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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yo-ho!  As most of you know, I'm giving away 3 show props to some fans who watched iParty With Victorious and then correctly answered 7 questions about the show.  Thousands of people guessed (writing in to us at DanWarp@gmail.com), but fewer than 50 people got the answers right to all 7 questions.

Here are the questions and the correct answers:

Question #1: In iParty With Victorious, two characters mention "soup" – which two characters? 

Answer:  Cat and Jade  (Cat says it from her talking headband, at school, right after Lane walks away.  Jade says it at the party when talking about being in a jacuzzi.)

Question #2: What popular TV show from the 1970's is loosely referenced?

Answer:  Lavern & Shirley – we also accepted The Muppet Show since Sam rapped the line "You look more like a rejected muppet"  (After Rex raps against Sam, he says "Your turn Laverne" – and Sam responds "Back up Shirley)

Question #3: There were references to two TV shows I've produced in the past.  What two shows? 

Answer:  All That and Drake & Josh  (Kenan says that "half the cast of the original All That" have asked him for money.  And Gibby wears a Drake & Josh hat to the party)

A few people guessed Kenan & Kel, but that show was never mentioned in iParty With Victorious.  Yes, Kenan Thompson guest starred, but the show Kenan & Kel was never referenced) 

Question #4: Two characters are wearing shirts with peace signs on them.  Which two characters? 

Answer:  Carly and Mabel  (Carly wears one to the party, as does the little girl that Trina brought, whose name was Mabel) 

Question #5: There are 3 websites mentioned in iParty With Victorious (ending in "dot com").  What are the 3 websites?
Answer:   iCarly.com – TheSlap.com – TweenPants.com  (Those are the only 3 websites mentioned or shown)

Question #6: If you watch ALL of iParty With Victorious, you'll see two of the characters holding corn dogs.  Which two characters? 

Answer:  Beck and Jade  (This was a tough one!  You can see Beck and Jade holding corn dogs in their hands during the opening theme song)

Question #7: How many followers does Rex have? 

Answer:  68,143  (Another tough question.  But you can clearly see this number of followers on the computer screen when Sam is researching Steven on TheSlap.com)

Those are the 7 correct answers!  In a few days, all the people who emailed those answers to DanWarp@gmail.com will have a chance at winning one of the 3 props, which you can see by CLICKING HERE. 

Your Pal,
–Dan (aka DanWarp)