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Monday, December 9, 2019

Dan Schneider Presents: Do You Remember? Michelle Obama on iCarly

The hijinks on  iCarly reached an all-time high when First Lady Michelle Obama made a special guest appearance, playing herself in Season 5 iMeet The First Ladywhich first aired in January 2012.

She told the cast that her daughters, Sasha and Malia, were big fans of the show, and that their family watched it regularly in The White House. 

In this episode, the gang gears up for the arrival of Carly’s dad, Colonel Shay, who is stationed in the Air Force, but is coming home to celebrate his birthday for the first time in three years. Carly is super excited with decorations and a cake ready to go when she receives news that her dad was assigned a last minute mission and won't make the party.

Seeing that Carly is upset, Freddie, Sam, and Gibby create the perfect plan (or so they think!) to cheer her up by establishing a connection with her dad via an iCarly webcast to celebrate instead with a virtual party. However, the excitement is short-lived when Secret Service agents show up at their apartment. The gang freaks out that they are going to be arrested for connecting to the military base online.  (Fun fact: Look closely! Taran Killam is one of the agents!)

After days of worrying, planning disguises, and devising an escape plan, they arrive home to find the First Lady standing in Carly’s living room. 

After a back and forth riff about addressing her as "Your Excellency," the First Lady tells the gang she's proud of them because "it can be really rough for kids who have a mom or dad away from home for a long time." 

Later on she imparts more wisdom: "As important as it is for Carly to support what her dad is doing, it's just as important that she has good friends like you who support what she's doing, too."

Highlights from this very special episode include the First Lady busting out moves in a “Random Dance” — and being a good sport by participating in the game show, "Is Gibby Wearing a Hat or Criticizing a Hamster?" for which she won a prize of 'nuts and bolts' .

Miranda Cosgrove shared that when the cast first met Michelle Obama they were nervous “but after a while, realized that she’s a normal person...it was kind of funny…we sort of stopped thinking about the fact that she was the First Lady and just had a really good time.”

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