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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

iCarly: iLost My Mind - FUN FACTS COMING!!!

Yo-dee-ho!  It's 6:20am in Hollywood and I'm sitting here with my laptop, just finishing up my work on the new opening for the new season of iCarly.  (By "opening" I mean the video clips that go along with the theme song.) 

As most of you know, this Saturday night (August 13th) is the premiere of the NEW episode iLost My Mind, which is sort of a "sequel" to iOMG, the episode that ended with the shocking Sam-kisses-Freddie moment.

iLost My Mind picks up where iOMG left off.  I think it will blow your guys' minds in a very good way.  And... it guest stars two-time Emmy Award winning actor Jim Parsons, the star of The Big Bang Theory – he's hilarious in  iLost My Mind.

I will be posting Fun Facts right here in the next day or two.  Until then, feel free to post your comments, questions, etc. about  iLost My Mind (or anything about iCarly or Victorious) right here in the comments, below.

FUN FACTS about iLost My Mind coming shortly...


--Dan (a.k.a. DanWarp)