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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

6 Signs Captain Man Has Been Pretending to be Your Father

Is your Mom really pretty? Is your Dad out of town? Do you think that Captain Man has been living in your house, pretending to be your father? Unsure?

The following signs that Captain Man has been pretending to be your father are brought to you by Saturday, March 14th’s ALL-NEW Henry Danger episode, “Man of the House”.

1.  Your Dad’s robe is REALLY stretched out from someone’s massive muscles

2.  All your food has the Captain Man logo on it

3.  There's a new Sears portrait of your family hanging over the fireplace

4.  You have a terrible headache

5.  Your report card has been unearthed from the pile of stuff you buried it in

6.  You’ve been forced to wear a poncho and decorative umbrella wherever you go, “just in case”

So, is Captain Man pretending to be your father? HE IS?!!? That’s terrifying. Just keep calm and watch “Man of the House” this Saturday, March 14th.  You can make it through this.