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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fans Send in Their Funny Texts!

In "Text, Lies, & Video," Henry accidentally sends his sister Piper a video of him and Ray transforming into Kid Danger and Captain Man! 

I asked the fans to share their funniest text mix-ups, and I loved their responses! Check out some of my favorite stories below- you're gonna laugh! :)

Four score and seven cheers for this prank! 👏


Friends don't like being called tomatoes. Trust me.

Our research shows that 8/10 aunts are Captain Man fans! Your aunt is in good company.

I'm already laughing! 

10/10 grandmas approve of Jace Norman.

We all speak the language of food 😋

Don't miss "Text, Lies, & Video" THIS SATURDAY April 9th at 8 on Nickelodeon!