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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hollywood’s Mad for Maddie Shipman: Go See Geezer in Theaters!

We’re so proud of Maddie Shipman and her incredible work! This young star is a joy to watch on screen and even more of a joy to work with. From her hilarious performances in Game Shakers to her stellar voice work in The Peanuts Movie and the upcoming Angry Birds Movie, Maddie is talented well beyond her years!
This Spring, Maddie’s fans were stoked to watch her walk Tribeca Film Festival’s red carpet for her upcoming film Geezer, a comedy starring Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

Maddie was joined on the red carpet by Billie Joe, Selma and the film’s director Lee Kirk.  

Geezer focuses on Perry (Armstrong), a former punk-rock star who’s living a happy and calm life in the suburbs. Things get shaken up for Perry on his 40th Birthday, when he tries to relive the wild ways of his youth and his crazy punk-rock past.

Maddie plays Armstrong’s daughter, Salome, and the cast is rounded out by other amazing talents like Selma Blair, Judy Greer and Chris Messina among many others.

Maddie as Salome, alongside Billie Joe and Selma in a still from Geezer

The movie was released just a few days ago and the reviews have been great so far! Be sure to check out Geezer as soon as you can! Great work as always, Maddie!!!!