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Friday, November 23, 2012

FUN FACTS: iCarly Says "iGoodbye"

by Dan Schneider

Hey there, iCarly fans.

On Friday night – Novemeber 23rd, 2012 – iCarly aired its final, farewell episode – a one-hour special called iGoodbye.  I can't believe we've come to the end.  Part of me feels great about all we accomplished, and part of me feels extremely sad.

iCarly first appeared on television on September 8th, 2007.  Two of my other shows, Drake & Josh and Zoey 101, were coming to an end, and iCarly was my new project.  I hoped it would, at least, reach the same heights as my previous shows.

I never dreamed the audience would embrace iCarly the way it has.  We premiered to strong ratings.  And within less than a year, we saw iCarly become more than just a successful show.  Thanks to the fans, iCarly became part of American pop culture.

Like many of you who've been contacted me by email, Twitter, and Facebook, I'm really sad to see iCarly come to an end.  But in a way, iCarly will never be over.  We'll be seeing reruns for decades to come.  It will be available to you in lots of ways like iTunes, video-on-demand, etc. 

So, I hope that, like many loved TV comedies of the past, iCarly will live on and on.

Okay, let's get on to the Fun Facts!  But first...



If you read on, it will reveal some information about what happens in iGoodbye.  I'm not going to reveal too much, but still... you can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch iGoodbye

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it boring.

And remember: Feel free to DISCUSS the episode here, in the comments below.  I definitely read them!  So do the cast and the writers.

When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly
about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks! 

Okay, here we go... 

*** iGoodbye ***

During the first season of iCarly, I had the basic idea for the very last episode. 

I knew I wanted Carly and Spencer's dad, Colonel Shay, to return, for a special event.  I knew that Carly would be missing her dad terribly, and that he would make a surprise return home.  That's how I wanted the series to end. 

I had this vision of the front door opening, Carly hearing her dad's voice, turning, breaking into a huge smile, yelling "Dad!" and running into his arms.  I saw that scene in my head back in 2008.  So, it was kind of surreal when we filmed that very scene, in 2012. 

Okay.  Here we go with the scene-by-scene FUN FACTS...

*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins in the school hallway with Carly at her locker.  For the record, the school's name is Ridgeway – which is the name of a high school in my home town, Memphis, Tennessee.  I never went to Ridgeway myself, but my nephew Scott did (he was the starting quarterback on the football team).

• Early in the scene, behind Freddie, you'll see one of the background actors wearing a Penny-Tee that says Squash Bosom.  If you've noticed, the main stars of iCarly haven't been wearing the Penny-Tees in recent episodes.  I can't tell you why!  You'll have to ask them.

• The idea for Freddie's new giant phone came straight from the iCarly writers room.  All the writers have iPhones except one who insists on using some giant phone we all make fun of.  So, I decided to incorporate that into this episode.  I think iGoodbye marks the first episode of iCarly where Freddie is not using a Pear Phone.

• Since Miss Briggs was in the first scene of the very first episode of iCarly, I felt it was only right to put her in the first scene of the last episode.  So, I did!  She's played by Mindy Sterling, a fantastic comedy actress and a lovely person. 

• You'll notice, in iGoodbye, a lot of "nods" (references) to past episodes of iCarly.  In this first scene, Carly and Sam mention Miss Briggs's "pointy boobs" – which they talked about in the first episode.

• Just before filming this scene, I experienced one of my most awkward moments ever, as executive producer of iCarly!  It was when the costumers brought Mindy ("Miss Briggs") to me, and asked, "Do you think we made Mindy's boobs look pointy enough?"  I blushed, kind of looked away, and muttered, "Uh yeah, sure, they're fine."  Haha.  So now you know... the costume ladies actually made Miss Briggs' boobs look pointy.

• Gibby's reaction to Freddie's phone is very much like the reaction that I, and the rest of the iCarly writers, give the one writer who has a giant phone.  We mock him constantly! :)


• I asked my awesome post production team, headed by Joe Catania, to make the opening credits extra special for iGoodbye.  And they did.  I think they did a great job!  You'll see a few fun shots from the past.  I love the way the end (the last 3 shots).

