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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


by Dan Schneider
Executive Producer/Creator – iCarly & Victorious

Well here they are!  The Fun Facts about the iCarly episode iOMG.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, or if you're ready to see it again, you can DOWNLOAD IT by CLICKING HERE.  




If you read on, it will reveal some information about what happens in iOMG.  I'm not going to reveal too much, but still... you can wait and read these Fun Facts after you watch iOMG

If you're an iCarly super-fan, you'll probably enjoy reading this stuff.  But if you're a casual fan, you might find it boring.

And remember: Feel free to DISCUSS the episode here, in the comments below.  I definitely read them!  So do the cast and the writers.  Okay, here we go....

When you're done reading all this, please tell any of your friends who like iCarly about these Fun Facts, and that they can come here to read them.  Thanks!

*** iOMG ***

Some iCarly episodes are mostly about comedy – hilarious situations with (hopefully) big laughs.  Other iCarly episodes are about character development – the relationships between Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Gibby.  iOMG is an episode that contains BOTH, in a big way!

As most of you know, I usually don't talk about "seddie" and "creddie".  But I do feel I should say this: TO ALL FANS OF iCARLY: Please be nice to each other.  That's really important to me, the cast, and everyone who works on the show.

Seeing our fans fight online really breaks our hearts.  Disagreeing and debating is cool, but there's no need to be mean.  Remember, we're all on team iCarly, so please, let's all respect each others' feelings.  Deal? :)

I've learned over the years, there's no episode I will ever write and produce that every fan will love.  That's just not possible.  And even if I could write a show that way, it would be boring.

Now, don't take what I just said as some "major clue" as to what happens in iOMG, because you don't know what's going to happen (unless you're hiding in my closet – and if you are, then please don't eat my pistachio nuts).

All you really know for sure is that Sam could be in love, as the promos indicate.

Also, even when you do learn what happens in iOMG, you still won't know what's happening in the next episode, or the ones after that.

I don't say that to "mess with your minds" or to be a tease.  I say it to remind you that iCarly (like most scripted TV shows) is a growing, evolving story.  And, as any good writer knows, you never want to be predictable.  Twists and turns are what keeps shows exciting, right?  Right?!  Say right.  Thank you. :)

I truly believe that iOMG is going to please lots of fans.  It's an amazingly entertaining, fun, and exciting episode to watch.  But if iOMG doesn't tickle your peach... please be patient!  Maybe you'll be happier with the next iCarly episode, or the one after that.

Or maybe you won't.  And then maybe you'll run into me at a restaurant somewhere and dump spaghetti in my lap.  I hope that doesn't happen.  But if it must, I ask only that you also dump lots of Parmesan cheese on top.  Because I like a lot of Parmesan cheese.  I also ask you for at least one meatball.

Okay, I've babbled enough.  Now, here we go with the scene by scene Fun Facts...

*** Scene 1 ***
Scene begins in the school classroom with an arm wrestling match.

• Many fans have commented in the past about Freddie's arms.  If you're a fan who happens to enjoy Freddie's biceps, you're gonna like how this episode begins.  Here's a little preview:

• Notice Carly's new phone!  It's the NEW PEAR PHONE from Schneider's Bakery (a.k.a. DanWarp).  Many months ago, I went to our prop master, Chris (the best prop master in television, by the way).  I asked him if we could actually make our phones in the shape of a pear.

Several weeks later, Chris returned with the coolest freakin' things I've ever seen: PEAR PHONES.  Not only do they look incredibly cool, they fit great in your hand and against your ear!  I swear.  Ask any cast member of iCarly or Victorious.  We all love them and wish we had real ones that actually worked!  And that's not the only cool new device you're going to see in iOMG.

• Look who's back!  It's Brad, the guy who almost got the job as iCarly's intern (assistant) in the episode iHire An Idiot that is, until Carly and Sam decided to hire Cort instead.  As you'll remember, Brad loves making fudge for people.  He's a good looking, very likable guy who, um, might make a perfect boyfriend for some lucky girl.  Maybe.  Hmmmm.

• After the episode iGot A Hot Room, thousands of fans online asked me, "What did the goat do?!?"  After iOMG, I have a feeling thousands of fans will be asking me, "What did Sam draw on Gibby's forehead?!?" Can you guess?

•  I don't know why, but when Gibby yells, "Read the comments!!!" it makes me laugh out loud, every time.  Holy chiz, Noah Munck is one funny kid.

*** Scene 2 ***
This scene begins with Carly and Sam doing their web show from the iCarly studio.

• I hope you like Carly, Sam, and Gibby's spoof of the Old Spice commercial "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like".  We had fun doing it.

