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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blocked From My Twitter or Facebook? Please read! :)

Hey there! 

Lately, a few people on Twitter and Facebook have asked me about being blocked.

Here's the situation…

I never block anyone.  Twitter accounts of people (like me) on networks that have a large KID following (like Nickelodeon) are usually moderated.  That means, there are people who can access our accounts, delete tweets, keep an eye on people who make threats, etc.  They can also block people.

This is done because there are lots of CHILDREN who follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  The goal is to keep our accounts as "kid-friendly" as possible.  The system isn't perfect, but the moderators do a good job of keeping our accounts as friendly as they can be.

I don't know the team of moderators, personally.  I can contact them by email when I have a question.  For example, sometimes, I'll see someone complain that they've been blocked from one of my DanWarp accounts, so I'll email the moderator team and ask them why the person was blocked.

Of course, any person is free to say (write) whatever they want on the internet.  That's free speech.  But just like you have the right to say whatever you want… people with Twitter and Facebook accounts have a right to block you.  And if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you have the right to block anyone you want. 

If you're wondering: "What kind of comment will get me blocked?" -- I don't have all the answers to that question, but I think they tend to block people who say mean things... use harsh profanity… make threats… say things that are hateful, sexually inappropriate, or antagonistic.  

Basically, if your comment (on Twitter or Facebook) is intended to make someone feel bad or sad, you might get blocked.

How do I feel about the moderators blocking someone?  Well... on the one hand, I don't really care much if people send me rude comments.  The vast majority of people who tweet me are extremely nice and supportive.  So, I'm cool if I see a few rude comments.  No big deal.

On the other hand, my TV shows are a bit unusual because they're watched by teens, adults, and little kids, too.  Lots of little kids follow me on Twitter and Facebook and read the comments from fans.  I'd feel bad if a little kid saw comments that use harsh profanity, or ones that are very mean.  I don't think little kids need to see stuff like that when they search their favorite TV shows, or the people who make those shows, or star in them.

Now, if you don't like an episode, or a character, or anything about the shows, you can tweet stuff like "I didn't like tonight's episode" --or-- "I think the story was dumb" --or-- "I don't like the "whoever" character -- you can say stuff like that all day long and you won't get blocked.

Usually, you'll only get blocked if you tweet comments that the moderators feel are inappropriate for a child to see if they search DanWarp, iCary, Sam & Cat, Victorious, the stars of the shows, etc.

Some day when I'm no longer working for Nickelodeon, I'll create new Twitter and Facebook accounts which I'll control completely.  Then, you can tweet me stuff like, "I hate you DanWarp!  Go stick a fork in your eye!" and nobody will block you.  I might not actually take your advice (and stick a fork in my eye), but hey -- you can suggest it! ;)

Until then, please try to be nice.  A good rule is: Talk to others the way you'd like people to talk to you (even if it's on the internet).  That's what I always try to do.

Please remember: Mostly, I just write fun little comedies.  They are designed to make you laugh, smile, and feel good (I hope!).  I'll always do my best to make the shows as entertaining and funny as I can. 

I understand that fans can get emotional and lose their cool sometimes.  So, if you tweet me something mean, and you get blocked by a moderator, try to let me know (maybe have a friend tweet me for you).  And if I see it, I'll ask the moderators to unblock you.  Okay? :)

"Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend" – The Beatles (from We Can Work It Out)

Peace, Love, and Spaghetti Tacos,
--Dan (a.k.a. @DanWarp)