*** Scene 2 ***
This scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Spencer getting a tool to work on a motorcycle – and then Sam and Freddie enter the apartment, together.

• Sam refers to the motorcycle as a 1964 Sterling.  It's actually a Triumph motorcycle.  I don't know know much much about motorcycles, but Jerry Trainor does, so he helped me pick what kind we should use.  And as a special bonus, a Triumph is the kind of motorcycle that Fonzie rode, on the classic TV show Happy Days.

• Yep, in this scene, we learn the name of another one of Socko's relatives – Ryder.  And since this is the last iCarly, that will be the final Socko relative we hear of.  Add Ryder to the list.

• I love the triple "Hey Audrey"  run with Spencer, Sam, and Freddie. 

• Only the iCarly will fully get Gibby's joke when he asks if the motorcycle is an exercise machine.  This calls back to an early episode where he asked if an exercise machine was a motorcycle.

• There is a reference to the two ex-girlfriends that Spencer accidentally ran over with his car.  That was first mentioned in iParty With Victorious.  Clearly, Spencer is not a very good driver.

• Spencer mentions B.F. Wangs Express (which is at the airport).  B.F. Wangs is a restaurant name I made up, first used in an episode of Drake & JoshThe restaurant has only been show once, at the end of one Drake & Josh episode.

*** Scene 3 ***
This short scene takes place in The Groovy Smoothie, with Carly sitting, by herself, at a table.

• This was the last scene ever filmed on the Groovy Smoothie set.

• I saved the actual cup and straw that Miranda used in this scene.  And I had Miranda autograph it.  I figure one day, it will end up in the hands of some big iCarly fan.  (Actually, I saved lots of stuff from iCarly.)

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins with Spencer sitting on the motorcycle, while Sam is doing some work on the front wheel. 

• When I started to write iGoodbye, I knew I wanted Lewbert to appear in the episode.  I love the Lewbert character, played by the brilliant Jeremy Rowley.  I've cast Jeremy in lots of my shows, including Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, and others.

• According to makeup artist Michael Johnston, it takes approximately 28 minutes to apply Lewbert's hairy mole to his cheek.  And yes, I saved the actual mole, which was removed from Jeremy's face right after we finished filming this scene.

• Spencer's reaction to being sneezed on by Lewbert is priceless – absolutely hilarious – his run to the kitchen, spraying his tongue, etc. 

• This scene ends with Lewbert in the elevator being awesomely Lewberty.


*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins with Sam working on the motorcycle when Carly comes downstairs.  

• I needed a fun song to be playing when this scene opened, and I decided to go with "The Joke Is On You" – because so many iCarly fans loved that song when it was first used in iGet Pranky (during the montage when Spencer was pulling pranks on everyone).  The song was written by Michael Corcoran, the musical genius that does all the music for all my shows.  My first experience with Michael was when he and Drake Bell co-wrote the theme song for Drake & Josh.  Thanks to Drake Bell, for introducing me to Michael.

• I had to get in one last reference to Build-A-Bra!  And I did.  Actually, I had always thought about doing an episode where Gibby got a part-time job working at Build-A-Bra... but I decided not to (I thought it was a bit "much" for a TV show that airs on a kids' network – you know).  It would have been funny, though!  Imagine Gibby: "Hello, may I help you?"

• When Spencer is coughing and trying to stand up, Jerry improvised the line "I'm Spencer" – which made me laugh out loud when I heard it again in editing.  So, I put it in the show.  Why does he feel the need to identify himself to himself?  Only Jerry knows. :)

*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins in a mall, at the Get-A-Head kiosk.  Now we know where Gibby goes to get his head duplicated!   

• And FINALLY... after all these years, someone FINALLY asks Freddie why he sometimes speaks Spanish!

• How amazing is our art department?  I couldn't believe how cool that head duplication machine looked when I first saw it.  If they had a "Get-A-Head" place like that at the mall you go to, would you get your head duplicated???

• Also amazing is David, our special effects artist, for making the head duplication machine come to life.  Looks amazingly real. 

• First mention ever of a new fast food restaurant – and one of Sam Puckett's favorites – Tubba Chicken – where she gets one of her favorite meals... a tub of chicken.