• One of the last changes I made to iOMG happened just yesterday (April 5th).  I changed the sound the cow makes from a typical cow moo to a sheep sound-effect.  So, when you see the episode, the cow will go "Bah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah".  Why?  I guess I just think it's funnier if a giant plastic cow makes a sheep noise, rather than a cow noise.  Wow, I'm weird.

•  To watch the Old Spice commercial that inspired the iCarly spoof, CLICK HERE.

• Another shout-out to our awesome prop department for creating a bowling ball size BLOB of tuna salad.  That's not as easy as it sounds!

• Why do I love my post production team so much?  Because they add wonderful little touches to our shows, like the word BRAD that appears on screen.  It was their idea to make the letters out of FUDGE.  That is creative.  Take a look:

• I love Miranda's hilarious delivery of her line, "We wasted your time!"

•  If you want to know why Carly and Sam start chanting "Botswana" at the end of this iCarly web show, I have no idea.  Miranda and Jennette improvised that themselves.  Why?  You'll have to ask them.

• A new PENNY-TEE on Freddie.  If you want to know what it says, just use your mouse or trackpad to highlight between the two blue X's below:

Purple Jerk  X

• As you'll see, Gibby asks about the recipe for the tuna salad blob he loves.  He wants to know if there's chopped celery in it.  Brad tells him that it's not chopped celery – it's red onion.  As it so happens, I prefer chopped onion in my tuna salad – I'm not a fan of celery.  (Uh-oh... now the "pro-celery" iCarly fans are going to be furious with me.  Yes, I've upset the celereddies.)

• Sam Puckett... volunteering to work on a school project?  Hmmm.  Seems unusual, doesn't it?  As my friend Kenan Thompson might say... what-up wid dat?

*** Scene 3 ***
Scene begins in Carly's kitchen – Spencer is working with a fire extinguisher – which can't be good, can it?

•  Okay, no kidding – one of my favorite things in this episode is Carly's snack in this scene.  She casually gets a carrot out of the fridge, and munches on it as she chats with Spencer.  But as you'll see, she puts whipped cream on the carrot.  Yep, a friend of mine actually does that – she eats carrots with fat free whipped cream.  It's insane.  So, I had to put it on television.  What I love most about it is that it's not even referenced in the scene.  It just happens.

I think that stuff like that – little, weird, funny things that have nothing to do with the story – is what makes a show more interesting and fun to watch. :)

•  Of course Spencer usually spends his Saturday night's watching Cops with Socko's grandmother.  And hey... speaking of Socko... should we ever meet him on iCarly?  I can't make up my mind.

• I probably shouldn't show you this, but it's a cool shot and I can't help it.  And I did give AMPLE WARNING about spoiler alerts.  How funny is this shot?

*** Scene 4 ***
Scene begins in Ridgeway High School at night, as we hear Principal Franklin make an announcement.

• I really love the character, Principal Franklin.  I'm always happy when we have him on an iCarly episode.  You won't see him in iOMG, but you will hear his voice.  He's played by Tim Russ, an excellent actor and all-around great guy.

• You'll hear Principal Franklin end his announcement with the words, "Study hard and prosper" – that's a nod to the famous line spoken by Spock and all Vulcans on Star Trek, "Live long and prosper".  This has special meaning here, because Tim Russ who plays Principal Franklin used to play the Vulcan "Tuvok" on Star Trek: Voyager.  Take a look...

Yes, I'm a major Star Trek fan.  Have been since I was little nerd.  Still am, as a big nerd.

• Our production designers did an amazing job creating the "stimulus chamber" that's used to do psychological tests on Spencer.  By the way, Jerry Trainor doesn't like doing scenes where he's trapped in small spaces... which is why I love writing stories where Spencer is trapped in small spaces.  Hahaha.  I love messin' with Jerry.  He'll often say to me (jokingly), "So Dan, what horrible things are you planning for me in next week's episode?" :)

• Okay, I've gotta talk about the microphones that the actors use in this episode.  When we wrote iOMG, I knew we needed microphones.  And as you probably know, I like things on my shows to be different... unusual.  So, I asked our prop master (Chris) if we could create a microphone that "lit up" in a cool color.  I told him it wasn't necessary, but that if he could make that happen, it would look interesting and fun on TV.  Well... as always, Chris came through.  Look at the mic!  It's really freakin' cool:

• And yet another cool new piece of technology in iOMG – the all new PEAR PAD!  This isn't the giant rectangular Pear Pad you've seen in previous episodes of iCarly and Victorious.  This is ALL NEW.  Check it out...

