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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guy BARELY Avoids Being Hit By Train!!!

Watch this guy just BARELY avoid being hit by a train!!!  (Oh, and be sure to watch the iCarly "sequel" to iOMG in a few weeks – it's called iLost My Mind.)

Your Pal,

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Yo-ho!  As most of you know, I'm giving away 3 show props to some fans who watched iParty With Victorious and then correctly answered 7 questions about the show.  Thousands of people guessed (writing in to us at DanWarp@gmail.com), but fewer than 50 people got the answers right to all 7 questions.

Here are the questions and the correct answers:

Question #1: In iParty With Victorious, two characters mention "soup" – which two characters? 

Answer:  Cat and Jade  (Cat says it from her talking headband, at school, right after Lane walks away.  Jade says it at the party when talking about being in a jacuzzi.)

Question #2: What popular TV show from the 1970's is loosely referenced?

Answer:  Lavern & Shirley – we also accepted The Muppet Show since Sam rapped the line "You look more like a rejected muppet"  (After Rex raps against Sam, he says "Your turn Laverne" – and Sam responds "Back up Shirley)

Question #3: There were references to two TV shows I've produced in the past.  What two shows? 

Answer:  All That and Drake & Josh  (Kenan says that "half the cast of the original All That" have asked him for money.  And Gibby wears a Drake & Josh hat to the party)

A few people guessed Kenan & Kel, but that show was never mentioned in iParty With Victorious.  Yes, Kenan Thompson guest starred, but the show Kenan & Kel was never referenced) 

Question #4: Two characters are wearing shirts with peace signs on them.  Which two characters? 

Answer:  Carly and Mabel  (Carly wears one to the party, as does the little girl that Trina brought, whose name was Mabel) 

Question #5: There are 3 websites mentioned in iParty With Victorious (ending in "dot com").  What are the 3 websites?
Answer:   iCarly.com – TheSlap.com – TweenPants.com  (Those are the only 3 websites mentioned or shown)

Question #6: If you watch ALL of iParty With Victorious, you'll see two of the characters holding corn dogs.  Which two characters? 

Answer:  Beck and Jade  (This was a tough one!  You can see Beck and Jade holding corn dogs in their hands during the opening theme song)

Question #7: How many followers does Rex have? 

Answer:  68,143  (Another tough question.  But you can clearly see this number of followers on the computer screen when Sam is researching Steven on TheSlap.com)

Those are the 7 correct answers!  In a few days, all the people who emailed those answers to DanWarp@gmail.com will have a chance at winning one of the 3 props, which you can see by CLICKING HERE. 

Your Pal,
–Dan (aka DanWarp)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

#iPartyWithVictorious - Discussion & Comments!

TONIGHT (June 11, 2011 @ 8:00pm) is the premiere of iParty With Victorious.  It stars the entire casts of iCarly and Victorious, and it's going to be an epic television event.

To all fans, THIS is a place where you can discuss iParty With Victorious, ask questions, share info, and all that kinda fun stuff.  The stars, producers, writers, and I will come here and check out what you guys have to say/ask.

Post your comments and questions below.  Be nice please!  And we all hope you LOVE iParty With Victorious!!!


The iCarly-Victorious MASH-UP (of the shows' two theme songs) is already up!  You can DOWNLOAD IT by CLICKING HERE.

Now, here are some other links that might interest you:

#iPartyWithVictorious prop give-awayCLICK HERE

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To learn more about the new iCarly episodes coming soonCLICK HERE

To get an actual prop from #iPartyWithVictoriousCLICK HERE

Finally, if you have a Twitter account, please go to Twitter and tweet this: #iPartyWithVictorious - ReTWEEEEET!

Thanks!!!  Luv you guys!!!

Your Pal,
Dan (aka DanWarp)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

PROP GIVE-AWAY!!! iParty With Victorious :)

Yoho!  The huge iCarly-Victorious crossover special called iParty With Victorious first aired last night on Nickelodeon.

To celebrate this epic television event, I want to do something cool for the awesome FANS who loyally support both shows. :)

I decided it would be fun to give away THREE PROPS that were used in the actual filming of iParty With Victorious!

Here are the 3 props I will be giving away...

#1One of the two radios that Spencer (Jerry Trainor) is holding during the whole first scene of the show: 

#2The "talking headband" that Cat (Ariana Grande) wears in almost the whole show:

#3 – The actual charm bracelet that is given to Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) by her new boyfriend, that she wears in almost the whole show:

Those are actual props that you can see in iParty With Victorious.

Now, you're probably asking, "How do I get one?"  Here's how it works...

I will soon tweet 7 questions about the show.  They won't be easy questions, but if you watched (or re-watch) the show carefully, you'll be able to answer them.

After I tweet the last question (the 7th one), you'll have one hour to email your 7 answers to us (one ONE email, please) at this email address: danwarp@gmail.com All answers MUST be sent in by 9:54am (Pacific time) – which is 12:54pm on the east coast.

If you answer ALL SEVEN questions correctly, your name (email address) will go into a box.  Then, we'll pick THREE email addresses, at random, from the box.  If we pick YOURS, you'll get one of the 3 props (seen above) that were used in the making of iParty With Victorious.

One last RULE: To have your answers count, when you email them in to danwarp@gmail.com, your subject line MUST say: My 7 Answers!

Now, before I go, I should let you know that iParty With Victorious is available for downloading RIGHT NOW!  You can DOWNLOAD iParty With Victorious by CLICKING HERE

Also, the insanely-great MASH-UP of the 2 theme songs for iCarly and Victorious is available RIGHT NOW!  Both entire casts sing it together, headed up by Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice.  We think you'll love it.  You can DOWNLOAD IT by CLICKING HERE

Your Pal,

P.S.  To stay updated, keep your eye on my tweets: @DanWarp