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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun Moments with Russell Westbrook!

In honor of our friend Russell Westbrook's Birthday yesterday (November 12th), we've put together 7 fun moments from the NBA star's Henry Danger episode titled "Too Much Game".  The episode airs this Saturday, November 15th at 8 PM (7c), only on Nickelodeon! 

1.  Russell teaches Jace (Henry) the proper way to sit on a bench in front of a concrete wall.

2.   Fierce competitors, or best friends? Who can tell anymore?

3.  Puppy love: the only force in the universe as strong as Captain Man... well, almost.

4.  Jace contemplates whether it's a better play to jump over Russell's head, or go through his legs.

5.  These  guys have the most insane Best Friends Forever necklaces, you don't even KNOW! There's like a strobe light, and a padlock, and a rack of ribs, and a moon rock, and a dinosaur bone.

6.  Yes, I am interested in changing my long distance service provider.

7.  It's always hard to be the new kid in middle school. Especially when you're 26. 

You CANNOT miss the Russell Westbrook madness on Henry Danger: Too Much Game! Saturday, November 15th at 8 PM (7c), on Nickelodeon!