• As I'm watching this scene, and typing these Fun Facts for you, I'm realizing how much I love Sam-Spencer scenes.  They're so great together.  I think one of my favorite Sam-Spencer adventures was the "Assassin" game they played (like paint ball).  Now, this story between the two of them is another favorite.  It will make you laugh... and maybe cry a little, in a later scene.  We'll get to that one soon...

*** Scene 7 ***
This quick little scene takes place in the mall at a kiosk where Freddie is trying to buy a cell phone case.

• How cool are the huge Pear Phones in the background???

• Nathan Kress just makes me laugh in this scene.  I love him, looking in the mirror, trying to convince himself that the Side Packer isn't so bad. :)

*** Scene 8 ***
This scene starts with Sam walking into a motorcycle repair shop, owned by an odd character named Meekalito. 

• The actor who plays "Meekalito" is... he's okay, I guess. ;)

• I love the sign in the scene that says PLEASE BUY MY ROCKS.  Clearly, Meekalito wants someone to buy his rocks.

• The look on Sam's face as she backs out of the shop makes me laugh every time.

*** Scene 9 ***
This short scene takes place back at the mall, at the Get-A-Head kiosk.  Gibby's head is almost fully duplicated! 

• Mrs. Benson!  We couldn't do the final episode of iCarly without Freddie's mom!  And with her is a very special girl in my life, otherwise known as my adorable wife, Lisa (a.k.a. Hungry Girl).  She appeared in one episode of Drake & Josh, and I told her she had to appear in the last iCarly.  So, she did. :)

• Doesn't the fact that Gibby loves animals and defends them make me love him even more?

*** Scene 10 ***
And we're back at Carly and Spencer's apartment, where you see Spencer, emerging from his hallway, with a thermometer in his mouth. 

• If you like Carly's cute dress, then you love the work of Kris Dangl, our incredibly talented costumer.  She's one of my favorite people, and she's been dressing our actors since the end of All That.  She's extraordinarily talented.  Love ya, Kris!

• The script for iGoodbye was finished, and then I thought to myself, "I want to see a pair of Spencer's cool socks (made by Socko) one more time before iCarly comes to an end.  So, I wrote it in.  Don't you want a pair of Socko's light-up socks? :)


*** Scene 11 ***
Scene starts with Carly and Sam on the couch in Carly's apartment. 

• A very short scene, but Miranda is wonderful in it.  I love her delivery of the line, "You're a good friend." 

• I also love the look on Sam's face when she reveals the frosting.  Come on... who doesn't want a best friend like Sam Puckett? :)

*** Scene 12 ***
This scene starts at the mall, at the Get-A-Head kiosk, with Gibby's head stuck in the duplication machine.

• Very interesting moment between Sam and Freddie when they talk about getting back together, isn't it?  ;)

• Notice the special effects in Gibby's head dome when he gets up and starts running around.

*** Scene 13  ***
Scene starts in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Sam at a red toolbox, and Spencer emerging from his room. 

• Get your tissues ready for this special scene between Sam and Spencer. 

• As I watch this scene, I want to be very careful about what I say.  I don't want to give too much away.  Even though you are reading this, knowing there are spoilers... I still don't want to spoil this scene for you, by giving away too much.  Let's just say... this is a very heartwarming scene between Sam and Spencer. 

• I think maybe what motivated me to write this scene was... I love the Sam character so much.  Yeah, she's rough around the edges... but she has a great heart.  We all know that about her.  And not many good things happen for Sam.  I felt it was time something did. :)

• The very end of this scene had to be filmed several days after most of it was filmed.  The reason: the motorcycle battery died, so we couldn't finish the scene.  So, a few days later, we came back and picked up the ending, once the motorcycle's battery had been re-charged.

*** Scene 14  ***
This scene starts at the mall, at the Get-A-Head kiosk, as Gibby is being given oxygen by a paramedic.

Two new Penny-Tees: Zesty Roger and Captain Sausage.  You see them for sale at a kiosk, behind Freddie, early in the scene.

• Of all the things you might have guessed would happen in iCarly's final episode, I bet you never would have guessed that Gibby would get his own weasel.  Well, that's iCarly for ya. :)

• Big applause to the actor, Chris Fogleman, who played "Benny" – the guy in charge of the weasel kiosk.  So funny and great!

