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Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Fun Facts About "Henry and the Bad Girl"!

We have a HUGE Henry Danger special airing Saturday May 2nd at 8PM (7c)!! Here are 5 fun facts about "Henry and the Bad Girl"

1.  We didn't have enough space on set to make the entire "SWELLVIEW" sign, so we just made the last 2 letters-- "EW"

2.  Oliver's funny cousin Krisha is named after our AMAZING Casting Director, Krisha Bullock.*

*Our Krisha only sometimes smells people's mouths to find out what they had for lunch.

3.  The spray paint used for this episode was actually face make up! We used it because it's non-toxic, so we could spray it on set. 

4.  We needed 8 stunt people on set to film "Henry and the Bad Girl"-- but our cast really did a LOT of their own stunts!!

5.  We brought in a graffiti artist to come in and spray paint our set with us so it looked like we'd really been tagged by a graffiti gang!