• So, how do YOU feel about the Radio Dingo song, "It's Your Birthday"?  If you hate it, that's a GOOD thing – you're supposed to.  Spencer certainly does. :)

Mood Face is an app that we made up for iOMG.  The idea is, it analyzes your face, then tells you the mood you're feeling.  Wouldn't it be awesome if such an app really existed and worked?  Somebody work on that, okay?

• When Brad tapes the "faces" button, you'll see the app show many images of people's faces.  Guess what.  Those are the faces of actual people who work on iCarly and Victorious.

• Would YOU eat fresh guacamole that was made by Sam?  Is Freddie right to be suspicious of her guacamole?  Notice I took the time to create a special white arrow, pointing to Sam's fresh guacamole.  That's how much I care. :)

• I must give a MAJOR SHOUT-OUT to DAVID, our visual-effects artist.  He makes all Schneider's Bakery shows look amazing.  But he really out-did himself in this episode, and especially in this scene.  All the realistic images you see on the laptops, Pear Phone, and the Pear Pad... that's all David, and my post production team lead by Joe.  Best in television.

• I love how Freddie says "I'm gonna see if Carly has any tissues" then runs out of the room.  Nathan Kress is so funny on iCarlyand one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

*** Scene 5 ***
Scene begins in back in the classroom where Spencer is in the sensory stimulus chamber.

• Spencer does NOT say a dirty word in this scene.  Even if you think he does, he doesn't.  I can prove it!

And here is the last shot you see before the commercial break...


*** Scene 6 ***
Scene begins in the school hallway, with Carly running in, looking for Sam.

• Carly is very excited to talk to Sam about something, but what...

Note: In the above screen cap, Sam is holding a ham sandwich (with extra ham).

• Here's another shot from this scene.  Jennette "Sam" McCurdy is one cool, funny chick...

• The conversation that Carly has with Freddie about "the horses" is one of my favorite little conversations ever, on iCarly.  Extremely well played by Miranda and Nathan.  Funny and adorable.

• Wait... what the fudge is going on HERE... ???

• You have to love a scene that ends with Gibby saying, "Sure.  Always make Gibby clean the vomit out of the stimulus chamber.

*** Scene 7 ***
Scene begins in the classroom where Sam and Brad are working on their school project together.

• It seems Freddie has some news for everyone...

• In this scene, there is mention of a two-headed frog.  It's true.  But that's all I'm sayin' about it at this time.

•  I love the way Miranda plays the end of this scene.  The way she delivers her last line, the look on her face, the way she exits... PRICELESS.  So great. 

*** Scene 8 ***
This scene begins in the other classroom with Spencer pacing in the sensory stimulus chamber.

• The screen cap below shows Gibby saying a very funny line (to Spencer) in a foreign accent.  Who will be the first fan who can identify WHAT FAMOUS MOVIE the line is referencing?

• In this scene, we again reference that Gibby loves liquid soap – that was first established in the episode iPity The Nevel.

• I don't want to tell you exactly what happens in this scene, but let's just say... if watching a guy get electrocuted by a bowl of chowder seems fun to you, then I think you'll enjoy this scene in iOMG. :)

• Miranda's dry delivery of her line, "Hey, what happened?" KILLS MESo hysterical.

• This scene ends with a pretty intense conversation between Carly and Sam.

*** Scene 9 ***
Scene begins with Sam, sitting outside, drinking a bottle of water.

• At the beginning of this scene, notice the blowing leaves.  It's a subtle thing, but I do it because I feel it gives the scene a sense of reality you often don't see in a sitcom.
• The way Nathan ("Freddie") delivers his line "Yeah you have!" in this scene makes me laugh out loud, every time.

• The two-word line "Hate, Sam" was not in the script.  I added that on stage as we were filming this scene.  Do you like it? :)

• It's not easy for an actor to say "You can threaten your double fist face dancing all you want" -- try saying that 5 times, quickly.  

• Carly's expressions in this scene are both awesome and hilarious.  Actually, great acting by THE WHOLE iCARLY CAST in iOMG.  They were all great in season one of iCarly, but now... the way they play their characters is really brilliant.

• I'm not going to write much about what happens in this final scene of iOMG.  All I'm going to say is... I think you should watch closely.  Give it your full attention.  I think you'll be glad you did.  :)


And that wraps up the Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes info for iOMG.   As always, we hope you love the episode!  Please let me know what you think.  And we always like to hear what part of the show made you liked best, and/or made you laugh the most.  Please comment below.  :)

Before I go, I want to thank the Victorious fans (many of whom are also iCarly fans) for making Beggin' On Your Knees the #1 scripted show on cable for the entire week!

You can DOWNLOAD the new song Beggin' On Your Knees (by @VictoriaJustice) by CLICKING HERE.

I hope you guys loved iOMG!  

Luv and spaghetti tacos,
Dan :)

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