*** Scene 15  ***
This scene starts in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Carly looking very sad (and crying) as she looks at the computer screen. 

•  More tissues might be required for this scene, too.  A pretty amazing moment is about to happen.  Your eyes might get a little teary on this one.  Mine do!

• The way Carly says "Yay for Sam" is adorably cute and sad. :(

• How great to Freddie and Gibby look in tuxes?!?

• And here comes one of the most awesome, magical moments in the history of iCarly.  It gives me chills every time I watch it.  I had this moment in my brain – the return of Carly's dad, and her reaction – way back in 2008.  And now, it finally happens here.  I wonder if you will feel choked up (in a good way) like I do, every time I watch this moment. 

• The music in this scene, at that special moment when Carly lays eyes on her father, makes the moment even more amazing.  Thanks to our brilliant composer, Michael Corcoran.

• Carly's father, Colonel Steven Shay, is played by a terrific, classy actor named David Chism.  I was so nervous about casting this role.  Carly's dad had to be PERFECT.  I've had this image of Colonel Shay in my mind for years, and I was so worried that we wouldn't be able to find the right actor to play him.  But we did!  David is absolutely perfect in the role. 

• Dad calls Carly "Snug Bug" – which Carly told us is the special name he calls her, back in the episode iMeet The First Lady.

• And once again, Gibby is still confused that Spencer is not Carly's dad.  We (the writers of iCarly) love that running bit.  How can he still be unclear on that???

• Spencer's reaction to seeing his dad is fantastic, too.  I think it will make you smile big.

• Okay, so what's your opinion: Phone case?  Or Purse? ;)


*** Scene 16 ***
Scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment with... a crazy hat party!  Sound familiar?  

• The hat that Freddie is wearing in this scene is the exact same hat he wore in the very first episode of iCarly, during that crazy hat party.

• I decided to put a special spin on crazy hat party.  I made it a Crazy Hat Spaghetti Taco Party!  It only seemed appropriate, for iCarly.

• The blue cowboy hat they put on Carly's head... that's the exact same hat that Carly wore in the very first episode of iCarly... the one she always tosses up in the air in the opening credits (which was a little tribute to the great Mary Tyler Moore).  That hat is now in my home, safely put away.

• And this marks the final scene with T-Bo.  Thank you, Boogie, for bringing such a fun, crazy, hilarious character to life.  I wish you could all meet Boogie – he's about as lovable and funny a guy as you'll ever meet. :)

• The last part of this scene... it kills me.  I get so choked up -- especially at one particular part.  We'll get to that in a minute...

• Jennette has a joke in this scene that's one of the funniest Sam jokes ever.  I won't tell you what it is (I want you to be surprised when you hear it)... I'll just say it's about what Sam would say to her father.  I think it will make you laugh. :)

• And now, one of the moments that gets me every time.  When Carly says, "But... what about..." and she looks... and we cut to Spencer, looking back at her.  He gives her this little smile, and my heart breaks.  I don't know what it is... it's knowing that Carly is realizing she's going to have to say goodbye to Spencer... but I think it's more just Jerry Trainor's acting... the warmth and love he conveys  with that one little smile.  It kills me.  It makes me think of when I was a child, watching The Wizard of Oz – when Dorothy about to go home, and she says goodbye to the scarecrow.  It's just great.

When Spencer gives Carly that little smile, it just breaks my heart... but in a sweet way, if that makes sense.

*** Scene 17 ***
Scene begins in the iCarly studio, with Freddie's familiar "In five, four, three two..." (the last time).

• Two of my all-time favorite web show sketches are Baby Spencer
and The Cowboy and the Idiot Farm Girl Who Thinks The Cowboy's Mustache Is A Squirrel.  I'm really glad I was able to get them into the final episode, so we could see them one last time. 

• Jerry both loves and hates playing Baby Spencer.  He loves playing this bizarro baby character (because it's hilarious)... but he says it's extremely uncomfortable, because of the way he has to sit under the crib and crane his neck up through the bottom.  But Jerry's a pro – never complains.

