yesterday, iCarly was again voted Favorite TV Show for its THIRD consecutive year – a 3PEAT! 

I don't know what else to say other than THANK YOU to the FANS of iCarly who love the show and keep showing us your enthusiasm, year after year.

We would have felt honored to win Favorite TV show once.  Twice was amazing.  But THREE times in a row?  Unreal. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We start production on NEW episodes of iCarly in about a month, and we promise to continue working our butts off to make all the episodes as crazy, funny, and entertaining as you expect.  The fans deserve our very best!!!

Also, I'm honored that iCarly was nominated with three other great shows this year -- Wizards, BTR, and Suite Life -- their fans are awesome, too!!!  Congrats to the stars & writers of those shows for their success and nominations.

And HEY!  SUPER-HUGE CONGRATS to Jennette McCurdy who won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV sidekick!!!  That girl is a brilliant performer about 9 different ways, and certainly deserves the recognition.

I also want to say how touched I was during Kids' Choice when both Miranda and Jennette gave me very nice shout-outs.  I felt really proud (and so did my mom who was watching at home).

And how amazing did Miranda look at the KCAs!  I love that kid!  Six years ago, who would've though that little "Megan" from Drake & Josh could be the STAR of a show that would win fans' votes for Favorite TV Show, three years in a row?!?  Miranda rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, soon I'll talk about iOMG – the next episode of iCarly – which airs this coming Saturday night (April 9th).  But first, a few words about Victorious...

When I got home last night, I went online and saw SO MANY NICE COMMENTS about the new episode of Victorious called Beggin' On Your Knees, which premiered right after the KCAs.

I'm psyched that so many of you liked the new opening credits... and the new Pear Phone... and the new song Beggin' On Your Knees.  The fans' response has been incredible.

If you'd like, you can download the song by CLICKING HERE :)

And you can download the actual episode by CLICKING HERE (it contains a smokin' performance of the song by Victoria – a must-see, IMO).

To preview the song, and see the full music video, watch the video below:

And now...

This coming Saturday night (April 9th) is the premier of iOMG – an iCarly episode that will rock iCarly fans around the world.  The promos are not just teasing you.  Some fans might think it's the most shocking, best iCarly episode ever.  I can promise you, it will take your breath away – in a good way (I hope)!  And YES, I will do Fun Facts for iOMG :)  I think I will post them on Monday or Tuesday.

To see a preview of iOMG, watch this video below:

And coming on June 10th… are you sitting down?  You should be, because this is HUGE:  It's the full EPIC iCARLY-VICTORIOUS CROSSOVER EVENT called iParty With Victorious.  It premiers on Friday, June 10th.  It's a mash-up of iCarly and Victorious… and also in the mash is my good bud from All That (and now Saturday Night Live), the insanely hilarious Sir Kenan Thompson! 

To see a little preview of iParty With Victorious, watch the video below:

Remember: To keep up with all the news about this stuff, follow me on Twitter – I'm @DanWarp.  You should also follow @iCarly and @Victorious for updates and info.

Dan Schneider
(aka @DanWarp)