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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Casts of iCarly & Victorious Going to Memphis May 14th!

Hey everyone!  I have some big, cool news!

You can come meet all the stars of iCarly and Victorious in Memphis on May 14th!  How can this be?!?  I'll explain...

I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  I love my hometown for lots of reasons.  One of the things that makes me most proud of Memphis is that it's the home of St. Jude Children's Hospital – the world leader in helping kids battle cancer. 

I enjoy most everything about making television.  I like the fun and the challenges.  Making people laugh – especially kids & teens – is one of the things I love most in the world.  And one of the things I dislike most is seeing a young person who's sick. 

St. Jude Children's Hospital works extremely hard to help sick kids.  I want to help, too.  So...

Several months ago, I went to both my current casts -- the stars of both iCarly and Victorious.  I said, "How would you guys like to take a trip with me to my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, to help kids by helping St. Jude Children's Hospital?"

I'm proud to say that every single one of "my" stars said ABSOLUTELY.  They all wanted to come on the trip.  Not one of them asked for a "personal appearance" fee.  Not one asked for first class plane tickets or fancy hotel suites.  They didn't want anything but the opportunity to come to Memphis to help raise money and awareness for kids who are sick and need help.

So, we're all converging in Memphis on the weekend of May 14th.  Miranda Cosgrove… Jennette McCurdy... Nathan Kress... Jerry Trainor... Noah Munck... Victoria Justice... Leon Thomas... Matt Bennett... Liz Gillies... Ariana Grande... Avan Jogia... and Daniella Monet. 

For you fans who don't know my shows so well, that's "Carly"… "Sam"… "Freddie"… "Spencer"… "Gibby"… "Tori"… "Andre"… "Robbie"... "Jade"… "Cat"… "Beck"… and "Trina".

If you want to come to our fundraising event in Memphis on May 14th, YOU CAN!  Tickets aren't cheap, but that's because our goal is to raise a lot of money for St. Jude so they can use that money to help kids fight cancer.

If you live in (or near) Memphis, or if you can get to Memphis on May 14th, we'd love to see you there!  Tickets are extremely limited – half are already sold.  So, if you want to come meet the stars of iCarly and Victorious, please buy your tickets NOW!

To learn more about our event and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE (the link is www.StarsfortheKids.com).  Even if you can't come, you can still participate by making a donation to St. Jude – just CLICK HERE.

At the May 14th event, we'll be serving dinner and having auctions to raise extra money.  We'll be auctioning off really cool stuff like WALK-ON ROLES for both shows – iCarly and Victorious – and even REAL PROPS like the Penny-Tees that the iCarly stars have actually worn on the show!

By the way, I'll be there, myself, as one of the hosts.  So, if you ever wanted to meet me, or if you went to high school with me and I still owe you five dollars, here's your chance. :)

Please tell everyone you know about this event!  May 14th in Memphis, Tennessee!  We'll all be there!  And make sure you tell people that to learn more about the event or to buy tickets, they need to go to this URL: www.StarsfortheKids.com

If you're a kid, get your mom or dad to read this!  Beg them to take you!  Keep begging until they can't take it anymore and give in!  If you get desperate, even offer to clean up your room!  Don't worry: you can mess it up again as soon as you get back from Memphis! ;)

And if you happen to live in Memphis, please help us by spreading the word!!!  Tell the world!!!

Dan Schneider (@DanWarp)