• If you didn't cry when Spencer gave Sam the motorcycle... or when Carly's dad walked in and surprised her... I'm pretty sure this final web show farewell from Carly and Sam will make you cry.  It's pretty sad, and it's the first time in iGoodbye we really start to get that feeling we're heading toward the end.

• When Carly gives this speech: "Listen... doing iCarly for you guys has meant so, so much to me.  And it's changed my life... and I want to say, to the fans of iCarly... thank you" – those words, which I remember writing as I sat in my usual chair, in my own den... that was a message from me to you, spoken through iCarly.  And I know that Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry, Noah, and everyone associated with iCarly, feel the same way.

*** Scene 18 ***
Scene begins in Carly's room, as Carly packs her suitcase, and Spencer sits on the bed

• There's very little acting in this scene.  As both Miranda and Jerry will tell you, every emotion you feel from them in this scene is 100% real.  It was a very tough scene to film.  Miranda and Jerry had eyes full of tears as we filmed several takes.  Our makeup artists kept having to step in and dry their eyes.  As I sat with the writers, watching the scene on my monitor, my eyes were also filled with tears.  In fact, I don't think there was a dry eye on our stage.  Even the camera operators needed tissues.  This Carly-Spencer goodbye scene was really difficult for us all to get through.  So, when you watch it, if you feel that deep emotion, you should know... it's all very, very real.  And I think it's just a beautiful scene. 

• Carly says a line in this scene, and I think it might be one of the most important lines of dialogue I've ever written.  She looks at Spencer and thanks him for teaching her that: "Being a grownup doesn't mean you have to stop being silly, creative, and fun."  At the time I wrote that line, I didn't realize just how meaningful that message is.  Maybe it took Miranda's perfect delivery of the line to make me realize its important.  Please don't forget it. :)

• As I mentioned, Carly's and Spencer's tears in this scene are very real. 

• I had Miranda and Jerry shoot an alternate ending to this scene – a funny one – where Spencer picks Carly up, and playfully wrestles her to the floor (as Carly laughs).  It was sweet... but when I got into editing, at that time, I decided to end the scene in a more poignant, not-funny way.

• When Carly and Spencer hug and say "I love you" to each other, that is also 100% real.  Listen to how they say it.  At that moment, they're not really being Carly and Spencer.  They're being Miranda and Jerry.  Watch it closely.  You can tell.

*** Scene 19 ***
Scene begins in the iCarly studio, with Freddie packing up his tech equipment, and then Carly walks in.

• This was the very last scene ever filmed in the iCarly studio set.  

• Both Miranda and Nathan did a wonderful job playing the sadness and the awkwardness of saying goodbye in this scene.  I think it wasn't easy for them, because they knew it was their last scene together as Carly Shay and Freddie Benson – just the two of them.

• Some fans think the kiss in this scene has some "relationship" significance.  I think they're reading too much into it.  There's no doubt that Carly and Freddie love each other as friends.  All the characters in iCarly love each other very much.  Does this kiss between Carly and Freddie mean more than deep friendship?  Who knows?  If there's ever an iCarly reunion, maybe we'll deal with that.  But in this scene, it's really just a warm moment of love and friendship between a guy and girl who care very much about each other, and are sad that that won't be seeing each other for a while.  

• As we filmed a few takes of this scene, one of the writers suggested that Freddie raise his arms victoriously as he walks out behind Carly.  We all thought it was a funny idea, so it the last few takes, Nathan did that – and it made us laugh.  Do his raised arms mean that Freddie feels he finally "got" Carly?  Or is he just psyched, the way any guy is when he gets to kiss a nice, sweet girl like Carly Shay?  For now, that's subject to anyone's personal interpretation.  I feel that the best writing sometimes leaves a few questions unanswered, so that fans can have discussions and apply their own feelings to some characters' words and actions.  I have a feeling that, some day, I'll be writing more words and actions for these characters.  I sure hope so. :) 

*** Scene 20 ***
Scene begins in Carly and Spencer's main living room, with Spencer and Gibby talking to Colonel Shay.

 • This is the very last scene the iCarly cast ever filmed.  We arranged our production schedule so that the very last scene we filmed would involve the whole main cast: Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Jerry, and Noah.  This is the last scene the 5 of them ever did together.

