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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Contact Dan Schneider...

Hey.  It's me, Dan.  Yeah, I'm really typing this myself.  I do all my own web stuff (except for iCarly.com which is done by a team of professionals who are way smarter about the internet than I am).

Lots of people try to contact me with comments, questions, requests... you name it.  I wish I could respond to everyone – but if I did, I wouldn't be able to write and produce shows and movies.

The reason for this post is to tell you the best way to contact me directly if you have a comment for me.

But before I tell you how to contact me, I need to say a few things first...
  • Please don't ask me to hire you as an actor.  You may be incredibly talented but please understand – I already get tons of people asking me if I'll consider hiring them as actors.  When I have time, I'll write a post where I give some advice on how to break into acting (and writing, directing, etc.) and maybe it will help point you in a good direction.
  • Please don't ask me to send you anything in the mail.  Lots of people want me to send them photos and scripts autographed by the actors I work with, but I can't (or I'd be spending all day, every day, at the post office).  
  • Please don't ask me to give you a job or help you find one.  I'd love to help everyone but I can't.  I'm here to entertain you, not give or find you a job. 
  • I can't read your script or listen to your story idea.  Legal reasons.  Don't be mad at me – I'm really not allowed to, legally. 
  • Please don't write mean stuff.  I'm a nice guy and I doubt I've ever done or said anything mean to you.  If you have a criticism of my work that you'd like to share with me, that's cool.  But please try to keep it friendly and respectful.  Everything's better in the world when we all try to be nice to each other, don't ya think? :)
Okay!  Now, the best way to contact me is to simply leave a comment to this post (below).  And include your email address if you'd like.  When I have down time, I take a look at all the new comments.  Sometimes I'll respond, but usually I just read what you've written.

If you ask me to contact you by email, I'll do my best.  That's not a promise I'll write you back, but I'll try.  At the very least, I'll definitely read your comment.

Finally, if you're going to ask me to contact you, please let me know why (in your comment below).  Don't just say, "Yo, Dan, shoot me an email – I got some stuff to talk to you about."

That's all.  I look forward to your comments.