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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Victorious - Big Final Episode???

Hey guys!  So, as some of you know, recently, I posted these 3 tweets:

• Hey @NickelodeonTV and @Victorious cast! You wanna get back together and make a BIG FINAL EPISODE, for the fans? I want to! Do you?!?

• A big fun @Victorious finale would be AMAZING & the fans would LOVE IT. So LET'S MAKE ONE, @Victorious cast & @NickelodeonTV. You in?!?

• By the way, @NickelodeonTV... my fee for making a @Victorious finale? ZERO. I'll do it for FREE. There - you have it in writing :)

When I got home, I got one of the usual emails from our social media team (they frequently send out reports to the producers, etc. about web activity for our shows).  

They loved my tweets, because they want a Victorious finale, too. But they also told me that a bunch of fans have been saying things like:

Oh my god I can't believe it's really happening!


I'm crying! We're finally getting a finale!!!!


"I hope you're not teasing us!!!"

And other comments like that. So, I need to say...

Slow down, guys! No one said there's going to be a Victorious finale. I said I want to write and produce one -- because I think it would be a lot of fun -- and because I think the series needs a finale (I've been saying that publicly for a year) -- and MOST OF ALL, because the Victorious FANS DESERVE a great finale.

But please understand: Nobody said, "This is happening".  

Do I think a finale will happen? Maybe. Maybe not. I hope so! So far, we know that most of the cast and I would love to do it. If the entire cast says "yes" -- then the big question is: Will the network want to do it? And that likely depends on lots of things. It's not one person's decision. But here's how I look at it...

When Drake & Josh ended in 2006, we all thought, "Well, that's it -- we're done making this show forever." But then, about a year later, I started making some noise about getting the gang back together to make a big, fun, TV Christmas movie. Next thing I knew, I was asked to write a script, and then we were filming Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. And when it aired, over 8 million people tuned in! So, you see...

Sometimes when I make some noise, things happen. Other times, things don't. But certainly, NOTHING happens if you don't TRY.

So, I'm trying. I'll keep you posted if there's any news. For now, my goal is to make sure that everyone (the cast, the network, the fans) know that I want it to happen.

Massive thanks and appreciation to all the fans who support this idea, and who love Victorious.

--Dan :)