• Watch Sam (Jennette) closely in this scene.  Jennette was extremely sad when we were filming this final scene.  We had to stop several times because Jennette was crying, and couldn't stop.  It made us all cry.  So, when you watch this scene, and you see the distressed expressions on "Sam's" face... that's not Jennette being Sam Puckett.  That's just Jennette.  We had to give her lots of hugs to get through it.

•  Sam's line, "I'll ride down with ya" – that's the line Jennette just couldn't say.  Every time we got close to her saying that line, Jennette would start crying, and she couldn't get the words out.  We had to do 11 or 12 takes.  We only got one take where she was actually able to get the words out.

• After Sam says "I'll ride down with ya" – watch her as she walks out of the kitchen.  When she comes around the white post, getting close to Spencer, you can see the pained sadness on JENNETTE'S face.  That's Jennette, trying hard to keep herself together, and not cry.  You can see it clearly as Jerry touches her back -- you can see Jennette's very sad "trying to not cry" expression -- it's very obvious, and 100% real.

• The group hug and shuffle is a tribute to the final episode of the great TV comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I loved that show when I was a little kid.  I've always felt (and said) that the Carly-Sam relationship is similar to the Mary-Rhoda relationship.  In the final episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the cast did a very similar group hug and shuffle. :)

*** Scene 21 ***
Scene begins in the elevator as Carly and Sam head down to the lobby.

 • This is a hard scene to watch.  Carly and Sam saying goodbye to each other.  Again, there wasn't a dry eye on the iCarly stage when we filmed this scene.

• When Sam hands Carly her remote, that's a moment when many people tear up.  It's really hard not to.  It's such a sweet, difficult moment between two dear friends.  I love it... but it kind of hurts to watch. :(

• The emotion between Carly and Sam in this elevator scene is 100% real-life.  Miranda and Jennette have been through a lot together during the course of iCarly, and they're very close friends.  This scene was really tough for them, because they knew something wonderful and magical had reached the end.

• As I wrote this episode, I kept telling myself, "Dan!  Don't make it too sad!"  So, I tried to keep lots of comedy in, too.  That's why, at the end of this very poignant goodbye scene between Carly and Sam, I decided to have Lewbert enter the elevator, which gave Sam the opportunity to be her good ol' funny, crazy Sam self.  I love how she SCREAMS "Get out!" and terrifies Lewbert.  It's great how runs away screaming, like a terrified little kid.  So funny.

And that's the last time we'll see Lewbert (played by Jeremy Rowley) on iCarly.  Thank you, Jeremy, for bringing this insane, bizarre character to life, and making him so fun to watch.  FUN SIDE-FACT: Can you guess who Jeremy's real-life girlfriend is?  It's Danielle Morrow, who played "Nora" in iPsycho and iStill Psycho.  Try to imagine Thanksgiving dinner with Lewbert and Nora at the same table! :)

*** Scene 22 ***
Scene begins at the Seattle airport.  Carly and her dad on on the plane.

  As you can see, the Shays are taking Aloft Airlines, our airline of choice in the world of Schneider's Bakery TV shows. 

• Can you guess who's doing the voice of the flight attendant?  It's my cute wife @HungryGirl!  We recorded it on my iPhone, in our den at home, and then I emailed the audio file to my post production department, who put it in the show. 

• Even Colonel Shay uses a Pear phone!  How cool is he?!?

• As the flight attendant speaks, we see a shot of Carly's laptop, and it shows a page that's like my own personal Twitter page.  If you freeze frame, you'll see that I took this opportunity to thank some people.  Here are the exact tweets you'll see...

Huge THANKS to the FANS for watching @iCarly over the past 5 years.  It's been an honor and a privilege entertaining you :) :) 
Love and thanks to my wife @HungryGirl and my dear friend @SteveMolaro for helping me create iCarly. #iLoveYouBoth 
To my friends Robin Weiner and Joe Catania.  There would be no @iCarly without the two of you :)

• Can you guess who's doing the voice of the pilot?  That's me! :)

• I'm not sure how many people will notice this... but if you'll notice, you hear me say "This is your pilot speaking..." and then Carly clicks a button on the iCarly.com page, and then a clip from the PILOT (the very first episode of iCarly) begins playing.  GET IT?  I say, "This is your PILOT speaking..." -- and then the pilot plays.  I thought that was kinda cool.

