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Friday, January 17, 2014

No, They Did Not Meet

I want to address something.  

Every few weeks, someone asks me: "But Daaaaannn… didn't Sam and Cat ALREADY MEET in iParty With Victorious?"  

Answer:  No, they didn't.  Some iCarly and Victorious characters did meet in iParty, but most didn't.  

Now, some fans will point to the group song at the end, when they all sang the iCarly-Victorious theme song mash-up.  I don't consider that part of the narrative (the story).  I wrote iParty, and the STORY ENDED before that group song began.

In fact, when I wrote the first and second drafts of iParty, I had the end credits rolling over the kids singing the song at the end.  That was the original plan. 

But when I heard the mash-up (the two songs blended together), I felt it was too good to roll end credits over.  So, I did a little rewrite, and I decided to feature the casts singing the song without rolling the end credits over it.

But the singing of the mash-up had nothing to do with the story.  It was sort of like… the show was over… and the kids all said "goodbye" by singing you the song.

So, just because Cast Member A and Cast Member B might have stood near each other, or even sung together in the closing song, that (to me) does not mean that Cast Member A and Cast Member B met.

Unless I'm mistaken, Sam and Cat had no significant interaction in iParty With Victorious.  They didn't converse. 

In fact, Cat didn't even speak in the episode (until the very end, just before the song -- and she wasn't speaking to Sam).

The End.