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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spaghetti Tacos Sweep The Nation!... REALLY?

Holy moly.  I'm kinda shocked.  In season one of iCarly, there was an episode that called for Spencer to be making dinner.

If you watch my shows a lot, you know I always try to make even the simplest things – like making dinner – more interesting, different, or weird (in a funny way, hopefully).

Okay, so Spencer was making dinner.  Spencer, this wacky character who's a cool artist… which is why I felt that he couldn't make something "normal" like hamburgers or chicken.  I felt that Spencer should make something creative, fun, and original.

Two of my favorite foods are spaghetti and tacos.  Boom!  I had Spencer make spagehtti tacos.  That sounded fun, inventive, and I wanted to eat one myself.  And I thought it would sound appealing to the iCarly audience.

Later, I wrote spaghetti tacos into a few more episodes of iCarly.  I even did one episode where the main story was a spaghetti taco competition against a professional chef from TV.

In the past year, on occasion, I get tweets and emails from fans showing me pics of  spaghetti tacos they made at home.  I thought that was pretty cool – that something I came up with and showed on TV actually motivated some fans try it themselves.

But I still didn't think spaghetti tacos were much of a big deal – just a little inside thing between me and iCarly fans.

Well, a month ago, I was contacted by a very nice woman, Helene Stapinski, at the New York Times.  She wanted to interview me because (she told me)  spaghetti tacos have become wildly popular.

Wildy popular?  Really?

I was a little surprised to hear that.  But I was happy to chat with her about  spaghetti tacos, how I came up with the idea, and how I'd featured them in iCarly.

Next thing I know, there's this HUGE ARTICLE in the New York Times about how spaghetti tacos are sweeping the nation.  The article appeared this past Wednesday on the COVER of the Food & Wine section – of the freakin' NEW YORK TIMES.  Crazy!

Since then, the spaghetti taco thing has been everywhere.  I gotta say, I find the whole thing very cool, fun... and it just makes me smile.  (For a healthy recipe for spaghetti tacos – from the amazing Hungry GirlCLICK HERE!)

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And now, check out a recipe from a creative iCarly fan for DESSERT spaghetti tacos!!!