*** Scene 23 ***
Scene begins with Freddie leaving Carly and Spencer's apartment.  His familiar camera is in his hand.

  Miranda tells me this is a scene that makes her cry – when Freddie leans back against his door, and thinks back to how iCarly started.  It's amazing to see how much Nathan has grown up since we started, back in 2007.

• When production of iGoodbye was over, I went on set to Nathan and handed me Freddie's video camera.  We even made a video on my iPhone as he handed it over to me.  His camera (which I think was seen in every episode of iCarly) is now safely put away in my home.

*** Scene 24 ***
Scene begins in Carly and Spencer's apartment, with Spencer sitting down alone on the couch

  Another very poignant scene.  When I watch this one, it makes me think how Spencer lives alone now.  That makes me sad, but then I remember that Freddie lives across the hall... and that Gibby hangs out with Freddie all the time... and that T-Bo lives at Freddie's... so I feel okay knowing that Spencer will have plenty of company and fun to come.  Ha.  Listen to me.  I'm "worried" about fictional characters that doesn't even really exist.  I guess they're real to me.  I still care about them.  :) :(

• As I've said earlier in these Fun Facts, I didn't want iGoodbye to get too sad.  So I kept "slicing through" the sadness with funny stuff.  That's one reason I wanted the squirrel camcorder to burst into flames at the end of this scene.  The other reason: I felt that, in iCarly's final episode, Spencer had to have something accidentally catch on fire, right? :)

• It was important to me that Spencer smile at the end of this scene.  It's the very last Spencer scene we'll ever see.  So, we had to see him smile as he reflects on his life, and all that's happened in the past 5 years.  It wanted the fans to know that Spencer is still happy, and that he'll be okay.

*** Scene 25 ***
Scene begins on a Seattle street at night, as Sam rides her motorcycle to a stoplight, and stops.

This is the last scene ever filmed for iCarly.  During the two weeks of production for iGoodbye, we didn't have time to film this exterior night scene with Sam riding off on her motorcycle.  But we knew we'd be shooting a new pilot called Sam & Cat a month or so later.  So, this night time motorcycle scene wasn't filmed during the production of iGoodbye.  It was fimed about a month later, during production of Sam & Cat.

I'm glad that iGoodbye contains a scene of Sam with a ham. :)

*** Scene 26 ***
Scene begins back on the airplane, on Carly with her laptop.

• This is the montage showing clips of past iCarly web episodes on Carly's laptop.  I wanted to end iGoodbye with some past memories.  It's also to show that Carly is proud of what she created with Sam and Freddie, and all the fun stuff they did together.

• I'm very glad Baggles made it in.  I don't know why, but I just love that big ol' green sack of yogurt with a perpetual sinus infection. :)

• I like the final look on Carly's face... her last shot in iCarly.  I love her happy, content, big smile.

*** Scene 27 ***
Scene begins back on the street, at night, with Sam on her motorcycle.

This is the very last scene of iCarly.  Sam riding off, in search of whatever adventures await her next.  I think you'll enjoy those adventures. ;)

After Sam rides off, you'll see a red car enter frame from the other direction.  As that red car drives away, look closely at the license plate. :)

And... we're clear.

That's all Fun Facts for the last episode of iCarly.  I hope you liked reading them. 

Now... here's some fun iCarly Trivia for you...
  • In my first script (in 2006), Carly did not start a web show with her friends.  She was a normal girl who, by a stroke of luck, was cast in her favorite, popular television show.  I ended up tossing that script in the trash, and I wrote a new script where Carly started a web show with her best friends, Sam and Freddie.
  • An episode of iCarly ("iSaved Your Life") holds the record as the highest-rated broadcast of any show in Nickelodeon's history.
  • In my first script, Carly's best friend was named Kira.  In a later draft, I changed the name to Sam.
  • When I wrote the iCarly pilot, I wrote the role of Sam with Jennette McCurdy specifically in mind.  I had been extremely impressed with Jennette two years earlier, when I cast her in a role on one of my previous shows, Zoey 101.
  • The hardest iCarly role to cast was Spencer.  It was my wife Lisa who said to me, "Hey, what about Jerry – 'Crazy Steve' from Drake & Josh?"  I said, "Hmmm... that could be good."
  • I loved the idea of Carly living with her older brother because, when I was 12, I spent a week visiting my cool older sister, Sally, at her college.  We had such a great time just being together and having fun, with no real "parental authority" around.
  • When Drake & Josh was coming to an end... before I decided to create a new character for Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), I was considering writing a spin-off show for her, where she would have continued as "Megan" – her character from Drake & Josh.
  • My wife Lisa and my close friend Steve Molaro were major players in helping me create iCarly.  Steve is now an Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory, the most popular comedy on primetime television today.
  • All episodes of iCarly were filmed at Nick On Sunset in Hollywood – except for the final 13 episodes, which were filmed at another studio (Sunset Bronson), a few blocks down the street from Nick On Sunset.
  • The iCarly theme song was written and produced by Michael Corcoran, the genius who does all the music for my shows.  I love the iCarly theme song.  My favorite lyric is "There's no chance unless you take one."
  • In no episode has there ever been any explanation about the identity or whereabouts of Carly and Spencer's mother.
  • The most referred to, but never seen character on iCarly is Spencer's friend Socko.  I got the name "Socko" from a real-life friend of mine.  He's a brilliant craftsman who has made much of the furniture in my home.
  • I did not invent the name Schneider's Bakery.  My grandfather did.  He was a real baker who owned and ran the very successful Schneider's Bakery in Memphis, Tennessee for 40 years.  I adopted the name to honor his memory, and to make my dad smile. 
  • Most iCarly episodes were written in my den, at my home.
  • As I was in the editing room, working on iGoodbye, I kept hoping the editor wouldn't turn around, because I often had tears in my eyes, and I didn't want him to know. 
  • Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, and Noah all got together at Nathan's house to watch the final iCarly episode together in Los Angeles when it aired on Friday night, November 23rd, 2012.  Jerry and I would have attended, but Jerry was in San Diego with his family (for Thanksgiving), and I was in Santa Barbara with my family.  Here's a photo from Nathan's house, the night they watched iGoodbye together (which I think is wonderful)...

That's all the trivia for now.  But there's something else you need to know about iCarly, and it's important...

Most of you have never had a chance to meet the cast.  If you had, you wouldn't have been disappointed.  I promise you this: The cast of iCarly is made up of the nicest, sweetest group of people you could ever meet.  Miranda… Jennette… Nathan… Noah… Jerry… they're every bit as great, lovable, and wonderful as the characters they played.

Even though iCarly became a very popular, high-profile television show, not one cast member ever had "attitude" or was ever unprofessional in any way. 

From the first day of the first episode to the last day of of the last, they all remained easy-going, gentle, warm, charming, friendly people.  They were always prepared.  Always happy.  And always ready to stop and chat with any fan who wanted to meet them.  They were never demanding.  Never difficult.  No "star attitudes" at all.  They're just good, sweet, huggable people – every one of them.

I say this with 100% sincerity.  Ask anyone who ever worked with the iCarly cast. 

It was a pleasure and privilege for me to work with
Miranda, Jennette, Nathan, Noah, and Jerry.  Forever, I'll treasure every minute we spent together making iCarly.   

And now, a message to the amazing FANS of iCarly…

There can be no great show unless there's an audience to love it.  You've all loved iCarly for a long time.  Every day, I get tweets, Facebook posts, and emails from fans  telling me how sad they are that iCarly is ending, saying things like "It was my childhood".  You have no idea how much that means to me.  I'm sad, too. 

When I've had a rough day or rough week, I'll sometimes foget about work, just flip on the TV, and watch an old show I loved when I was younger.  Doing that takes me back to a simpler time in my life, and it just makes me feel good.  No matter how much time has passed, the show – that old rerun – it's still the same as I remember it.  And when I watch it again, it's like going back in time to a happy, fun, comforting place.

I hope iCarly will be one of those shows for you.  Years from now, when you turn on a TV (or some kind of fancy screen) and see an episode of iCarly, I hope it gives you a happy, warm feeling again.  I hope it makes you laugh and smile.

Thank you all so much for making iCarly one of the greatest experiences in my life.

Much love,
--Dan Schneider